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It was around 1989 that China started energetically conducting anti-Japanese education on school children.  Please think back on what happened around 1989 in the world.  As you may know, in Eastern Europe, socialist countries turned toward democratization one after another and socialist system collapsed in a blink of an eye.  In the same year 1989,  around the middle of April,  in China’s capital city Beijing, a lot of ordinary people mainly university students started gathering in Tiananmen Square to appeal for democratization. About one and a half months after that, there were more than 100,000 people in Tiananmen Square.  Furthermore, the democratic movement that started in Tiananmen Square grew and spread throughout the country. The Chinese Communist Party, which had a sense of crisis about the democratic movement’s growing momentum then, cracked down on more than 100,000 people with military weapons on June 4, 1989.  It led to bloodshed.  This is the Tiananmen Square incident.

After the Tiananmen Square incident, the Chinese Communist Party, which tried desperately to maintain single-party regime then, set up Japan as an imaginary enemy and decided to strengthen anti-Japanese education to turn public dissatisfaction with politics toward Japan.  The Chinese Communist Party started putting its energy into implanting deep-seated grudge against Japan in school children’s mind.  The Chinese Communist Party included many blood-thirsty photos of so-called “the Nanking Massacre” of “Japanese soldier’s atrocities” in history textbooks for Chinese school children.  Surprisingly, however, there is not a single photo that proves that the Nanking Massacre happened actually,  moreover,  there is not a single photo that proves even that Japanese soldiers committed atrocities against Chinese people.  I can hear your angry voice such as “No way! You’ve got to be kidding, right?”  It is natural that the people who believe the Nanking Massacre should be disagreeably surprised to hear that.

Do you know how many photos China is presenting as photos of the Nanking Massacre?  Do you know how many photos is the Nanking Massacre Memorial Hall (in Nanjing) exhibiting to prove Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking 1937?  There are 143 photos in all.  A professor of intellectual history at Asia University, Higashinakano Shudo examined each of those 143 photos for several years.  Higashinakano investigated each of those 143 photos scholastically and indicate the source of each photo. (ex.. who shot it? when/where was it shot? when was it released to the public for the first time?)  At last, Higashinakano reached a conclusion that all 143 photos that China is presenting are fake, fabricated or utterly irrelevant to the Nanking Massacre.  That is to say, there is not a single photo that proves that there was the Massacre in Nanking 1937.  And he compiled a whole book of this conclusion and published “Analyzing the Photographic Evidence of Nanking Massacre” in 2005.  His book was sold one hundred thousand for one year from it was first published.  And he appeared in the several TV show.  Therefore, putting aside the argument whether the Nanking Massacre or not, among the Japanese people, there has been growing recognition that China is presenting dubious photos in the name of Nanking Massacre’s photos even though there is not a single photo to prove the Nanking Massacre.

Do you know when the Nanking Massacre Memorial Hall (in Nanjing) opened?  It opened in 1985 that 48 years had passed since 1937 that the Nanking Massacre is thought to have happened.  Both Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Museum and Nagasaki’s Museum opened in 1955 that 4 years passed since 1951 that Japan’s autonomy was restored with the conclusion of the San Francisco Peace Treaty. (=They opened 10 years after the war ended.)  Do you wonder what did China do for the pest 48 years?  In all of quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong (1893 – 1976) ,  Mao Zedong did not have a word out about the Nanking Massacre.  Do you know when Iris Chang (1968 – 2004) published “the Rape of Nanking”?  She published the book in 1997 for the first time.  Iris Chang said that she was shown photos of the Nanking Massacre at Chinese American’s meeting in 1994,  was shocked by the cruelty of Japanese soldiers and decided to write a book.  Two years later after that, Iris Chang took two years to write “The Rape of Nanking”.  “The Rape of Nanking” was sold over half a million and became a bestseller in America.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that “the Rape of Nanking” expanded awareness of the Nanking Massacre to the world.

Meanwhile, almost Japanese people didn’t know what were written in “the Rape of Nanking”.  Because it was 2008 that “the Rape of Nanking” was published in Japanese.  Iris Chang wanted to publish her book in Japan earlier.  But the Japanese publishing company, Kashiwa Shobo, which Iris Chang asked to publish Japanese version of this book,  oppositely advised Iris Chang to correct many errors of “the Rape of Nanking” before translating English into Japanese.  The Japanese publisher, Kashiwa Shobo said to Iris Chang, “As you may know, in Japan, there are controversy as to whether the Nanking Massacre happened or not.  So in Japan, some historians  insist the Nanking Massacre happened, but other historians deny the Nanking Massacre as absolutely groundless.  Your “the Rape of Nanking” are pointed out more than 90 errors by both sides of historians.  Especially, most of 90 errors were caused by lack of knowledge about Japanese history at the Japanese compulsory education level.  Can you publish such a book without any correction in Japan?”  But Iris Chang did never take advice from the Japanese publisher.  According to Iris Chang,  she heard the story of the Nanking Massacre from her parents, she learned it, she looked photos of the Nanking Massacre and she was shocked at pictures of Japanese soldiers’ atrocities.  In other words, Iris Chang believed hoax, she was shocked at fake pictures and she wrote a cheap novel.  In 2008, “the Rape of Nanking” was translated textually into Japanese and was published in Japan.  “The Rape of Nanking” has become generally recognized as a nonsense novel among the Japanese.

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1. Red Bean - January 23, 2007


My grand father told me that China was dark continent until some 70 years ago.
They killed foreigners and own people in the most brutal acts.
The followings link was some proof taken by Swiss photographers in Shanghai in 1937.

For Chinese, brutality was everyday incidents. This is the background of Nanking Massacre. Chinese believed that Japanese did the similar if they were Japanese.

Anonymous - December 13, 2012

For Chinese, brutality was everyday incidents. This is the background of Nanking Massacre. Chinese believed that Japanese did the similar if they were Japanese.

You are placing the blame of Nanking Massacre, where it was estimated that 300,000 people died, on the pure “belief” that Chinese people, in general, are violent and commit Brutality everyday?

Yes, there are reports where violence in China have been exemplified and shown through mass-media in North America. Let’s be reasonable, would YOU have stood cowardly down while other people came and didn’t care whether or not you suffered to death? Of course Chinese people rose up and fought back! Of course there will be pictures showing Chinese soldiers killing Japanese people, but it’s PURE HUMAN INSTINCT. These soldiers are losing their family to these Japanese, and THEY will DIE themselves if they didn’t fight back.

You are expecting, that in a country of the size of China, that there are no violence? You are just blinded then. Do you know how many people die in the US everyday just because someone in US just decided they’re going to shoot people? You are blaming the victims of this war, the Chinese people, by the pure belief that Chinese people are just violent? Then why don’t you say that Columbine, and countless other gun massacres in the US is just the US government propaganda in attempt to suppress the US citizens? It doesn’t matter right? It’s just that US citizens are violent and commit brutality every day.

kujirakira - November 20, 2014

“where it was estimated that 300,000 people died”

Sorry but that figure is absolute nonsense.
There was a massacre in Nanjing on the same scale as the Bombing of Dresden.

This is the underlying issue with China’s politicization and gross exaggeration of the massacre. You could say it’s crude to argue over how many innocent people were massacred, but so long as China desires to equate the atrocity to a Holocaust, it’s relevant to debunk that bold-faced lie.

