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“RAPE OF NANKING” is “FAKE OF NANKING” January 13, 2007

Posted by TAMAGAWABOAT in Blogroll, History, Nanking Massacre, Ted Leonsis.

reichstag9ve1.jpgIf sexual assaults (rape) occur frequently during a certain short period in a certain area, the pregnancy rate in this area should naturally increase dramatically after a set period of time.  This is human’s physiological phenomenon. Simultaneously, the venereal-disease epidemic in this area should happen.

On May 2nd of 1945,  fall of Berlin, capital city of Germany.  Half a million Soviet soldiers (Red Army) rolled into Berlin in bursts and Berlin was inundated with Russian soldiers. At that time, 1,495,500 German women left behind in Berlin. The total number of pregnancy-aged women was about 600,000 in Berlin. More than 100,000 German women were victimized by Russian soldiers’ sexual assaults(rape). The number of rape victims represents 6.7% of all German women left behind in Berlin then. As a result, 10,000 German women killed themselves. According to “People, Years, Life”(1964) written by Ilja Erenburg (Илья Григорьевич Эренбург 1891-1967), Ilja Erenburg himself whipped up Russian soldiers with the following words, “Steal blonde German dish! They are spoils of victory!” This tragedy went on for 3 days from  fall of Berlin to other Allied Forces entering Berlin. Moreover, Russian soldiers’ assaults were not just confined to Berlin but also whole land of Germany that Red Army made entry. It’s estimated that  more than 2 million German women were sexually assaulted throughout East Germany.

sanderbefreier1.jpgAs a result, what happened? “BeFreier und Befreite”(1992) says, according to the consultation list of Charite Hospital, From July 23rd of 1945 to the end of 1945, the amount of women that consulted Obstetrics and Gynecology was 3,852. The number of rape survivors was 514 (13%) out of 3,852.  The number of pregnant women was 118 (23%) out of 514. The number of women that underwent abortion was 37 (31%) out of 118. The number of  women that had miscarriage (abortion) was 3 (1%) out of 37. Thus, if 10 pregnancy-aged women are sexually assaulted (raped), 2.3 out of 10 women will become pregnant stochastically. This is human’s physiological phenomenon. This is reality.

rape-of-nanking-cover1.gifAccording to “The Rape of Nanking” published by Iris Chang in 1997,  Iris Chang asserts that the total number of rape survivors is at least 20,000 to 80,000 in Nanking. She asserts that unprecedented assaults were caused by barbaric Japanese soldiers after the fall of Nanking. She asserts that hungry concupiscence Japanese soldiers raped an raped during two weeks from December 13th to the end of 1937. Judging “The Rape of Nanking” against the pregnancy rate of “The Rape of Berlin”,  23% of rape survivors should have become pregnant against their will. 23%…this means at least 4,600 to 18,400 Chinese women should have become pregnant after a set period of time. And more, “The baby boom” should have taken place in Nanking 10 months after the fall of Nanking. And yet, about 10,000 Japanese-Chinese half-blood babies should have been born. Where these pregnant Chinese women were gone? Where about 10,000 Japanese-descended Chinese babies were gone? I’m hoping to see descendants of Japanese-Chinese half-blood in Nanking.

“The Rape of Nanking” is out of human’s physiological phenomenon. “The Rape of Nanking” is out of touch with reality. Iris Chang lived in a fantasy world. If you have a common sense, you will know how “The Rape of Nanking” is so inaccurate book contrary to your expectation. “The Rape of Nanking” got published in the United States in 1997. At first, Iris Chang wanted to publish this book also in Japan. “The Rape of Nanking” was already pointed out 90 errors as “earthy novel” when she offered this book’s translation to a Japanese publisher.  These 90 errors on this book were basic enough to that everyone could point out if they learned basic Japanese history. So, this Japanese publisher urged Iris Chang to adjust errors because he was afraid of becoming a laughingstock in Japan. However, Iris Chang never accepted this Japanese publisher’s request because she was stubborn. Therefore, there was not Japanized version of “The Rape of Nanking” till fairly recently. So, most Japanese people don’t know what this book says. “The Rape of Nanking” got published on December 17th last year (2007).

The rape of Iris Chang’s “The Rape of Nanking” does not have the basis.  Her book is filled with a plenty of “Hearsay”.  “The Rape of Nanking” is “Fake of Nanking”.




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1. Jim D. - January 15, 2007

Listen: Nobody outside of Japan believes you!! No one in the whole world will believe this crap about “Nanjing never happened”. Sorry, 99% of the world knows it did happen. It is sad to see Japan go on and on denying the past.

You will get much more respect in the world by admitting your past mistakes than by childishly denying it.

ps. I know Chinese want to use the past war crimes to create anti-Japan sentiment. That is true. But still it doesn’t change the historical facts that many Chinese civilians were killed. And by denying the past, Japan just helps the Chinese propagandists who want to portray Japan as dishonest and untrustworthy.

Look at Israel and Germany. Germany has admitted 100% the crimes of WWII. Today, Europe and Israel and America all trust Germany very much.
Germany seems in fact more mature than Japan, and is not afraid of the truth.

2. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

Jim D. is 100% correct. I understand if someone wants to doubt how many Chinese civilians were killed. I will not be surprised if China overstate the number of Chinese civilians killed. But, I don’t understand why would anyone say it never happened. I am very much offended by your irresponsible words. If you truly believe in what you are blogging here, then I want to know who you are. Please let us know your identity, please show some courage to stand up for your truth. You can find out who I am by going to my blog, can you do the same? I want you to save everything you say in your blog, so you can look back at them 10 or 20 years later. If you really believe in what you write, then you should be afraid to show us your identity. Do you have the courage to stand up for truth?

3. TAMAGAWABOAT - January 16, 2007

>>Fan Zhang
If you want to know my identitity, please try to search “TAMAGAWABOAT” at your google. I have been writing on the same stand point. You will understand I also believed “Nanking Massacre” until 8 years ago as well as you and the process to realize “Nanking Massacre” is 120% China’s Propaganda.
Even if you don’t believe “Nanking Massacre is just China’s Propaganda” now, you will realize it soon. I know well…the person have brainwashed once is very difficult to be free from brainwash.
Please go to library and find old Chinese textbooks that were written about “Nanking Massacre”. You will find the oldest Chinese textbook written about Nanking Massacre is 1984. Nanking Massacre is the incident took place in 1937.

4. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

You are confused. The Chinese propaganda is one version of the “Nanking Massacre”, Just becasue Chinese government use lies doesn’t mean it never happened. Maybe, only 500 Chinese people were killed, or maybe 500000 Chinese people, or maybe 5000 Chinese people were killed. This number is up for debate, how the massacre happened is also up for debate. But, you can’t say a massacre never happened. Now, please finish reading this book http://www.john-rabe.de/japanese/index_japanese.htm . Tell me if no massacre happened after reading this book. American soldiers killed 200 some vietnamese in My Lai on March 6, 1968, and it is called “the My Lai Massacre” in our history book. Our kids learn about this Massacre at school. Do Japanese students learn about Japanese crimes during WWII in school? We Americans call killing 200 people a massacre. Now, it is up to you to prove to me that the Japanese soldiers didn’t kill at least 200 Chinese in Nanking. If you were to debate how many people were killed or how they were killed, then I support you, because we need to know the truth. If you can prove that only 100 Chinese were killed, that is fine as long as that is the truth. If you were to say NO Massacre ever happened in Nanjing, I am sorry you are on the wrong side of history. I am not brainwashed, I just want to use some common sense. Finally, I just happened to have read many books on Nanjing Massacre, that is why I conclude Nanjing Massacre did indeed happen.

5. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

I don’t need to google, this is your blog, you should put your own identity on your own blog, and claim responsibility for your words. If you don’t claim responsibility for your words, then everything on your blog is just meaningless. I have already saved everything you wrote on this blog, I saved it for you to read 10 years from now.

6. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

“many journalists at the time were not reporting as eyewitnesses but, rather, reporting from second-hand, third-hand sources. There could be misinformation, exaggeration, or even a tendency toward wartime propaganda. However, that’s not enough to dismiss all of them outright

For example, Timperley’s work, as indicated in his preface to his book, the purpose of his book is not to defame the Japanese people. He gave credit to a Japanese journalist, Matsumoto Shigeharu in Shanghai, for sympathizing with what he was doing. So he made a specific point that there were conscientious Japanese. Not all Japanese were the same.

And what he included in the book were mostly reports from the [International] Committee for the [Nanking] Safety Zone. They are, as far as we know, generally credible reports by a third party even though you can look at specific cases. Specifics, yes, they were not on the spot when the rape was perpetrated. But how many rapes were perpetrated in front of a third party? Very few.”

7. TAMAGAWABOAT - January 16, 2007

I can assert “Massacre by Japanese troops did not take place in Nanking” as far as there is no evidence. This is law interpretation. Hearsay doesn’t become evidence at Trials.

If you insist that 500 people were killed by Japanese troops, you must offer the evidence to prove it. This is common sense. China has been insisting that over 300,000 people were slaughtered by Japanese Troops in 6 weels after the fall of Nanking, Dec.13, 1937. And yet, all 143 of photos that China offered to prove “Nanking Massacre” turned out fake and fabricated.

Which is Lair, Japan or China? Do you think the person who believe a lair is stupid? Do you think the person who believe “Hearsay” is dangerous?

8. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

I never said I believe in Chinese government’s statement that 300000 people were killed. I never said 500 people were killed. I simply do not know how many people were killed. But, I believe Chinese civilians were killed. Chinese government lie about a lot of things, they lie about how many of their own people they have killed. Talk is cheap, I am only convinced your words are meaningful when you put up you identity on your blog. It is time for you to take responsibility for your words.

9. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

John Rabe is not considered an evidence at trial? If you think he was a lair, then prove it.

10. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

Talk is cheap, please put up your identity on this blog and claim responsibility for your words. Then i will take your words seriuosly.

11. TAMAGAWABOAT - January 16, 2007

What trial summoned John Rabe? I would like to know what name of the trial that summoned John Rabe. If you can the name of the trial, please tell me.

12. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

There was a court, the war crimes tribunal after the war. Both of us know that court wasn’t always fair and just. So, we can’t use that court to judge the Nanjing massacre. But, on the other hand, which court said Nanjin massacre never happened?

13. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

The bottom line is that you need to claim your truth. At least have some courage to put up your identity on your own blog. If you really believe in what you say, then you shouldn’t be afraid.

14. TAMAGAWABOAT - January 16, 2007

You believe John Rabe testified at the trial in fact…This is just only you “BLINDBELIEF”. John Rabe did not testify at any trial. At first, you must admit your errors.

15. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

http://www.geocities.com/nankingatrocities/index.htm this is a very good website by University of Missouri. In it you can find a lot of evidences. They don’t say 300000 Chinese were killed in this site, becasue as they pointed out that they simply can’t say something they don’t know. Now, are the things in this website evidences? If they are not evidences, then why not?

16. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

“You believe John Rabe testified at the trial in fact…This is just only you “BLINDBELIEF”. John Rabe did not testify at any trial. At first, you must admit your errors.”

I don’t need to admit my error, because I never said John Rabe testified at any trial. Where, when did I say that John Rabe testified at any trial? You need to admit your error. What hell is your problem?

17. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

Everything is written on your blog, so please find where did I state that John Rabe testified at the trial?

18. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

One last time, talk is CHEAP. Put up your identity and claim responsibility for your words.

19. TAMAGAWABOAT - January 16, 2007

John Rabe sent “Thanks letter” to Japanese Troop for defending 200,000 Nanking citizens from murders, rapes and plunders. This is the fact. The letter remanis now. If murders and rapes took place actually, why did not he protest Japanese troops? He was the representative of the safty zone. Don’t you think it is strange?

20. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

John Rabe DID protest the Japanese troops, and he also DID sent the “Thanks letter” to Japanese troops. He was the representative of the safty zone, now what is so strange about that?

21. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

Never mind, I am not going to comment on here anymore, becasue you don’t even dare to stand up for Japan. Don’t even have the courage to put up your identity on your own blog. Until you put up your identity, your words are meaningless.

22. TAMAGAWABOAT - January 16, 2007

>>Fan Zhang
Most Chinese believe that John Rabe testified at the trial as well as you believe so. As well as this blindbelief, most Chinese people believe Nanking Massacre. There is not Nanking Massacre by Japanese troop at all.

If you insist that there was Nanking Massacre, you must offer evidence as I said before. You offered “John Rabe’s testimony in Trial”…but this is your errors. But you don’t admit your errors.

Do you think I can continue to debate with such a person who cannot admit errors? I think it is the waste of time to talk with you. It is natural for anyone.

23. Fan Zhang - January 16, 2007

“as well as you believe so. ”

You are funny. Everything I wrote is in BLACK and WHITE on your blog, and Please read them and tell the world where did I say that “John Rabe testified at the trial”, and you want to force me to admit something I never did? Now, I understand why you are such a coward, Most Japanese people are not like you, if you are a Japanese. Japanese are NOT coward like you. Do you think I can continue to debate with such a person who claims something I NEVER said? Until you put up your identity, bye bye

24. KCAllen - January 20, 2007

Tamagawaboat –

Save your comments and “research” for your psychiatrists.

25. Red Bean - January 20, 2007

WHY China cannot provide genuine evidence ?
WHY China continues to use fake photos ?

The answer is increasingly obvious. It is because it was FAKE and propaganda.

I look forward to see a mountain of Chinese dead bodies in Nanking as proof.

26. Red Bean - January 22, 2007

I am always surprised to see that tons of Chiense left China for freedom.
Some are coming to J-islands.

This “Fan Zhang” is typical case.

I advise this Chinese not to upload his photo in his Blog.
Because Nobody is intersted in such a face !

