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Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Pearl Harbor August 7, 2010

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65 years ago today, for the first time in the history of humankind, the nuclear weapon was used against innocent civilians by America.  65 years ago today was Monday. At 1:30 am, early on Monday morning, August 6th in 1945, America’s B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay left Tinian Island in the western Pacific. At 8:05 am, the Enola Gay reached the sky over Hiroshima. 10 minutes later, at 8:15 am, the Enola Gay dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on the center of Hiroshima which had a population of 350,000.

We should focus attention on the day and time when America dropped the atomic bomb. 8:15 am. and Monday morning… Why did the Enola Gay carry out the world’s first atomic bombing at 8:15 a.m.? Why did the Enola Gay drop the atomic bomb on Monday morning? American Army knew Japanese schools held morning meetings on Monday morning. 8:15 on Monday was the time that schools started morning meetings. American Army knew school children would round up in schoolyards for morning meetings at 8:15 am. Therefore, American Army set the time of dropping the world’s first atomic bomb at 8:15 am, on Monday, August 6th. For what? To kill Japanese school children efficiently and to crush all hope in Japan’s future. As a result of America’s atomic bombing, 140,000 people out of 350,000 citizens of then Hiroshima died. Most of 140,000 people were children, women and elderly people. They suffered and suffered, and died in great agony. It is obvious that America carried out genocide against the Japanese people on the pretext of ending the war.

Only 3 days after the atomic bombing on Hiroshima, the world’s second atomic bomb caused the further humanitarian tragedy for innocent civilians of Nagasaki. American Army dropped new type of atomic bomb different from the bomb that they dropped on Hiroshima 3 days ago. 70,000 people out of 240,000 citizens of then Nagasaki died. While American Army dropped ‘uranium-type bomb’ on Hiroshima, they dropped ‘plutonium-type bomb’ on Nagasaki. America succeeded in developing two different types of atomic bombs. America carried out the experiment of two different types of atomic bombs on hundreds of thousands living human bodies in the confusion just before the end of the war.

Some people, especially Americans say, “The atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima ended the war. These two atomic bombs saved millions of lives that would have been lost through a long lasting war.” This is delusive sophistry to justify America’s hideous crime against humanity. 

The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that America prolonged the war intending to drop atomic bombs on Japanese cities by presenting unacceptable terms of surrender against Japan. The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that there are rules even during wartime. America’s atomic bombing obviously violated the Hague Convention that prohibited attacks on civilians. The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that there are many people who still suffer atomic-bomb disease now, 65 years after the war. The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that there are the people who are called “children of atomic-bomb victims”. Why they who have no relationship with the war 65 years ago have to suffer atomic-bomb disease?

Atomic bombing is the worst war crime against humanity in human history. But American Presidents have never once visited Hiroshima or Nagasaki. No more Hiroshima, No more Nagasaki. Pearl Harbor once again!

August 6, 2010
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1. James - October 12, 2010

The blogger talks about the Hague convention prohibiting attacks against civilians.

At the start of WW2, U.S. President FDR publicly called for a policy of not targeting civilians, and the U.S. followed that principe for several years.

However, the Axis powers violated that ideal even before the war. Nazi Germany bombed civilians in Guernica, Spain during the Spanish Civil War (Guernica is the subject of the famous Picasso painting of the same name). Then, Germany went on to bomb civilians in Warsaw, and to commit genocide against millions of Jews, Slavs, gypsies,homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, dissenting German Christians, and others.

For its part, Japan bombed civilians in Shanghai in 1937. Later, Japanese troops raped,,tortured and murdered close to 150,000 Chinese civilians in Nanjing, and forced close to 200,000 Asian girls (Korean, Chinese, Filipina, Viet, Indonesian, and Dutch Indonesian) into a system of brutal sexual slavery (ie the “ianfu” or “comfort women.” Also, there was teh “medical unit” 731, whose evil leader, Shiro Ishii, made Josel Mengele look like a Boy Scout by comparison.

If the U.S. had invaded mainland Japan, over 500,000 U.S. soldiers and millions of Japanese would have died. It was a necessity.