IJA were brutal, but there was no genocide and no holocaust.
Why is it Communist China** uses fraudulent photos that are easily demonstrated to predate the massacre, display other events, or crop pictures to change their meaning (there’s an infamous Japanese propaganda photo showing IJA sharing food with Chinese — then cropped and recaptioned to claim IJA are raping Chinese women) ??
Let’s not pretend Communist China is a reputable source and not adept at 1984-esque Propaganda.

**who, unlike the Nationalist Chinese, hardly fought in WWII preferring to remain in hiding. The Communists allowed the Nationalists to take the brunt of Japanese aggression … and then once WWII was over, they finished the Nationalists off driving them to Taiwan.
The Communists really have no right to claim anything wrt WWII.

Frank de Blok - February 22, 2018

The very worse way to deal with historical evidence is denial, and the only way to have hope for building a better world and to be able to share life on earth in a peaceful manner is humble acceptation and taking responsibility in an aduld way. It has nothing to do with politics and even less with faith, what i say, because in don’t believe in any god and politics are just a very doubtful benefit to our society…. Try just to take full responsibility for all of your acts every day and let us turn the pages of hate and aggression without denying what happened

I am dutch. my little country once was very wealthy because my ancestors rapes the colonies of indonesia and suriname, because their boats shipped hundreds of thousands of black africans as slaves to the americas, and after the second world war, where many of the dutch colonizers in indonesia have suffered under a shameful japanese suppression, the dutch army has commited big war crimes against the people of atjeh so i know how it feels from both sides…. unfortunately like many other people….
Let us built something peaceful from now on

Frank de Blok - February 22, 2018

there is no excuse for beheading, there is no understanding for shooting a baby’s head off in the arms of his mother, there is no excuse for raping women and children in the most humiliating and violent way. And there can never be an excuse to behave like that. In war-time, simple human beings take the liberty to forget all about their own responsibility for every one of their acts and feel free to follow the most abject of human instincts for a king, an emperor, for a cause like communism or for some god. we witness to what that leads, again every day until this day, all over the world. I can only say that every person at every moment in time should take time to think about his role in what is going to happen…. And not deny history but learn from it instead

2. Shanx - January 31, 2007
3. Majong - February 6, 2007

Yes, so you counter loads of documented, printed, internationally acknowledged evidence with a book written by a Japanese nobody in the Japanese peanut gallery? Who the f*** is this author? Why doesn’t he publish in English? What are his sources? What war was this then? How many people died according to his calculations? How — were ladies raped and murdered or not? WTF are you on about?

kujirakira - November 20, 2014

“documented, printed, internationally acknowledged evidence ”

Where is acknowledged?
Fact remains most of these photos predate the massacre… and that’s easily demonstrated.
Why the need to lie outright and fabricate?

4. Michie - February 16, 2007

He does publish in English;

The Nanking Massacre: Fact Versus Fiction a historian’s quest for the truth
Higashinakano Shudo
trans. Sekai Shuppan
Tokyo:Sekai Shuppan 2005

Ann - February 5, 2010

yes, he publish in English, Very poor English. Obviously, the author was a Japanese. After so many years being blamed on and so many pictures being published, even on Japanese newspapers, how dare he deny that? Well, the only reason is that he is a Japanese. I can understand your extreme patriotism. However, please be honest to yourself and to the history.There may be some “fake” pictures in order to impress people, but most of the pictures we can see today is took during the war time by American Journalists. the majority are real and sorrow. How can a human being say this is totally manipulated event in front of those bloody evidence!!

kujirakira - November 20, 2014

“but most of the pictures we can see today is took during the war time by American Journalists”

Americans weren’t even in the country.
If you are going to type a sentence like “be honest to yourself and to the history”… why make up bs as you go like this?

You only prove it’s you who has the preconceived notions.

5. Ayasha - March 11, 2007

The “rape of Nanking” happened. Be man enough to stand up and take responsibility so that we can, perhaps, learn from it.

Some people can’t face the crimes of their Country. They seem to want always to walk in the light.

Dangerous thing, this light.


6. CanadaOne - March 21, 2007

Guys, we have to have an objective, un-biased view toward historical facts.
DO NOT get blinded by those Chinese propagandas.
As you can see from these phontos, it’s so obvious that the “Rape of Nanjing” was intentionally fabricated by Chinese activists like Iris chang.
We need to face the “TRUE” history, Not those cheap nagative Anti-Japanese campaign!!!

Alyciela - August 9, 2009

how can it all be propaganda? have you seen all the pictures? like the one that shows the intestines of a person? the fetus speared on a bayonet? or the severed heads hanging from a lamppost?
by the way, iris chang researched her book for five years and then killed herself after its publication because she was so depressed.
if the japanese had the crazy idea of bombing pearl harbour, why wouldn’t they murder people in nanking?
there’s even been a judgement day for the war crimes of the japanese.

kujirakira - November 20, 2014

Pearl Harbor was a legitimate military target, and surprise attacks are legitimate military strategy.

Did a massacre occur? The record of foreign citizens (particularly the German doctor) confirm as much.

Is Communist China (which sat out the war waiting for the Nationalists to be weakened by the Japanese) grossly exaggerating the events for political gain? That too is obvious.

Iris Chang’s book is by no means a legitimate source. I realize it’s very popular with those who buy anything that says best-seller… but it’s been debunked by Historians many times over.
Her suicide is unfortunate, but rather ironic considering she essentially chose to follow the same path as foolish kamikaze too proud to admit they were wrong.

Anonymous - April 22, 2014

U don’t know anything about China, and you had no idea as all your ancestors had been killed by Japanese. You know how the Japanese King educated their people, beside Japanese King is the only god in the world, other people in this world are not humans. You know how they killed those innocent Chinese? and you know how they raped those innocent young Chinese girls? don’t ever judge anything if you don’t know anything well!

7. nancy - April 4, 2007

“as subjectively as possible”
how do you expect people to believe this if your post is subjective??
or do you just not know enough english?

8. Alexander Wong - April 10, 2007

Thanks for clearing this up i never believed in these fake Photos either. I’m Chinese and i believe Nanking Massacre was fake too.

No doubt some people got killed but not like they claim its all exaggerations and fabrications.

Irish - February 16, 2010

How can ye say that,ye people were slaughtered like cattle by the japanese and one person I know whom is also Chinese has the proof of it,his mum had been kidnaped by them to be used for torture and as a sex slave,ye should be ashamed of yeself!

Tina - March 23, 2010

If you’ve forgotten, blogs exist to exhibit an individuals’ perspective (and this individual here is definitely in denial). No offense, but what kind of idiot relies on a blog to get reliable historical facts?

A japanese blog, too, not to mention. I’m not racist, but it’s well-known that the Japanese government has not fully admitted the crimes and the atrocities that they have committed during the WWII. In comparison to the Nazi’s, that’s pretty damn messed up (and both the Germans and Japanese were equally as nationalistic). It most certainly will not make them look better to the rest of the world if they can’t admit their wrongdoings.

To the author: Ask international historians about what they know of the Nanking Massacre, and they will acknowledge that it has indeed happened. Please stop hiding yourself in that fantasy world of yours.

Why are netizens so shallow?