27. Fan Zhang - January 22, 2007

LOL, then stop visiting my blog. I am sure your face is much better, CAN WE SEE YOUR FACE? I admire Japan for her freedom.

28. Aguanto un resto - January 30, 2007

Though Iris Chang’s book is crap, the Nanking Massacre DID OCCUR, you like it or not. Stop defending Abe and his ultra-rightist camarilla. There are thousands of evidences, but it’s OK if you want to shower every morning with the victims’ blood. Stupid.

Anonymous - April 19, 2012

You would better to show us evidenses.
officially recorded Chinese civilian death killed by jp army inside very city were 49 . Naturally a part guerrilla. In china ,soldier used to be caught as war slave or forced by gun instead of recruitment. Therefor very few professional soldiers existed. They did not know international law and how to act as soldier. After the collapsed of Nanking , they used to hide themselves taking off their soldier uniform. Japanese army found about 26000 (as I believe) guerrillas and jp army had no foods to feed them, because of their fear that prisoner of war would revolt. They decided to kill them. Honestly speaking, when jp army inspected guerrillas, there would be civilians too as I think. Even if japanese army”s code was best severely applied as soldieres testified, I think there were rapes, robbery and murder . But when you use the very word “massacre” there must be mere organized illegal action at the level of large number. Think twice of word definition and international war time rule of that moment. If you are presenting you as guerrilla. It is a brutal violation of war regulation. Because to evade to involve normal citizen. Therefor soldier must distinguish clearly with it uniform. If you violate this, you are not able to claim even if you are executed. Therefor the word massacre is not adequate at all.
Plus Ms Iris Chan”s rape of Nanking has no scholar value(have a glance WIKIPEDIA). And John Rabe has never watched things by himself. You would understand German was Chinese side if you research china-german relation. Read it carefully. Komingtang has succeded there propaganda too much . And think twice the meaning, why of against japan movement of today . What exist behind, and what will become after then.
Only CPR china especially Ziang ZeeMing groops enjoy the fruit of it.
Anyway the door for discussion should be opend. You are able to talk freely. But remember , only not biased fact research will reach the truth. First to negate , please listen carefully.

29. Red Bean - January 31, 2007

Yes, There are TONS of evidences, but All was fabricated by Chinese or originated by Chinese fake evidences.

30. fan zhang - January 31, 2007

“Yes, There are TONS of evidences, but All was fabricated by Chinese or originated by Chinese fake evidences.”

Wrong answer! the correct answer is: They were all fabricated by Chinese, Japanese, Americans, Germans, etc….. or riginated by Chinese, Japanese, Germans, Americans fake evidences. Yup, they were all fake.

31. Red Bean - January 31, 2007

“Wrong answer! the correct answer is: They were all fabricated by Chinese, Japanese, Americans, Germans, etc….. or riginated by Chinese, Japanese, Germans, Americans fake evidences. Yup, they were all fake.”

Mmmmm… Maybe you are right, but you should focus on 143 photos evidences submitted by China as evidence for Nanking.

32. Fan Zhang - January 31, 2007

Yes yes, History can only be told through photos. As far as I am concerned the world is only 200 years old, because there is no photos of earth 200 years ago. Yup, nothing happened on earth before the invention of camera.

33. Fan Zhang - January 31, 2007

Wow, only 143 fake photos? I am sure the Chinese government got a lot more fake photos than that. I think they have 1000 more fake photos.

34. TAMAGAWABOAT - February 1, 2007

Number of photos that China offered as the evidence for Nanking Incident is 143 in total. These 143 photos were either fake or fabricated, there was no photo related to Nanking Massacre at all.

35. Fan Zhang - February 1, 2007

Japan did not exist 200 years ago, because you have no photo to prove it. Show me a photo of Japan in year 1800AD. If you don’t have a photo of Japan in 1800, does this mean Japan is only 199 years old?

36. TAMAGAWABOAT - February 1, 2007

Fan Zang…

Are you sane?

In 1937, there were over 120 press persons in Nanking. But they did not take any photo of Massacre.

As you may NOT know,
200 years ago, nobody had camera. It is very stupid that you think Japan did not existed because nobody took any photo.

Anybody has not experienced to see the photos of Columbus, but nobody doubt if Columbus did not lived in 1492. Even primary school pupils understand why there was not any photo of 200 years ago’s Japan. Your saying is out of common sense.

Anyway, there is no evidence to prove Nanking Massacre.

37. Red Bean - February 1, 2007

>> Fan Zhang

You sounds like one of extreme Red Guards during the times of cultural revolution, doesn’t you?

When you face solid logic, you Chinese suddenly Great Leap Forward somewhere.
Ontorary Japanese are steady. They kept low prile until they are convinced.
Probably nature of Chinese doesn’t change. They change suddenly from one extreme to another extreme.

38. Red Bean - February 1, 2007


Your argument is increasingly being strong. Today, Chinese historians about “Nanking Incidents” attended the conference in Tokyo and admitted that Chinese “Nanking Massacre” was much affected by Chinese government, and “Massacre” is not trustable. And They understand that they need to conduct more academic approach about it. Chinese historians also admit that it is very difficult for them to study it due to a long-time anti-Japan education.

After all, Ted Leonisis of AOL and Fan Zhang of the above will be embarrased soon.

39. Fan Zhang - February 1, 2007

“solid logic,”? “embarrased”?

Embarrased from what, embarrased from saying the Chinese government affected the Nanking Massacre? You don’t need a Chinese historian to admit this, I admited this long time ago on this blog. You people have “solid logic”? Stop insulting “logic”.

“They kept low prile until they are convinced.
Probably nature of Chinese doesn’t change. They change suddenly from one extreme to another extreme.”

So, this is the true nature of Japanese? Please stop insulting the great Japanese people.

40. Fan Zhang - February 1, 2007

“You sounds like one of extreme Red Guards during the times of cultural revolution, doesn’t you?”

Yup, a true Red Guard would say these things: http://www.japanprobe.com/?p=767#comment-8324

“I am totally satisfied with the current Japanese government regarding their policy on the Nanking Massacre or any other war crimes. I am also totally satisfied with the numerous apologies for those war crimes in China or any other countries. …………..”

I am a true Red Guard, and I am proud of it. BTW, I beg you please stop insulting Japanese people.

41. Fan Zhang - February 1, 2007

“Anybody has not experienced to see the photos of Columbus, but nobody doubt if Columbus did not lived in 1492. Even primary school pupils understand why there was not any photo of 200 years ago’s Japan. Your saying is out of common sense.”

LOL, hahaha, So, you are saying photos don’t tell history? Then, why are you so obsessed with these fake Nanking photos?

42. Red Bean - February 2, 2007

>> Fan Zhang

I know Chinese logic. Chinese cannot admit any mistakes because
“admit” means “death” in the communist regime – Anciet regime.

Anyhow, as I said, it’s just a question of time.

43. Fan Zhang - February 2, 2007

there is a communist regime in China? What doesn’t a communist regime have to do with Nanking Massacre?