2. James - October 12, 2010

P.S. It is tragic about the children and people 65 years on who are suffering in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, former ianfu are still suffering and the Japanese gov’t refuses to officially apologize to them and pay compensation. Many Japanese right-wingers also say that the women are liars, that they were willing prostitutes who are making up stories of coercion, and that they just want a handout for the Japanese gov’t, etc.

There are also Chinese children and others who are still suffering because of the biological and chemical experiments of Unit 731 during the war. Every year, Chinese people also get maimed and killed from unexploded Japan bombs that are still lying around in various places.

3. James - October 12, 2010

PSS. A typo above: it should be “Josef Mengele” (I don’t know whether or not I spelled Shiro Ishii’s name right in the Roman letters).

OH, and Hideki Tojo and the other 14 Class-A war criminals should be removed from Yasukuni Shrine. Pierre Pariseau got it right, though he should have been protesting outside the shrine, as it is private property.

4. hendrik - October 16, 2010


5. hendrik - October 16, 2010


Hiroshima and nagasaki atomic bomb were fake . It is part of japs conspiracy

6. Zazza - March 15, 2011

What happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was your government’s fault, Tamagawa. America warned Japan to release prisoners of war and cease their bloodshed across East Asia. They refursed, TWICE.

There you have it.

No matter how much you spin history and how much you deny your country’s atrocities, you can never ignore the fact that Japan LOST, and all the countries under its power rejoiced that moment.

Be grateful the US helped rebuild your country and make Japan what it is today.

Saki - March 29, 2011

Not our government’s fault.
Yes,Japan lost as you said that’s why too many countries still bush us.
America won- that’s why nobody bush their war guilt even now.

Zazza - April 2, 2011

How wasn’t it your government’s fault? THEY KNEW! THEY COULD HAVE AVOIDED THE NUKES. Are you brainwashed or something?

Accept it. They were so full of pride and delusion that they didn’t care their own people died as long as the Empire of Japan kept reigning.

7. Gernika - May 23, 2011

James, please, inform yourself.
I’m Spaniard, Guernica was a military target attacked on a military day when convoys where arriving, with very little casualties. The painting of Picasso by the way is ugly and has no art on it, it’s only politics. And speaking about Gernica is a disrespect, it is one of the lowest casuality events in the whole three year long civil war. Thousands of people were kidnapped from their homes, and shot in the woods later.
Next one, it was the British which started fire bombing of civilian cities, Germany did not respond for three months! Germany had guaranteed Geneva and promised not to attack civilian cities, Churchill broke it, and is responsible for the deaths of a million german civilians burned alive by firebombinngs, and of thousands of his own countrymen he swore to protect by unnecesary sacrificing them to retaliatory bombarding.
Churchill also ordered chemical warfare against the 6 most populated cities, in front of him, Hitler with superior weaponary, ordered them sealed and hidden, to be used only in case used them first. So all you know, is falso, go back to a library, use internet to research, and go in shame you liar.

8. _____ - April 14, 2012

Conspiracy-theorist jap. Japan prolonged the war and America put a stop to it. That’s the truth, like it or not.

dog eating - August 1, 2013

fuck you you korean cockroach


9. Arif G. Moinuddin - November 30, 2013

America follows a principle of “shock and awe.” As in cause maximum civilian infrastructure damage and maximum civilian casualties to a point the country quickly loses its willpower to fight. This is what they did in many countries- Vietnam, North Korea, Serbia, Iraq…..

The theory is that when a country’s infrastructure gets completely destroyed and there are mass civilian casualties in a very short period of time, the local population will also develop anti national sentiment as fast…and the local government is scrambling on how to control the situation at the same time. This guarantees a quick victory for the US.

It worked on Japan because it is was an industrialized country in WW2 with the bulk of the population being used to at least semi urban infrastructure. This is also why US shock & awe tactics didn’t work in Vietnam. People there are used to going by w. no infrastructure, so when the US bombed something, it really didn’t depreciate their standard of living, only took their life. And the population of Vietnam was scattered across the countryside in small hamlets.

Fighting against shock and awe tactics is a difficult and challenging proposition for an industrialized country. The only way for Japan to have beat America’s shock & awe was to out-produce American industrially….but it was always hard for Japan to do, given its size.

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