NOTE TO ALL: Not everything you read on the internet is true. Excluding my comment here, but if you still doubt, I guarantee that you will be able to confirm my words with a more legitimate source. And most definitely not this source here.

kujirakira - November 20, 2014

“it’s well-known that the Japanese government has not fully admitted the crimes and the atrocities that they have committed during the WWII”

Whose in denial now?
This is why this “debate” is so bs.
You have your preconceived notions and misinformation… but never bothered to actually check any facts.
It’s just like the anti-whaling issue… whales are cute; nobody should eat them; bla bla bla. Forget that they’re not endangered and it isn’t an environmental issue.

Forget any fact-checking… you’re white and that makes you right. The Facts be damned.

But don’t take my word for it. From Stanford
(See… it’s possible to find sources with White Authors that you can’t attack with your racist ad hominems. You should be judging the validity of content by its veracity, not by the skin color of the authors… but unfortunately you’ve demonstrated you can’t handle that.)

John Tau - September 7, 2010

My God, you are really a dickhead! Dont u have any patriotic spirit in ur mind?

9. L M - July 20, 2007

These photos are indeed propaganda. To be exact. The Chinese Nationalist propaganda. They had people dress up in Japanese uniform and pretending that they did the killing.Very obvious, how on earth can you manage to take photo of any murder and atrocityies in real action.Will you be killed by the enemy first and the film you took destroy ? Who would dare to have the gut to take those kinds of pictures.

Even if some has the wildest imagination thinking that it is the orgies madness from the enemy.Even if they took those photos,will that allow those photos to be published. Furthermore those pictures are included without any kind of credential given to them.

Guess what . I am Chinese. Those people of my own origin who say they “love” their country may say that I am a traitor. I can say I would rather be a traitor than a liar.

10. Chan Yuk Sang - July 20, 2007

How can our chinese people include those propaganda photos taken by the nationalist to be included in their photographic evidence as prove of Japanese brutality.Propaganda is propaganda. Its purpose is to deceive the enemy and to boost up the fighting spirit on the homefront.Those pictures may illustrate some of the experience the chinese people have been through with the Japanese soldiers.

Just think about it. How can anybody take photo of the enemy in action in commtting atrocity against our own people very close proximity. In those days in 1937, they do not have high power zoom digital camera and other similar technology.

My grandfather was a photographer in those years and he can testify that those photos were nationalist propaganda to boost further hatred of the Japanese enemy.

I am chinese and I am also a person believe in truth. I can say I’d rather be called a “chinese traitor” than to be a liar.

11. A Real Chinese who has common sense - July 20, 2007

Can we capture on camera our enemy executing our own people IN CLOSE UP in real camera action ? The honest to God answer in NO.

Some grusome pictures may be taken after the enemy committed the act of atrocity but a number of them were taken for military propaganda purpose.THE REAL TRUTH IS THE CHINESE NATIONALIST CANNOT CONTINUE WITH THEIR COMBAT. THEIR COMMUNIST ALLIED LEFT THEM AND RETREAT WAY BACK INTO THE INTERIOR WHERE THE JAPANESE DID NOT ADVANCE.The Japanese could advance further and capture the interior and fight the communist and why they didn’t ?!They only capture all the major cities and regions along the seafront and not further into the interior.

Well , who really response to the lost of the war in china ? The retreating Nationalist or the “cunning” communist ?

12. ali - July 24, 2007

Hi guys, Nanjing massacre happened. You are a fool to believe that it didn’t. It’s in the records all over the world. Just face what your country did, you coward.

Sara - July 17, 2009

I’m Japanese and we all learn about this in history class. Nobody in Japan said or believe it didn’t happen, we all know Nanking Massacre actually happend. but the photos and evidence China provided were found and prove to be fake. They wanted to raise more hatred towards Japan so they pulled a little trick and some people in Japan found the trick they used is all they are saying.

13. AL Gering - August 17, 2007

Shameful. The pictures I’ve seen could not have been faked. Own up to what your countrymen did, then you can be forgiven and we all can move on.

14. Japanese Emperor - September 5, 2007

Why cant the japanese kill the chinese?the chinese are stupid enuff to surrender what,at that moment in time,china has more pple in the world but yet they surrendered,STUPID!

Alyciela - August 9, 2009

do you even know under what conditions the chinese surrendered? even if they are cowards, this has nothing to do with the citizens of nanking.

15. CanadianBeef - September 23, 2007

I don’t know if the Chinese government has fabricated photos of the Nanking Massacre or not, but most of the real and original pictures came from Americans and other foreigners, such as religious missionaries and business people. Some of the Japanese historians and their politicians have denied this incident, but the Nanking Massacre is recognized worldwide. I also personally believe that it occurred.

16. You Ren - September 24, 2007

Japanese people got tiny pennies, that’s why they are angry people and raped nanking, korea, malayasia and many more then it shruck further when they refuse to admit it since everyone is now pissed off with them. Where is the japanese pride gone? gonna whitewash everything now you japafreaks

17. Mr - September 30, 2007

To Japanese Emperor
Why are the japanese “stupid enuff to surrender” after the US nuked them?

To A Real Chinese
A “real Chinese” should know some real chinese history: the japanese advanced as far as Xi’an…

To Chan Yuk Sang & L M
OK, get the facts straight then tell me about whats true and what’s false. Those photos were taken by foreigners and by Japanese – those who either had enough sence in them to keep them to testify (which is how we have them today) or who were inhuman enough to keep them as suveniers to remember their games of killing.

To CanadaOne
If the Chinese government was “intentionally fabricating” these acts for anti-Japanese propaganda, then tell me: Why are the Chinese government today actually opressing anti-Japanese demonstrations in China and banning films (like Memoir or Gaesha for instance) especially to dissuade such riots from developing?

To Red Bean
“For Chinese, brutality was everyday incidents.”
Oh? Prove it, because I highly doubt it.
Wasn’t the fall of the Qin dynasty the cause of its “brutality”, and why the people of China call themselves the Han (after the succeding dynasty) and not Qin? The Qin regime did not last for half a century so I HIGHLY doubt that in China “brutality was everyday incidents” for the next 2,200 years.

18. Fuck Japs - October 7, 2007

That’s why we still hate you Japs. Not man enough to own up to what you did. Probably because of your small dicks.

19. Jianshen Shenjian - October 8, 2007

SWORD GOD Zhuo Bufan has reached the peak of perfection in swordplay.

20. CanadaOne - November 5, 2007

>To CanadaOne
>If the Chinese government was “intentionally fabricating” these acts for anti->Japanese propaganda, then tell me: Why are the Chinese government today actually >opressing anti-Japanese demonstrations in China and banning films (like Memoir or >Gaesha for instance) especially to dissuade such riots from developing?
—wow, it’s amazing to know how naive you are!
–for Olympics, Shanghai exhibitions, etc.
HuJingtao and his friends were shocked (exclaiming a huge “Aiyaa!”) at the result of the national survey that more than 75% of Japanese actually dislike Chinese (in 1972, 72% of Japanese liked China).
As more Japanese came to see those morons in Shanghai and Beijing screaming, throwing stones and tomatoes to the Japanese restaurants, Embassy and Consulates, and beating up innocent students from Japan, they are coming to notice the “mentalities of most (but not all) Chinese” and most of Japanese now dislike Chinese.
-Why this trend problematic?
CCP was now afraid that growing feeligs of dislike would result in Japan stopping its financial and technological support. this would cause fatal damage upon China’s economy.
While China’s working really hard internally to “create some friendly moods with Japanese”, they are still performing Anti-Japan Campaigns in US, by employing Chinese Americans (and some dirty-handed money grabbers like M.Honda).
You just reapeadly shout the same phrase “Prove it! Prove it! Prove it!!!”Why don’t you just go google or library and find it?
I’ve totally forgot it’s impossible to reach any truth in your lovely country. only things you are allowed to see in China are the fabrications and false glorification of the Chinese History and Communism.
We have Democracy in Canada and Japan like elsewhere,
but in China….ok, forget it.