44. Fan Zhang - February 2, 2007

Nanking Massacre happened before the Chinese communist regime. I don’t understand your logic

45. Fan Zhang - February 2, 2007

Mistakes are the photos the communist regime used, right? So, their mistake means Nanking Massacre never happened? give me a break.

46. Red Bean - February 2, 2007

>> Fan Zhang Says:

“there is a communist regime in China? What doesn’t a communist regime have to do with Nanking Massacre?”………..

If you believe China is not ruled by communist party, Please go back to China.
I’m sure that China must be a heaven for you.

Take action rather than mumbling.

47. Fan Zhang - February 2, 2007

yes, yes, A communist regime allows market economy. Please go back to China? Why? I love my country, why should I go to China? What is your point? Why are you so sure that China is a heaven for me? My heaven is not on earth. Take action rather than mumbling? You still don’t dare to show us your pretty face, I know my face is ugly. Can we see your face? What are you ashamed of? Take action rather than mumbling.

48. 川崎かわにゃ - February 16, 2007

Mao killed 70,000,000 Chinese.

49. Hu Jintao - March 14, 2007

Jim D. Says:
January 15th, 2007 at 11:16 pm

Listen: Nobody outside of Japan believes you!! No one in the whole world will believe this crap about “Nanjing never happened”. Sorry, 99% of the world knows it did happen. It is sad to see Japan go on and on denying the past.

I belive him and I’m from Canada the world knows Chinese can tell a lie with a straight face. We know they over exaggerate things. I don’t even care if nanking really did happen. Chinese just want a reason to hate Japanese because they are jealous of their acomplishments. Look at Tiananmen Square You’re own goverment killed 80 Million people and yet you’d rather whine over a few hundred thousand wich were exaggerated all the time?

You claim 99% of the world knows then why do you Chinks constantly flood everything Nanking and bark and bark? Because you try to brainwash people. Doesn’t work sorry.

50. nancy - April 4, 2007

Tamagawaboat, I don’t see any real evidence at your site. And nothing is backed by a source.


51. God - April 6, 2007

No one cares chinks stop whining and go back to china only chinks believe their own lies and fabrications haha.

52. God - April 10, 2007

I wish Japan didn’t attack the Yankee’s at Pear Harbor then they could have finished the job and completely wiped you out filthy chinks.

53. God - April 11, 2007

I was paid by the Japanese to talk shit about the chinks. Sorry.

54. Bruce Chang - April 14, 2007

Chinese paid me alot of money to tell lies. I am a nasty lying disease spreading chink and i should be sent back to China.

55. 森本 - April 15, 2007


56. Bruce Chang - April 23, 2007

Yes, I think I was paid by the Chinese.. but I’m not sure anymore. I have been diagnosed to be crazy. I am currently seeing a psychologist.

57. BlueStorm - April 26, 2007

Why are you denying the Sino-Japanese war?

58. Sherry - July 12, 2007

Please do not asuume what’s being told is all right
How could we know that “actual intentions” of those who use history as political means.
I live in Japan, and so-called history is much more complex than we could possibly guess.
There are numbers of “outsiders” who actually research for the facts and finding out fictional histories.

When we come to hear Korea or China bashing Japanese history, we recall what’s been accepted as common idea. We picture Japan as being bad, without knowing there are Korean law and educational systemn to teach anti-Japan.

I could go on much more about these facts.
Please, please all of you, do not ever asuume what’s being told.
Truth only comes out from seeking for it.

59. Will - October 17, 2007

Wow. For a debate that’s trying to be logical, I’ve never seen something so racially and culturally focused. I study Japanese and I love the country – but I’m not going to pretend that they don’t use propaganda in the same way as China. Is it really a case of Nanking we’re discussing? Or the struggle for dominance between two affluent societies?

60. tiger - December 4, 2007

it is very likely that Nanking Massacre’s fake. it’s more likely to be chinese government’s anti-japan propaganda. what purpose? it’s so obvious. china wants to rule the east asia badly. by being been having anti-japan campaign and education system, more and more chinese simply get brainwashed and hate japan and japanese. they even hate koreans since they say korean soldiers were also involved in so called ‘Nanking Massacre’. by brainwashing its own people, china’s communist government can easily stablise the country from the ‘big earthquake’ they have been facing since 1989. chinese are mad since ever. they are so keen on to be communism. they want to take over korea, japan since they got such fake nanking massacre excuse. chinese can only be seen as world war two nazis.

61. tiger - December 4, 2007

recently, i have carry out my own study about so called ‘naking massacre and find out a supprising result, which differs from chinese propaganda one.
china’s red government says nearly 300 thousants people were killed in so called nanking massacre. in nanking massacre propaganda it says there were very rarely any chiense civilians and soldiers were alive but some(less than 50 thousants) in the red cross refusee camp in the city of nanking. seems it was an empty city.
if it’s right, there should not be many people lived in nanking city at the time when mr wang got his president position. but there were many many many many many chinese people had proper life in nanking city at that time. i mean the city was running properly. how?! is it possible for a big city to regain such huge population in less two years time? also if the nanking massacre was true, was it possible for any chinese to come back to the city since they had fear of being killed? i do not think so.

62. tiger - December 4, 2007

in addition, there should also not be many people around in nanking city just after japan’s government surrendered. but it says in chinese hitory book, there’s over one million population in the city of nanking just after the war. how again?! how did the city’s population increase to such a large number in less than 17 years time? let’s not forget, the city was in ‘enemy’s’ hand to chinese.
i really have doubt.

63. tiger - December 4, 2007

Sherry Says:

July 12, 2007 at 2:27 pm
Please do not asuume what’s being told is all right
How could we know that “actual intentions” of those who use history as political means.
I live in Japan, and so-called history is much more complex than we could possibly guess.
There are numbers of “outsiders” who actually research for the facts and finding out fictional histories.

When we come to hear Korea or China bashing Japanese history, we recall what’s been accepted as common idea. We picture Japan as being bad, without knowing there are Korean law and educational systemn to teach anti-Japan.

I could go on much more about these facts.
Please, please all of you, do not ever asuume what’s being told.
Truth only comes out from seeking for it.

>>>>>>it can not be called korean anti-japan education system since it happens to only a few school. it has never reach national level. get it?! do not have such plain blame on koreans. you stopping others from hating japanese by asking others to hate koreans. you racist idiot.
nowadays, the east asia’s situation is so obvious that communism china is the biggest threat to both japan and korea. china’s starting invading us while we arguing if nanking massacre is fake.

64. thetruth - December 17, 2007

how could you possibly say the rape of nanking is not true?
there are pictures, there is evidence, i don’t see you denying
that world war 2 is fake…i don’t see you denying that
the US dropped a bomb on Hiroshima not true? so why would
you so this isn’t true? ’cause it is. japan has been trying
to erase the history of the rape of nanking for years, would
it surprise you that many japanese people don’t believe it?
and what about the comfort women who can talk about their
stories and cry and tell the truth. how can you argue with life?

65. Jimmy Dean - December 26, 2007

there was recently an exhibition in london showing photos of japanese atrocities in nanjing and i have been to Nanjing and also seen photos how can you nips deny it?

66. Its hard not to cross these things... history again - JapanForum.com - February 7, 2008

[…] for doujins, anime, manga etc.. after you have done enough you will come across things like this: “RAPE OF NANKING” is “FAKE OF NANKING” Of course its not the only one, but it is really ruining my rhythm on when I have my mind on other […]

67. Stumpy - February 18, 2008

People might be more inclined to believe that it was Japanese propaganda if they didn’t know from surviving POW’s who returned to Britain how utterly barbaric, ruthless and devoid of human pity the Japanese regime was during WW2.

This nonsense about propaganda is the same tried old crap that so called holocaust doubters (fascists) trot out from time to time. tamagawaboat you ought to hang your head in shame.

68. Toyoda - February 19, 2008

Communism killed more than the two world wars, and I’m talking about the victims of both sides. Think about it. It seems that the distortion of facts is a very common tatic, these photographs are clear examples. You should know the meaning of intellectual sincerity. It doesn’t matter if the majority believes in one point. It should be seen if something makes sense or not.

69. Christina - February 21, 2008

“there was recently an exhibition in london showing photos of japanese atrocities in nanjing and i have been to Nanjing and also seen photos how can you nips deny it?”

Because there is no verifiable photographic evidence of it – all released photos have been proven to be fakes. As a history major I have been studying the rape of nanking independently and surprisingly there is no real evidence of the event – nothing that would hold up in a court of law – no documented evidence, not even by the over 100 foreign journalists that were supposedly in Nanking at the time. While it’s likely there were several civilian casualties during Japan’s invasion, it is looking more and more likely that Nanking was an event very much exaggerated and heavily orchestrated by the Chinese government.

70. Christina2 - March 17, 2008

I don’t know where u studied history, but thankfully I can rest assured that most people know the Rape of Nanking did happen. I studied East Asian Languages & Cultures, as well as Political Science for my Master’s degree, and it is taught as a fact. Sort of like Darwin’s theory of evolution being left of out science classes for decades because people doubted the existence of cavemen (or rather, that it denied the existence of God, which is a whole other story).

So, I believe there are two groups of people here: those that know the truth and those that deny the fact that the Nanjing Massacres did happen – which we can group with the Dark Ages, the denial the Halocaust, denial of evolution, and the belief that the earth is flat!

71. Christina2 - March 17, 2008

You can find the Nanking/Nanjing Massacre defined on wikipedia. the world’s largest online encyclopedia. I’ll quote some of it for you: “In addition to the number of victims, some Japanese critics have even disputed whether the atrocity ever happened. While the Japanese government has acknowledged the incident did occur[8], some Japanese nationalists have argued, partly using the Imperial Japanese Army’s claims at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, that the death toll was military in nature and that no such civilian atrocities ever occurred. This claim has been criticised by various figures, citing statements of non-Chinese at the Tribunal, other eyewitnesses and by photographic and archaeological evidence that civilian deaths did occur.”
Some more quotes for you to enjoy: “The Rape of Nanjing was one of the worst atrocities committed during World War II. On December 13, 1937, the Japanese army captured the city of Nanjing, then the capital of wartime China. According to the International Military Tribunal, during the ensuing massacre 20,000 Chinese men of military age were killed and approximately 20,000 cases of rape occurred; in all, the total number of people killed in and around the city of Nanjing was about 200,000. This carefully researched, intelligent collection of original essays considers the post-World War II treatment in China of the Nanjing Massacre and Japan.” (editorial review from The Nanjing Massacre by Joshua Fogel)

“On the morning of Dec. 13, 1937 (about 50 years ago now) roughly 50,000 Japanese soldiers captured China’s capital city, Nanking. Many residents had already fled Nanking before the invasion, including my grandparents. A new Chinese capital was founded in Chung King, in the Sichun province where my mother was born. Yet, according to historians, more than half a million Chinese remained trapped in Nanking. On that fateful invasion 59 years ago, the Japanese there were given the order to kill all captives. During the ensuing chaos, commonly referred to as the “Rape of Nanking,” between 200,000 and 300,000 or more Chinese lost their lives to Japanese soldiers, according to court records and historians. ” from an article on
http://www.metroactive.com/papers/metro/12.12.96/cover/china1-9650.html – which also has links to photos and personal accounts.
Lastly, here are John Rabe’s words: “You would have thought it impossible, but the raping of women even occured right in the middle of the women’s camp in our zone, which held between 5,000 and 10,000 women. We few foreigners couldn’t be at all places all the time in order to protect against these atrocities. One was powerless against these monsters who were armed to the teeth and who shot down anyone who tried to defend themselves. They only had respect for us foreigners–but nearly every one of us was close to being killed dozens of times. We asked ourselves mutually, “How much longer can we maintain this ‘bluff’?”
–John Rabe, Leader of the International Safety Zone Committee and head of the Nazi Party in Nanking

You can also read Jung Chang’s answers to why she refused to make changes to her book for the Japanese publishing in the article “Japanese denial and ‘The Rape of Nanking'” at http://www.salon.com/books/log/1999/05/25/nanking/ – unless the nation of Japan has blocked these sites from their own people.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble about the things that your country has done. No country is perfect – mine included. But we must own up to the wrongs of the past in order to ensure that they never happen again!

72. ??? - March 19, 2008

I think its absolutely ridiculous to think that its possible that all of these woman were not raped there is historical facts pictures anything you WANT to prove it did happen. This did happen if you are going to deny it like you basically are its almost like raping those people for a second time.

73. Anonymous - March 20, 2008

You japanese pig, shut fuck up and suck our chinese dick!

74. T - March 21, 2008

i think Christina2 has said clearily about Nanking massacre, it DID happen..

and to [tiger] — you should know Nanking is such a large city, at that situation, a lot of people had gone away to other places, so it is not strange at all that many many chinese people had proper life in nanking city after one 0r two years, and also, you said [was it possible for any chinese to come back to the city since they had fear of being kelled? i do not think so ] whatever you think, thats your problem..why would they be afraid of returning to their hometown after the whole thing.?? a place where they had lived all their life? though lots terrible things had happened there, but thats still their home, plz think about it on their side..

ps. it looks [tiger] you are very nice to korean or ur a korean yourself..?(just guessing..) finally, do you really know a lot about korea and china ??

75. someone - April 21, 2008

what? are you serious? this is the dumbest crap i’ve ever heard!!!
if it didn’t happen, then where did 300,000 chinese people go? that’s like saying the holocaust never happened…where did all those jews go? if the Rape of Nanking never happened, whose bones did the gov’t dig up? japanese make fake skulls and bury them? you have no evidence, you just think ur cool, but you’re full of crap.

76. Mamba - May 14, 2008

To address your rape statistic, you’re talking about 2 completely different cultures and time periods.