Alyciela - August 9, 2009

excuse me, but can i ask why the japs want to give china so much money? (if it’s for investment then japan’s not too stupid)

a late reply - May 22, 2011

hey CanadaOne I should have read your comment two years ago… but yeah I am also from Canada and I learnt that the nanking massacre did happen in high school world history. (i guess u didnt go to high school then?) ok i do agree that in China the commies are hiding/blocking lots of things but it doesn’t affect the fact that it did happen. i’m not an expert so i can’t tell wether the photos are fake but as some other ppl pointed out here, most of the pics were taken by foreigners or the japs themselves. they even published a few themselves (like the killing chinese contest as a “sport”) as they were proud of that. some ppl didnt get how the photos were taken during a war but i guess they didnt know there were war correspondents and foreigners working there. and how can one deny such large scale of murder? do they really have to dig the mass graves for evidence?

21. Australian - November 8, 2007

The Japanese were brutal to Australians, Americans and whoever they captured in World War 2. Why would they be any different to Chinese except more brutal still. Japanese should be taught why they are still rememberd with hate around the world.

22. can't believe - November 25, 2007

why some japanese can’t admit what they did in the past, we dont’ ask for anything but just an apology.
i know we have to move on coz this was what happened almost 60 years ago. but, please, don’t whitewash this history. dont tell lie again so as not to hurt feeling of the both countries.
i have many japanese friends and we sometimes talk about sensitive topics like politics and history. and it turns out they knew what happened in China, which to me, was great a surprise. so, don’t ruin the image of your japanese.
i know japanese could feel superior in terms of economy, techonology as well as democracy. and we know it and admire it. but maybe you need a change in your attitude when it comes with the problem of history.

23. haha - November 27, 2007

I don’t believe for a second that any of the people who have claimed to be Chinese on this site are in fact Chinese.

This man may have his works translated into English, but that doesn’t mean anyone gives a shit. The Japanese committed atrocious acts of violence to enemy prisoners during the war.

All of the conspiracy bullshit that you’ve pulled out your ass can’t cover that fact.

Also, I don’t doubt that the Chinese tortured or killed Japanese soldiers, it could have very well happened. The war was vicious for both sides.
Also, you seem to be forgetting, people have an infinite capacity to be horribly horribly cruel to their fellow humans.
That includes the whites, the blacks, the chinese, the japanese, the germans, the spanish, etc., etc.

OK, so you say that the photo of the baby was staged. It could have been, but I’m skeptical as to why they would record evidence that their propaganda was a fraud.

And guess what, just because that one photo may have been staged by the CCP doesn’t discredit all the evidence. (FYI for everyone out there, the CCP under Mao were responsible for more killings than Stalin and Hitler)

There are massive amounts of photographic evidence that incriminate the Japanese of crimes at Nanking. On top of that you actually have veteran JAPANESE SOLDIERS who admitted to the crime!
Are they in league with the CCP too?

I guess to a fucking brainwashed piece of mindless shit like you they must be in cahoots.
Look at the Japanese MO during the war. They’re absolutely guilty of the shit they pulled.

Finally, how dare you make claims of freedom and democracy when you’re spouting this crap. But, alas, I guess that’s the price you pay when you have the right and privilege to say whatever the hell you want…

P.S.- I’m white, as white as you can possibly be. My granddad was a medic in the Pacific during the war. One of my best friends is Chinese. Also, another one of my best friends is Japanese. I don’t think any less of them because of what some other guys did half a century ago. THOSE GUYS WEREN’T THEM! But that does not mean it didn’t happen.

Get over yourselves you pseudo-intellectual college yuppies and go eat a dick.

24. cyman911 - November 28, 2007

To all who feel Japan was victimized in this “Chinese propaganda”, let me ask you 1 simple question: Why was Japan sending hundreds of thousand of Japanese soldiers to China in the first place? As soon as you go out of your way and occupy an inch of soil of another soverign nation, you deserve to be punished, and you should not whine about it. The Americans, on the other hand, was wrong too in dropping 2 A-bombs. They should have dropped 20.

A message for you CanadaOne, I’m a Canadian too, and you should be ashmed when you realize that many Canadian veterans were put in concentration camps and brutally killed by Japanese in Hong Kong during the invasion there. You are doing them an injustice.

25. Another one - November 28, 2007

Well CanadaOne. I would not be too proud of your so called proved knowledge that can be found in books and the i-net. Your sarcasm doesn`t make you right either. It is easy to sit on your well placed warm ass in a country where you do not have to fight for your survival. Of course people like you prefer the easiest answer to a problem because it serves your own “Fighters for the real truth”-Propaganda the best. I do by no means doubt, that Chinese people did gruesome things to their own countrymen all along history. It is a fact, that traditionally for most of them there first comes the family and all people they know. For the rest for their fellow-chinese they usually give a shit.
But I doubt that a country like japan with such a vivid warrior-cult, that is still honoring soldiers of the sino-japanese war (Imagine Germans honoring Nazi-Soldiers…what a reaction would there be!!) can be trusted anyway. Japan is officialy keeping its dark past alive. On the surface it is running after the U.S. and making progress, but mentaly many things stayed the same as before. A lot of Japanese as well as Koreans are fond of “herrenvolk”-ideologies. So much about mentalities.
You are really optimistic if you think that for democratic countries the “truth” is more true than in countries like China. I just remember the re-election of dear Mr. Bush… we are all getting f** in the a* and at the same time we look for someone point the finger on. Irak is happening and everybody is lowering the head in front of the U.S. military force while they are giving a shit on international law (where were the chemical weapons after all??). North Korea is not of economic interest so nobody cares about what is happening to the people there (no oil there..). And how long did the apartheid last?!!! This is western freedom…
You are speaking of Sino-Japanese economic relationship as if it was one sided and Japan would not be in need of China as a partner…dream on. (Who is naive here?) Have you even studied the figures on economic relations between china and japan? Or do you think Japanese are just to good-hearted so they decided to support China..Even if there were anty-Japanese protests the Japanese would never let them influence their business in China too much. At the other hand, mass riots in an overpopulatet country can easily get out of control and are much more problematic than a figure of some japanese “liking” or “not liking” Chinese. Have you ever observed how much is needed that a country actually stopps its financial support. Japan could not effort open conflicts either, this is why they are always reacting to the protests of China and Korea concerning the Nanjing Historical documentation. If you do research then do it properly and do not just blame the CCP on making false propaganda and take this as a reason the negate anything said by the Chinese government. Or can you look people who were in Nanjing at the time in the eyes and deny what they had to experience? (I forgot that everything ist fake…including the westerness reports and that the japanese Army- unlike most of the wars in this world- did not rape women and murder civilians…. if only a part of this is true, then it is still reason enough to be accused )

26. Americana - December 1, 2007

It’s possible that the historical fact has been fractured. I think we have to examine the sources very carefully before concluding what really happened. Recently, I’ve read through some sources that are just so astounding: the atomic bombing of Japanese cities actually never happened! It’s a war propaganda of the USA to scare away USSR, while also an Japanese propaganda of accusing the USA for the war crime!

27. lol - December 3, 2007

you guys are morons

i guess 300,000 people could have just up and vanished, because OBVIOUSLY the CCP is fabricating it all!

lets just disregard the soldiers who came forth to testify about the mass rape and murder
lets just disregard Japan’s the knowledge of Japan’s MO during the war
lets just disregard it all

i don’t believe for a second that the people who claim to be “Chinese” on this site are really chinese,
the japanese may care about this Shudo guy because he’s helping to make everyone forget the shit that was pulled during WWII, but the rest of the world doesn’t

go ahead and make up whatever excuses you want,
yes, the chinese were brutal, but that doesn’t mean the japanese weren’t as well

28. now - December 21, 2007

Obviously this became more political, or in “Japanese Emperor”‘s case, stupiditiy and pointlessness, rather than trying to remeber how many lives were lost (I’m sorry, the Nanking Massacre did occure since there are countless historical records FROM COUNTRIES OTHER THAN CHINA).
Yes, the politics behind historical events such as this is important, however, lest we forget the lives that were lost…that would be the real shame.

29. グーグル八分に遭う「南京大虐殺否定論」 « as subjectively as possible - February 10, 2008

[…] Rape of Nanking” = “The Fake of Nanking”  Photos of Nanking Massacre The Cropping in the Battle of China Explore posts in the same categories: […]

30. THE CROPPING IN THE BATTLE OF CHINA « as subjectively as possible - February 11, 2008


31. 南京大虐殺を世界に宣伝する日本大使館 « as subjectively as possible - February 11, 2008


32. TED LEONSIS SCATTERS THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION « as subjectively as possible - February 11, 2008


33. indifferent - February 20, 2008

so the massacre happened. it’s exaggerated on both sides. the chinese are pissed and making it bigger, the japanese feel guity and are making it smaller. honestly its like children arguing over who pushed who, except on a more serious scale. but its over. get over it. it happened like 70 years ago.

34. Anon - February 25, 2008


The Nanking massacre can be faked, but I don’t think the rest of these can all be faked as well.

Mass killings

R. J. Rummel, a professor of political science at the University of Hawaii, states that between 1937 and 1945, the Japanese military murdered from nearly 3,000,000 to over 10,000,000 people, most probably 6,000,000 Chinese, Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, and Indochinese, among others, including Western prisoners of war. This democide was due to a morally bankrupt political and military strategy, military expediency and custom, and national culture.”[16] According to Rummel, in China alone, during 1937-45, approximately 3.9 million Chinese were killed, mostly civilians, as a direct result of the Japanese operations and 10.2 millions in the course of the war.[17]

The most infamous incident during this period was the Nanking Massacre of 1937-38, when, according to the findings of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, the Japanese Army massacred as many as 430,000 civilians and prisoners of war, although the accepted figure is somewhere in the hundreds of thousands.[18] Similar crime was the Changjiao massacre. In Southeast Asia, the Manila massacre, resulted in the deaths of 100,000 civilians in the Philippines and in the Sook Ching massacre, between 25,000 and 50,000 ethnic Chinese in Singapore were taken to beaches and massacred.

Historian Mitsuyoshi Himeta claims that the “Three Alls Policy” (Sankō Sakusen) — a scorched earth strategy used by Japanese forces in China in 1942-45, and sanctioned by Hirohito himself, was in itself responsible for the deaths of “more than 2.7 million” Chinese civilians.

35. Anne-Marie - March 4, 2008

CanadaOne, would you tell me that the Holocaust did not happen either?? I am the granddaughter of a survivor. She was did nothing to deserve the treatment that she got for she was a mere child along with a lot of the victims of Nanking, did they deserve what they were subjected to? Are you going to tell me that all of these photographs are fabrications? What did the Japanese have to gain by taking photographs with rather large and foolish grins on their faces with the residue of their decapitations in their hands may I ask??

36. i have a say - March 8, 2008

The nanking massacre did really happened, but why can’t the Japanese admit it? They killed so many people, but not only did they not admit it, they did not even feel guilty about it. This is what really pissed me off.

37. Tim from the U.S. says: - March 10, 2008

This is for the Japanese punk who likes to claim superiority over the chinese. You would’nt have the slightest of a chance to even exist if it were not for America’s decision to allow your pathetic ancestors the opportunity to sign a surrender of war treaty. My great grandfather fought against you cowards and enjoyed watching your sorry asses succumb to your own shame and demise. The next time you wish to lecture someone on democracy you better ask for my consent first; after all, you only exist because we allow you to. You better watch your senseless rhetoric before someone feels obligated to enlighten your people again. I have little tolerance for retarded people such as yourself and ultimately wish that people like you take advantage of the second opportunity that we have allotted you.

This is for Japanese Emporor and all of the other dumbasses out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

38. Tim from the U.S. says: - March 10, 2008

O.K., I am still not finished. The only way to deal with these people is through a very direct and concise manner. Hard-headed people like the one’s on this page must be told ‘how it is’ by elaborating on the overall picture. To prove ignorance, we must establish a fact that has already been proven that they have ignored, such as we have already acquired sworn statements from the filthy Japanese soldiers that stated that the atrocities did infact occur in Nanking. Furthermore, Japanese Emporer stated that the chinese surrendered to the japanese because they were supposedly dumb; what about when the Japanese surrendered to the Allied Forces, they must have also been retarded. In all truth, I feel that the retarded claim is on the Americans for not finishing the Japanese off for good. It is obvious that this Jap does not deserve to live.

And for Another One, I can expect no less from George Bush when it comes to Iraq(not Irak). Saddam Hussein also signed a treaty stating that he would allow full arms inspection in his country. I do not know if you have forgotten, but Saddam defied that treaty through his refusal to allow arms inspection during a time that our country was under attack. We had an absolute right to invade his country and to topple his regime. Saddam committed crimes against humanity as well by using chemical warfare on the Kurdish people as well as in the Iran/Iraq war. How can you state that the crimes against humanity was wrong in Nanking and yet deny the wrongs of Saddam. It seems that you also need a few more facts. This is why our social fabric and our economy in America is so weak. Americans’ need to wake up and start working together again before we find ourselves truly divided. I am positive that your ancestory has contributed an enormous amount to this nation as well. However, now is the time where we must take on our predecessors role and strive to keep the truth at the forefront to our everyday lives. America has, without question, the right to defend its self against all forms of tyranny or its people will wind up like all of the others who have been subjected to such barbaric acts. I am voting for Senator John Mc Cain because he is the one who intends to protect our freedoms that my dad fought and died for.

39. jay - March 11, 2008

yeah it never happened. All the evidence in Nanking is fabricated. You’re full of shit. THeres physical evidence and everything. Like kamikaze japanese dogs never happened. And the Atomic bomb never happened to end the jap war on terror

40. Tim from the U.S. says: - March 13, 2008

Its a shame that dumbasses like you are evn allowed to fucking think. One day you will meet the fate that those people did and preferably there will be jackasses like you to say that it never happened. I would discuss the inadequate logic that you have used to conjure up your assessment if I thought that there would be any gain from it. I will say that if the a-bombs were faked at that time then all of the proceeding events such as the cold war with Russia must have been faked too seeing as how the a- bomb was the advent of the nuclear era.