Firstly, the German rape you stated was just that, rape. In the Nanking massacre, almost certainly that the rape victims were killed right after, only rarely were there survivors. Because rape was against their law, many made sure that their victim did not live afterwards.

Secondly, you must look into the asian culture. Those who managed to survive the rape were not re-accepted into society. Many committed suicide. Those who bore children knowing that it was half-japanese, and with so much shame, killed their own children. The statistics therefore are amazlingly underestimated.

Third, Germany in the 1940’s was a superpower, and no doubt their information collection technique (from hospital records, surveys, the use of IBM’s punch card system, etc…) would be more accurate than in Nanking’s during the 1930’s. Even here in the United States, the rape statistic is just an extreme estimate, a majority don’t even report that it happend.

I suggest you read about John Rabe (considered a living buddha, the Nazi who saved Nanking) and Robert Wilson (the only surgeon who remained during the massacre). I also highly suggest reading Minnie Vautrin’s diary, just as important and detailed about the massacre, only comparing it to the legendary Ann Frank’s diary during the holocaust.

If you read what I have told you, you will have no more doubt. These are first hand accounts of those who stood in the front lines and chased away japanese soliders from looting, raping, and killing.

77. LY - June 11, 2008

“If sexual assaults (rape) occur frequently during a certain short period in a certain area, the pregnancy rate in this area should naturally increase dramatically after a set period of time. ”

well if u want to argue it that way….

would u want to carry the bastard child of some dude that not only raped u in some unspeakably disgusting fashion, but also slaughtered ur family and friends in ur face? probably not.

I don’t know about traditional japanese culture. For traditional chinese women, getting raped is not that far from a death sentence. The society is just sexist. If u r the women, even if u r the victim in a raping incident, u still have to hold the blame. Extremly unfair and ignorant way of looking at the situation! but yeah thats the way it was in those backward times…

So getting raped is one of the worst things that could happen to a women. i wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the surviving and accidentally fertilized woman will want to kill themselves or the baby, either through abortion or killing after giving birth.

now also consider this, it takes 9 to 10 month for the babie to be born, and we are talking about a war zone rite now. say that there are some kind hearted women who are so saintly as to not hold a grudge against the babies they carry.

– How many of them do u think will not have a miscarriage under that kind of situation? lack of food, water, shelter and constantly under bombing and what not…

– How many of them will successfully give birth under that kind of medical condition. probably no doctor, no medicine, and not even a midwife…probably dead, u noe a war going on and all…

– How many of them will actually end up surviving the 8year war?

– How many of these half chinese half japanese babies will be able to live long enough to reach adulthood? putting malnutrition and that kind of issues aside, it’s not like their daddies are gonna run over and protect them. it’s not like these babies have royal markings born with them stating they are half japanese. if its a chinese women holding the baby, it would probably be assumed that the baby is full chinese. its not like chinese and japanese babies look very different or anything….so yeah if i was a japanese soldier on a killing rampage, i would still kill the chinese looking baby, not knowing its half japanese….and if i’m fighting a war..would i really care anyways?

since the war lasted 8 years, and so many variable factors that could have hindered their growth and maturation, there are plenty of time and opportunities for these helpless little babies to end up dead.

u noe… there was a war, and horrible things have been done. why can’t the ones that made the mistake just accept that they are not flawless and no one is flawless and leave it at that. so everyone can move on…

by denying the occurrence of the things like the rape of nanking you guys are actually holding on to that horrible piece of history even more firmly than any one else… ur forcing ppl to argue with u and tell u that u r wrong..

all u have to do is say it is fake, the most it will cost u are some calories for speaking and typing… but for those that need to argue with u there is more at stake for them. most chinese ppl have had relatives die in that war (mostly their great grandparents generation) so they cannot just let it go when u say their great grandparents generation relatives never died or just asked for it themselves…cuz then those that died kind of died for nothing… well they really died for nothing, but ppl dun wanna think of it that way u noe….

78. BW - November 23, 2008

The book didn’t get published in Japan because Japan doesn’t want people to know of the atrocities that occurred. It may be overstated regarding the deaths and rapes, but it did happen.

79. Anonymous - February 3, 2009

Do you have another blog? I’m quite interested in what you are saying?

80. Bill R. - February 4, 2009

Sorry, this is idiocy. There is no debate, there is no “controversy”. I’m not Chinese, I’m an American. Historians the world over agree that the massacre did happen. Americans and Germans were witnesses to it, and indeed, there is film and photographic evidence. Sorry, blather all you want, it will only make you look bad. No matter how childish Japanese rightwing clowns pout and stamp their feet, EVERYONE IN THE WORLD KNOWS IT HAPPENED. Japanese deniers of Nanking (and it is only a small group of rightwing Japanese extremists who do so — 99.999999% of humankind agree it happened, including most Japanese) are no different than the small clique of extremists in Europe who deny Hitler’s massacres of Jews.

Shame on you.

81. Jane - February 8, 2009

this is ridiculous. how can you say the nanking massacre never happened? ask someone who is NOT japanese, and they’ll telly ou the massacre happaned. the fact that ONLY the japanese believe the nanking massacre never happened is because you dont WANT to belief such atrocities ever happened on your poor “innocent” little island.

what the whole world knows is that the nanking massacre happened. and what the whole world knows is that japanese do not have the courage to stand up truthfully to the real truth, esp to ppl like you, and the jap govt.
that’s all i have to say. and please dont blame iris chang for talking about the truth.

82. Mervin - February 27, 2009

The meaning of Rape of Nanking. Time and time again, the fact about whether it is true or not, does not really matter anymore. Brutality in war has always showed the worst of human beings. Even in many parts of the world, rapes, torture and brutality killings are still going on to this day.

The fact that Japan did attacked many countries and many had resisted. War creates hatred and hatred created killings, even unnecessary ones. Can any Japanese soldier at that time of fighting do not have a single hatred in mind when they fought the Chinese. When either side had their own friends or buddies died. Obviously when either party loses, the victorious one would had resented the enemy and start killing without emotion

Also, think about it again. If you are that soldier at that time, been through many years of training and not have sex for a long time. Would you not be a sex beast when the time comes. In history until now, Japanese man are known to have high sex drive. Why do you think there are so many sex scandals in Thailand, China and even in Japan that were commited by the Japanese man. Worst of all, there are so much pornographies and sex materials in Japan today. Probably more than US.

Just look at Japan today and compare your self to the past. Do you think Japanese soldiers did not rape any women during the war.

83. MH - April 4, 2009


I am Chinese and I also read some stuff over Nanking 1937 from both Chinese and Japanese sides, to be honest, each passing day, I start to have bigger doubt over the so called `Nanking Masscare`.

I think you and many others did a good job regarding to this part of history, I hope more evidences can be published so that we all know what really happened.

I think one thing can be sure now, that is that the total population in December 1937 was less than 300,000 including Chinese soldiers, and at least 200,000 people were certainly alive in the Safety Zone, and I do not believe Japanese troops killed everyone outside the Safety Zone.

We should all have a cool head when studying this topic, I will study more into it, and hope you good luck too.