41. asdjsakdjk - March 23, 2008

Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki never happened. It was a govt conspiracy.

42. name - April 10, 2008

wow.all I have to say is that nanking happened.without a doubt.u peeps need to just realize it already

43. Seeker’s Jar :: Deceit, Deception and Dissimulation: Red China Does it Again :: April :: 2008 - April 13, 2008

[…] since they are only germane so as to establish a past pattern of Chinese behaviour; here is a link to a site that discusses this in much greater […]

44. mr - April 22, 2008

“Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki never happened. It was a govt conspiracy.”

LOL that there says it says it all, folks.

Oh, and CanadaOne.
While we’re on the subject of naive, I completely give up on trying to argue with your double standard about the CCP fabricating about the Nanjing Massacre and the CCP trying not to blame or upset Japan from fear of “boycott of the olympics” or “economic pressure”.

Just to let you know, China is both a militeristic and economic superpower, which has already surpassed Japan as a world supplier. And just for the record this is American statictics, not “Chinese propaganda”.

I really shouldn’t even begin to discuss Chinese history with you because obviously you don’t know a dime’s worth but…
The communist party was against anything old, so they’re not likely to “glorify chinese history”. And because of Deng Xiaoping, the China of today is more toward nationalism, capitalism, and even democracy than communism such as in the days of Stalin and Mao. The view that China is closed to the democratic world, like North Korea, is more a derogative western assumption. So I hope that dispells your notion that “anything you hear in China is false fabrication”.

45. aki_yamada2573 - May 3, 2008

this is b***s***; your argument is similar to saying that the Holocaust was a made up terror story; sure, there might be some sketchiness in select few pictures, but that does not change the fact that the the massacre occurred unless if you want to argue that the thousands of survivors are all secret government agencies and are paid a large sum of money to tell a coherent lie (if that’s the case, you need a psychologist to examine your self absorbed syndromes) ; you need to accept what happened and try to improve Japanese reputation by learning how to respect other people of all nations; try to convince others that Japanese people are not what history portray them to be; we are respectful, tender, loving, and strong. If you try to deny the facts, devastating events like the massacre will repeat…

46. windy - May 6, 2008

Types of evidence supporting the actual existence of the Rape of Nanking:

1. Personal journals kept by Westerners in the “safety zone”
2. Official Japanese military communiques
3. Confessions by former Japanese soldiers who took part in the event
4. Reports from American journalists in the area before they were banned from being there
5. Actual movie footage taken by Americans under very, very dangerous circumstances
6. Memos and other papers from the Nazis
7. The war crime trials in which over 1000 people testified about the atrocity, with over 460 specific reports of cases of murder, rape, arson and looting.
8. Photographs taken by Japanese soldiers themselves
9. Newspaper clippings from Japanese publications
10. The physical evidence of the bodies left in burial pits.

47. Mr - May 7, 2008

aki_yamada2573, good point.

I am completely for moving on and accepting the Japanese as friends. After all, time has moved on: Japan is not the Japan of yesterday, nor is the living generation the generation of the war. It’s not fair to blame the people for the wrongs of an era before they were born, or of the generation that is, already, on its way out.

However, they do have to bare the facts as the unhampered truths recorded by history, no matter how ugly they are. Then, and only then could they move on. To deny these crimes is the same as committing the crimes themselves, because one is allowing them to be repeated, harming humanity in the future. It’s a snake that has to be killed. And only then could Japan take off this ugly mask placed upon it and reveal its true and glorious face to the rest of the world.

48. 田中 - May 16, 2008
49. Carrie M. - May 20, 2008

What about Unit 731? Don’t tell me that is also fake. The only reason that Chairman Mao didn’t speak of the Nanjiang Massacre was that he was trying to promote a strong diplomatic relationship with Japan. As for the Japanese education system, it’s heavily censorshiped. The last time I was in Japan was 1997 and their schools give a surprisingly biased education on modern history courses. There are indeed some photographic anti-japanese propaganda but to say that the Rape of Nanking never EXISTED is just laughable. John Rabe and Minnie Vautrin, first eye witness of the atrocities cannot be all propaganda? I don’t believe in teaching hatred to children and these anti-japanese movements aren’t needed. It was purely the japanese MILITARY not the japanese people. You can’t blame and hate people for the things that’s already done. However children should learn their own country’s history whether it be good or bad. I would recommend you to see the Magee film. It was made by an American missionary, John Magee, stayed behind to provide a 16mm film documentary and first-hand photographs of the Nanjing Massacre.

50. GrandMarshalLAW - May 22, 2008

We all know that history is written by the victor, sooo ah… did the Japanese win? NO! they invaded china and the U.S. and ended up getting their ass blown away by the atom bombs. Ahem… yo nihonjins, do you even have a freakin army that can stand up to any country now? NO! so SHUT UP!!! You didn’t win!!! All high and mighty in your thrones made of BS. Look, you raided, you failed. You will never be a world military power cuz the U.S. controls your ass!
You ancestors sowed the seeds, now you reap the fruits. Have fun thinking how your countries epically failed while you’re sleeping tonight.
~stay in school dumb shits

51. Anonymous - June 1, 2008

Who the fuck is the author of this essay? I believe you live in a self-induced world of denial, or were you ever raped continuously by 10 men such that you have such a warped mind? Who in the world would believe the Nanjing MASSACRE is fake? Stop wasting internet space.

And to whoever who commented here that all those pics are Chinese propaganda, fuck all of you. DO read up on history. Are you all Japanese (acting as Chinese) trying to hide the fucked up truth of your country? I pity the future of Japan if it has youths like you all.

What the fuck. I’m not even from China but I am irritated at assholes who live in self-denial.

52. Anonymous - June 1, 2008

“Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki never happened. It was a govt conspiracy.”

I had to laugh at that. That summarises it all. Those japanese who still can’t accept the truth of their ancestors, please get a life.

Anonymous - February 10, 2012

>I had to laugh at that. That summarises it all. Those japanese who still can’t accept the truth of their ancestors, please get a life.

Then, why don’t American accept what Koreans and the former American soldier who served the Korean war have claimed about the No Gun Ri Massacre, but question about how many dead bodies there are, how those people were killed and if the U.S. military ordered its soldiers to massacre Korean civilians.

“In 2001, the U.S. military responded to the AP account with a report that included detailed aerial photographs taken on August 6 and September 19, 1950. According to analysis of the aerial imagery, the Army concluded there was no indication of bodies or of a mass grave, though there was evidence of strafing from airstrikes on an undetermined date. Because a large number of bodies would have been difficult to dispose of quickly, the Army report estimates that no more than 50 refugees could have been killed at No Gun Ri. The AP responded that the bodies may have been put under a bridge. A North Korean newspaper article published three weeks after the incident gave the number killed as 400.”

53. Brianda - June 9, 2008

Yes, I never happed??? Ask for witnesses who went through living hell at that time. My best friend´s parents were killed in the Hirosima bombing, yes, no evidence??? You are so discrete about crimes, and smiling before a crowd. You Chinese and Japanese have a reputation for violence with no remorse. I´m not making this up. Salughter is part of your ancestry. Let´s take a tour thoughout China to see how you are eating living things and babies in fetus soup. Or worst, you can bump into an enclosed bang with a female girl inside. And about Royal families being spared indictment.You practice slavery up to these days. You have no reasoning and animals killed in search for food and you for the fun of feeling brave. That´s part of your ancestry, very like Muslims. Low self-esteem with no identity. You see emperors as gods, they are human carnage.

54. Brianda - June 9, 2008

Yes, It never happed??? Ask for witnesses who went through living hell at that time. My best friend´s parents were killed in the Hirosima bombing, yes, no evidence??? You are so discrete about crimes, and smiling before a crowd. You Chinese and Japanese have a reputation for violence with no remorse. I´m not making this up. Slaughter is part of your ancestry. Let´s take a tour thoughout China to see how you are eating living things and babies in fetus soup. Or worst, you can bump into an enclosed bang with a female girl inside. And about Royal families being spared indictment.You practice slavery up to these days. You have no reasoning and animals kill in search for food and you for the fun of feeling brave. That´s part of your ancestry, very like Muslims. Low self-esteem with no identity. You see emperors as gods, they are human carnage. You can you in every Chinese restaurant a picture of the killers. Hystory needs no evidence, you can find it by live in most Asian countries.

55. Brianda - June 9, 2008

Yes, It never happed??? Ask for witnesses who went through living hell at that time. My best friend´s parents were killed in the Hirosima bombing, yes, no evidence??? You are so discrete about crimes, and smiling before a crowd. You Chinese and Japanese have a reputation for violence with no remorse. I´m not making this up. Slaughter is part of your ancestry. Let´s take a tour thoughout China to see how you are eating living things and babies in fetus soup. Or worst, you can bump into an enclosed bang with a female girl inside. And about Royal families being spared indictment.You practice slavery up to these days. You have no reasoning and animals kill in search for food and you for the fun of feeling brave. That´s part of your ancestry, very like Muslims. Low self-esteem with no identity. You see emperors as gods, they are human carnage. You can you in every Chinese restaurant a picture of the killers. Hystory needs no evidence, you can find it by live in most Asian countries.
But among Chinese and Japanese people, are the ones with full criticims and acceptance for all of this. My due respect. Taking respondability is part of personal growth.

Alyciella - August 9, 2009

there are bad times in every culture’s history, perhaps you should read up on your own!

56. Anonymous - July 15, 2008

Higashinakanos English book is mainly based in his first major book about Nanking in Japanese (Nankin daigyakusatsu no tettei kensho, 1998). Since the 80s there has been a big discussion about the Massacre, and actually the discussion was over when the kaikosha, the japanese veteran association, held a survey among its readers about the massacre. That very very totally uber conservative organization was totally suprised when most soldiers acknowledged the massacre and so they had to do so, too. So actually the whole discussion about the massacre was over. Then in the 90s Higashinakano and others came up again to deny the massacre. although the only remaining big issue is just the exact number of victims. That the massacre happened has been proven many years ago. To call it a holocaust is a bit too much, though. And please…don’t think all Japanese are like Higashinakano or this Tama-guy here. Most academics and well educated people know about the facts more or less. Oh, and by the way…Iris Chang can be seen as the source for all this english publication of massacre deniers, since her really not well written book has encouraged them to counter-attack her. So this discussion is not about the past, but about current politics and peoples opinion. Greetz from another part of the world

57. Anonymous - July 17, 2008

Brianda, seriously what are you talking about? I don’t quite understand the logic in your attempt to dis Chinese and Japanese.

58. ChinaKorea Buster - July 26, 2008

The Journal of Charles Lindberg reports that America killed nearly all the Japanese POW’s during WW2, but Japan treated American POW’s strictly according to the Geneva Accord.

Japan was the only nation during WW2 that respected and followed Geneva Accord. US Government records show that, unlike what TV propaganda programs (such as History Channel programs) still say these days, what people in US hear on TV are exactly the opposite of the truth.

Japan was the only nation during WW2 that never killed any civilian during WW2. America killed 3 million Japanese during WW2. America bombed every single city in Japan for the sole purpose of terrorizing Japanese. For example, America bombed Tokyo 101 times.

People of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, and Vietnam have shown their eternal gratitude to Japan in their national anthems. Indonesia is the only nation in the world that uses the Japanese Imperial Calendar (Year 2668 now) which was in use in Japan until the end of WW2. All the bills and coins in Indonesia are recorded with the Japanese Imperial Calendar. All the prime ministers of these nations in many occasions officially thanked Japan for liberating them from the evil oppressors (Britain, Holland, US, France). 800 Japanese soldiers remained in Vietnam after WW2 to train Vietnam Independence Force, and fought against France and US. These Japanese soldiers built Vietnam’s first military academy. The graduates of this school became commanders during Vietnam War. In 1986, Government of Vietnam awarded these Japanese soldiers with the Highest Medals of Honor.

59. Anonymous - July 28, 2008

to: ChinaKorea Buster

What about a quote of a wise little man:

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to…suffering.

oh, and by the way…all that stuff about south asian states…I see you have learned some stuff at your international politics class. But I think you missed some chapters.

60. Anonymous - August 21, 2008

ChinaKorea Buster, that’s the funniest bullshit I’ve heard. How about when the Japanese eat living Ausies and when they cut the penises off of captured GI and stick it in their mouths. There’s a reason why there were so few Americans who immediately fealt remorse for the bombing of Hiroshima.

“Japan was the only nation during WW2 that respected and followed Geneva Accord.”

“Japan was the only nation during WW2 that never killed any civilian during WW2.”

LMAO, you gotta be fuckin retarded.

61. bigotry at its max. « Who Am I Kidding - September 20, 2008

[…] (written in jpn) photos-of-nanking-massacre and Loose Change […]

62. Someone who likes Japan but not it's people - November 21, 2008

Chinese propaganda? What about the document that said “rape all, kill all, loot all” from Japan? What about the documents from all over the world? It wasn’t just the Communists, the GMD was there, the Americans were there, Soviet volunteers were there. What? They all fabricated these photos? Why would the Americans and Soviets bother? What about cutting down people as a sport? “Contest to kill 100 using a sword”

Even if it was just propaganda at least it is believable. How can you dare say “never killed any civilian” have you no god damned shame? There were also Chinese battalions on the Japanese side.

Why not do it like the Germans? Just come out and apologize then everyone would stfu no?

The Japanese are making propaganda. Trying to portray herself as a victim. Bombing Tokyo 101 times? WTF? I wouldn’t be wasting fuel and flying over 15 hours to Japan and bombing them “101” times. Notice it is an odd number, makes it sound more believable doesn’t it?

Ok so before the year Japan decides to rewrite history, everything the kids learned are suddenly Chinese propaganda. C’mon…

63. Someone who likes Japan but not it's people - November 21, 2008

Hell people see America as evil dropping the bombs on Japan. If it weren’t for them then Asia would be like “TO DIE FOR THE EMPEROR” right now lol. Allies offered them shitloada chances to surrender but they didn’t take them.

Oh yeah and I highly doubt China had the technology to edit photos back then.

Vinegar Joe, Joseph Stilwell, one of major generals of USA present in the massacre.

Eh? Some Nazis assisted the Chinese

Anyone seen the 21 demands from Japan?