84. Zhang Wong - June 12, 2009

there is always a casualty in war. The nanking incident is blown way out. I think one shouldn’t forget the massacre that china inflicts on their own people… worse than nanking.

85. 日本国籍華人 - January 8, 2010

121号決議 アメリカ下院決議内容(日本語による全文)
121号決議 アメリカ下院  2007年7月30日


 日本の学校で使われている新しい教科書は、こうした慰安婦の悲劇や太平洋戦争中の 日本の戦争犯罪を矮小化している。また、最近日本には、慰安婦の苦痛に対する政府の真摯(しんし)な謝罪を含む河野洋平官房長官による1993年の「慰安婦関連談話」を弱めようとしたり、撤回させようとしている者がいる。







86. NIHONJINRON - February 6, 2010

You are right. Chinese fake everything. stupid chinks always lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the eyewitnesses, diaries, photographs, first hand accounts from people such as John McGee, military persons, missionaries, all FAKE.

AMERICA AND CHINA TOGETHER CONSPIRACY AGAINST JAPAN! want to bring down Japan and Japanese, just like fake nationalists and crimes all commited by Chinese and Korean in our country. japan piece loving country forever.

unit 731 = FAKE
nanking = FAKE
holocast = FAKE
wwii = FAKE
moon landing = FAKE
round earth = FAKE
photographs = FAKE
diaries = FAKE
witness = FAKE
election obama president = FAKE (he is not usa citizen)
science = FAKE CONSPIRACY BY AMERICA, KOREA, CHINA. every japan persons is from bless yamato blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

87. 日本国籍華人 - February 10, 2010


















 「現在わが国は日増しに富強へ向かっており、わが国の国民も大国の意識をもち、歴史問題を含めてより高い視点から観察するようにすべきである。日本の進歩勢力と一緒に戦争の歴史を考え、アジアのすべての戦争被害者と一緒に戦争を非難できるならば、われわれは次第に歴史認識をして国境を越えさせ、真に歴史直視、未来思考を実現することができる。こうして侵略戦争の責任を否定する日本の右翼や保守勢力の言動はいかなる影響力も持ちえなくなる。 (北京2月2日発新華社)

88. Passerby - February 21, 2010

Ignorance is bliss.

89. Gandam - May 16, 2010

I don’t know Nanjing Massacre because I wasn’t there.

However, considering fake products and toxic foods, it is obvious that Chinese are liars and China is a country of liars. Probably Chinese know it even.

Go Tamagawa !

90. John - June 12, 2010

Having heard all sides —

Japanese atrocities at Nanking obviously took place. The Safety Zone Committee reported 361 rapes. some multiple, and about 40 murders of civilians. Americans and Germans witnesses a number of attempted rapes. Burial groups, however, reported that only 1.2 per cent of the corpses were women or children.

The number of Chinese actually killed was, as John Rabe said, probably about 50,000 to 60,000. Some of these were killed in battle, some were killing by their own military security troops, and some were butchered by the Japanese, usually when they were caught out of uniform. Those captured in uniform, however, sometimes received medical treatment and food and were paroled. Photographs confirm this.

Most of the photographs used to confirm the massacre are faked — some may be genuine. The weeping baby photo was staged in Shanghai. The frontal beheading shows shadows in two different directions. The double shooting — seen in full frame — shows Chinese Nationalists executing Chinese Communists. The row of severed heads shows Chinese Comunists killed by Chinese Nationalists. The sexually mutilated woman was found in a different location and there is no proof as to who killed her. “Dead” Chinese in one photo are actualy dead Koreans — apparantly ethnic-Korean Japanese nationals killed by Chinese bandits during the Marco Polo Bridge incident.
Some photos of Japanese atrocities are probably real — most are fake.
In restrospect, the Tokyo Trials were a vengeful farce: Communists in the Roosevelt administration generally ignored the plight of the Chinese Nationalist and of the European Jews — and even of Poland and Britain and France during the Hitler-Stalin Pact — but pulled strings to provoke Japan into war with the United States so that Stalin wouldn’t have to fight Hitler and Japan at the same time. (Harry Dexter White of the Treasury Department has been identified by both the FBI and the KGB as a Soviet agent in FDR’s cabinet.) Having offended the world with the atomic bombings and Tokyo Fire Raid, the Americans inflated Japan’s genuine war crimes as greatly as possible. The fact of Nanking is bad enough: thousands of executions, hundreds of rapes. The Chinese numbers, however, are utterly ridiculous, and some of the tortures Iris Chang described in “The Rape of Nanking” are physically impossible — you cannot suspend a human being by her tongue. Atrocities are Nanking are factual, but they are being grotesquely inflated to cover murders by Chinese against other Chinese and to justify unnecessary American air raids when Japan had already offered to surrender on terms. And please let’s keep the racism tuned down: My wife is Japanese and I have one foster son who’s Chinese, one who’s Korean, and many friends in all three groups. Let me add that Irish Chang was a beautiful young woman and I’m sorry she killed herself, but she was a truly awful historian.

91. Typical Japanese Kid - September 19, 2010

Japanese soldiers never killed anyone. Everyone else is just lying and making stuff up to control us. It’s just that everyone else is weird. That’s why no one likes us. We’re obviously right because we’re the best in the world.

92. Suraj Joshi - October 23, 2010

Im Indian, i can read all this and can only say, If Japnease did what chinease said they did then they have paid price in heroshima….and regarding chinese ppl, you are showing sentiments on 1937 incident but what r u doing at Tibet? China is not a friendly neighbour to any of its bordering countries….not even to its own people. So dont you think time is to clean your own house first…just some food for thought and i dont want any debates

93. Sakura - October 27, 2010

Check the data and material of at that time.
I don’t believe the documents discovered long long later in China.
Japanese was tried by The International Military Tribunal for the Far East.
Do you believe? The trial didn’t have the crime of Perjury.
Many Japanese was judged by their own way.
Even there, The rape of Nanking wan’t confessed by the trial.
Because that was too ridiculous!!!
Check the documents of The International Military Tribunal for the Far East.

94. peeved - February 14, 2011

If sexual assaults (rape) occur frequently during a certain short period in a certain area, the pregnancy rate in this area should naturally increase dramatically after a set period of time. –This line is funny. They were all killed after they were raped. How can they get pregnant when they are already dead? just a thought 🙂

95. Commenting . . . - May 25, 2011

I had been studying kharma and reincarnation. I understand how Nagasaki and Hiroshima happened. I did not understand before. Now I understand the terrible earthquake in March, and the tsunami. Japan refuses to repent for its atrocities. I would watch old movie clips concerning the Japanese and Nazis, and wondered if they were . . . human. I cannot find enough evidence to say they were. America should understand that others in their country must pay for their willful, and intentional sins.

This is really not human to show no mercy, or compassion. Kind of sickening to see others perpetuate the lies of it never happening. This makes them as evil as those who committed the atrocities. Not human. They have the form of a human, but no human qualities other than the form of a human being.

96. valpi - August 10, 2011


97. Anonymous - September 11, 2011

Displaced Japanese American
I am a law student who grew up in Japan, but am an American citizen. I love Japanese culture and I think there are very beautiful people in the country, and hopefully the younger generation will realize that they have the power to bring justice to light. As a Japanese American, I am ashamed that Japan cannot take the moral stance of admitting what happened regardless of then number of victims that died. Enough responsibility and remorse has been issued for the Hiroshima bombings, and the Japanese are not exempt from doing the same for their mistakes. The older generation is leaving a dark stain and burden for the young generations in their own country. I love Japan and its culture, don’t get me wrong, but this is ridiculous, and it’s these types of draconian notions of ignorance, blind honor, and denial that facilitate the disapproval of certain aspects of imperialistic Japanese culture. As much as I try to defend the country, it’s hard to do so when they won’t join the rest of the civilized human race and accept responsibility. Mistakes happen, but what makes a country civilized and “superior” to others are the ones who learn from then and move on for the better. I also don’t think someone who doesn’t quite have the command of English grammar should be writing to an English-speaking audience about such a sensitive and relevant issue.
I’ve constantly been in flux, trying to remain proud of my Japanese heritage as well as my western one, and this type of ignorance, nationalistic self-righteousness, and lack of utter moral humility is making it very difficult for me to feel proud of my Japanese background

98. Mark - January 12, 2012

Here are the facts:

Harold Timperley was unmasked as an adviser to Chiang’s Nationalist Party. His claim of up to 40,000 civilians murdered was omitted from the Chinese translation of his book, “What War Means”. His book is tinged with propaganda.

John Rabe wrote his diary based on what he heard from the Chinese, not from what he saw nor witnessed. No credible witnesses ever came up.

E.W. Jeffreys of the British Embassy in Nanking reported “major crime perpetrated by the Japanese was ransacking”. He made no mention of a wholesale massacre taking place.

Miner Searles Bates was the one who perpetrated the whole “Rape of Nanking” story to the Americans in the United States.

Population of the Nanking Safety Zone two days before the fall of Nanking was 200,000. Population increased to 250,000 by March 1938 (as reported by the International Committee of the Nanking Safety Zone) when residents return to Nanking.

No foreigners ever witnessed any rape, nor civilians murdered by the Japanese Army.

1938 China Yearbook made no specific mention of a “massacre”. They only wrote “On December 13, Nanking fell”.

The fact that the Chinese soldiers removed their uniform, took flight to Nanking Safety Zone and hid amongst civilians, is a violation of the Geneva Convention, thus not guarantee any legal status as POW’s. Th removing of the uniforms by the Chinese defenders was witnessed by F. Tillman Durdin. Japanese soldiers reported seeing chinese military uniforms strewn all over the place.

Just because one has removed his uniform does not, by any definition, a sign of surrrender. Chinese soldiers hid weapon caches in the so-called “neutral” Nanking Safety Zone. A violation of the neutrality agreement between the ICNZE and the Japanese Army.

Any execution of unruly and violent Chinese soldiers by the Japanese had legal basis, per to the 1907 The Hague Convention.

Nanking Defense Corp commander Tang Zhengzhi fled and left the remaining Chinese defenders leaderless and unruly.

Photo evidences of so-called “atrocities” were doctored or staged. Cases in point: One photo of the so-called “victim” became the “victimizer” on the other. Nanking happened in winter, yet the photos presented where people wore summer clothes.

When the mass burials commenced on February 1, 1938 until March 15, 1938, the Red Swastika Society reported a total “40,000” bodies buried, but when the number of bodies buried per day was calculated, the final tally only showed “15,000”. Only .03 percent reported women and children were buried.

“20-40,000 rapes” allegation: In fact no one reported any illegitimate chilbirths nor abortions one year later.

The Japanese began segregating civilians from soldiers (in civilian clothings) by issuing civilian passports. Proxy was not permitted. Thus they were able to weed out the soldiers from the populace.

Committee members hid high-ranking chinese officers though they claimed “there are no soldiers in Nanking Safety Zone”.

Chiese soldiers begane looting, robbing and committing arson in Nanking two days before the Japanese advanced to the gates. Again, these incidents were reported by Durdin, Smythe, Rabe and Bates themselves.

In other words, “Rape of Nanking” did not happen.

99. Tick - May 9, 2012

You are correct. The numbers make no sense. Truth be told I think that most of our history is fake so we will repeat it. There is the saying that the victor of the war writes the history. Nanking is a good example.

Someone mentioned to holocast. If that was real then why can nobody in Europe even discuss it. Its become truth by order and not truth by fact.

I have a bad feeling we are going to repeat all of this again, not because we want to but looking at these comments above. We will repeat history because of ignorance.

100. Joe From the UK - May 9, 2012


NEVER believe communist china lies.

101. anonymous - June 16, 2012

LOL… so this is what you get in a first world country… a dumbass. I have no hate for the Japanese but you would think after two nuclear bombs… they would have learned their lesson ?

102. Miguel A. Alarcon - July 9, 2012

Well it seems to be a hoax but I am one that I do agree like others outside of Japan that this is bullshit, after all their are slot worse things than just the made up homicides that originally took place in Hong Kong when Hong Kong use to be a British territory offcourse it seems to be made up and to that degree I am still waiting for that time that the IRA begins to develop nuclear weapons.

Worse than that I could wish I was in Japan to see what it is to be free from brain washed of Luther’s ideals and to see one country free themselves in one part of British rule.

Rape of Nanking if its officially a lie then I might say you got to do anything for freedom after all what killed Japan is that killing innocent men,.women and children with nukes is not the right thing to do but waiting for the truth to be revealed by a Japanese pope and the book burnings their is no other choice for that nation who is divided with the north being British ruled and China being British rules to free themselves by using nukes that is 20 times the distraction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on China even though I don’t agree with nukes but by not accepting the truth it will cost people’s lives that is why I am waiting for that moment to see what will happen.

103. Anonymous - August 21, 2012

When a Japanese army invaded Nanjing, the photo journalist of the United States or Britain was also in Nanjing.
If the Nanjing Massacre is a fact, it must be top news those days.

104. Law - October 21, 2012

The so called Nanjing massacre, as well as the jewish holocaust, are hoaxes. Winners are writing history, Germany and Japan lose the war. That’s it. German “100% admitted” their “crimes”, because they lose the war and they have been totally dominated by their ennemies. Japan is still a far country, most of our hysterical new ideologies in the west don’t even touch them. For example, our stupid multicultural, anti-racism totems. Most of the japanese don’t give a fuck about those new religions we all have to alledge in the west. Long live Japan. The only civilised country in the world beside Europe.

105. moguro fukuzo - April 4, 2014

Those who believe Nanking Massacre actually took place must visit this site.
False Accusations of Nanking Massacre

106. buy Bitcoins Paypal localbitcoins - January 15, 2015

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“RAPE OF NANKING” is “FAKE OF NANKING” | as subjectively as possible

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