Really why the fuck would America attack Japan if it didn’t start shit? America attacks Japan when they didn’t do anything – why the fuck would they if Japan didn’t do shit.

Teach me the fabricated history. I’d like a good laugh

Kyle - September 28, 2009

@ Someone who likes Japan b…

Dropping atmomic bomb has nothing to do with the US’s victory in Asia. They needed to do it so they could fully control Japan before the USSR came in. US fleets were right there before the boms were dropped. They did it only because to end the war before any other countries come in and say ‘let us separate Japan like we did with Germany.’ Unfortunately, the US and the USSR did this with Korea which had nothing to do with World War II. Otherwise, I hear you. I don’t like Japanese either for what they did and still not apologising.

Anonymous - May 22, 2011

i believe the cold war hadn’t started back then (it should be after WWII). and why would US want japan? it’s a freaking small country and its just an island without many natural resources. the japs learned FROM western countries during their revolution so they weren’t any more advanced then the US. the only reason i can think of is japan could act as a platform in asia for the states. but then if japan hadn’t attacked pearl harbor, US wouldn’t have had an excuse to do that.

Anonymous - February 18, 2012

>Really why the fuck would America attack Japan if it didn’t start shit? America attacks Japan when they didn’t do anything

Then, why did America and Americans allow Israel attack USS Liberty and let them kill American seamen and keep sending US tax money to aid Israel instead of dropping atomic bombs?

64. Someone who likes Japan but not it's people - November 21, 2008

Yeah and saying it is impossible to film and take photos that up close is like saying all other footage and photos of other wars are all fake. *Cameras can zoom in you know?
Well I don’t know about cameras during WWII…

I don’t know but people aren’t suppose to attack field reporters are they?

Diaries and records – John Rabe, Minnie Vautrin – records the attrocities. Rabe < Nazi, Vautrin < American Missonary

John Magee – American missionary, first-hand photos of massacre

65. cjterps02 - January 13, 2009

Seriously? What burns me up is that japan was nuked out of WWII and is somehow perceived by some as a victim when the truth is that they were depraved animals in Nanjing and elsewhere. the Japanese still can’t come to grips today with what bastards they were to the areas they occupied. I can admit my countries behavior in Iraq was appalling in certain instances yet you can’t come to grips with events involving Japan from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

66. Sometimes humanity has to be earned. - January 20, 2009

I can not believe that in the war tribunal, they only punished the leadership. I watched the movie documentary, “Nanking” and some of those bastard soldiers that were still alive, were interviewed. They had smirks on their faces and looked as though they had fond memories of the rapes and killings as they were describing it. There is no justice in this world and no one can tell me that they will get what’s coming to them because they didn’t. These bastard soldiers lead a full uninterupted life, they should have been held accountable.

67. JapnGov is a Lier(youtube) - February 24, 2009

For all brain washed Japanese read tokyo tribunal ^^ and Learn The SHIT that do japanese army on China. ^^. I dont hate japanese, but said that all their atrocities were a fake is like mocking all their VICTIMS

68. JapnGov is a Lier(youtube) - February 24, 2009

JapnGOV (of youtube) dont try to hide all ur shit. My father have friends that hate Japanese before “anti-japanese education”.
Whydont u mention all the SHIT THAT JAPANESE GOV CONFIRM???
Fake Of Nanjing = A Japanese cleaning their shit with more shit.

69. Red Wine - March 1, 2009

I love China and Japan too … but after this, i don’t know which part is the right one ?! i hate wars :=(

70. Shanxi slave - March 14, 2009

I am a slave in Shanxi of China. If Japan liberated this miserable country, we must have been happier than today. We are still waiting for Japanese Imperial Army. Banzai!

Sarah - August 10, 2009

if u were a slave, how can u go on the internet and type english? anyway, the japanese would not treat chinese people well. look at what they did in korea, vietnam, etc.

Kyle - September 28, 2009

OMFG. What kind of sick retarded person wrote this. Why not ask for Nazists to free you.

Anonymous - May 22, 2011

omfg go fuck yourself slave lol

71. UMyes - May 20, 2009

japanese army is very damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

72. unnown - August 26, 2009

stop the fighting man and stop being racsist to each other u now wat imagine u had no memory of pre2009

73. unnown - August 26, 2009

it was the past and watever happened has gone but i tink the no killed has slightly exagerated 200000 people is like wipin a town out get real prob aroun 1000 peops killed but no more

Anonymous - May 22, 2011

what bullshit. how do you get that 1000 ppl estimation? nanking was not a small town but a big city – it had been the capital of china for several dynasties, so u shouldn’t be surprised that a large number of citizens were killed when the japs arrived and started the fucking massacre. if nazies could murder so many jewish ppl, why couldn’t the japs kill a lot of chinese too?

btw i do agree that its already history and no one should continue to hate, but then where is justice?

74. Bryan Capistrano - September 11, 2009


75. Bryan Capistrano - September 11, 2009


76. MON - September 11, 2009


77. Coolbreeze - September 11, 2009

I think stupidity is airborne in Japan. Look how many imbeciles are denying the Nanking massacre. Heartless morons run your country. I pity your generation. Youre lucky were nothing like you. You’re people didnt have to endure what other people endured from your soulless ancestors. THERE IS NO HONOR IN KILLING PEOPLE who have their hands tied behind their back. But if I were in your shoes I would also deny it ever happened because it was a big disgrace.

78. Kyle - September 28, 2009

Oh my god. Do you think the PRC’s government is making this whole story up? Then why not talk about the US or some other country? They do it because it did happen. The method of making up pictures in order to increase anti-Japanese sentiment in China is wrong. However, it is very general for Chinese people and its government to hate Japanese for what the Japanese did and for still not issuing formal apologies. On the other hand, Germans have been continuously of showing their condoleces to the Jewish people and trying to pay them back which is impossible but the try is appreciated. In the video, the guys says Japan has sent quite a bit of financial aid to China. I, however, highly doubt that Japan did this because they felt sorry for what they did unlike the Germans. If they didn’t think it was profitable, they would not have done it. Damn the Imperialists and the Japanese Nationalists, and they are not history. They still exist. Japan’s brutal acts against the neighbouring countries are not really awared by the world. For instance, using the Nazi sign is illegal or socially unacceptable. But you see the imperial flag of japan of the mark are used on clothing and so on in other countries. I knew the brand which printed the Imperial Japanese flag on its clothes. Unfortunately, I forgot the name so I can’t write that here. Anyway, this has become too long. I hope the Japanese stop spending money on stuff like this, but truly feel sorry for what they did and try to make up for that.

79. Katarin - October 6, 2009

I’d like to point out that in many accounts of this entire thing, the Japanese themselves had the pictures taken. Why? They thought of what they were doing as a sport. They took bets on who could kill and rape the most women for that day. I for one, don’t believe in this moronic little article at all. For one, your English is atrocious, for two, your facts are way off base. You leave out everything that it was PROVEN the Japanese did and let your bias cloud your intellect (if it is existant at all). My grandmother is a survivor of this, married to my grandfather, an American that kept her hidden in the safety zone before taking her back to his own country. I believe her accounts of this far better than I believe your own. She watched her family be murdered before her eyes, and her father be shot over twenty times for refusing to rape her. So how’s that for your self-proclaimed fiction?

80. Justice - November 6, 2009

Yes, I hate the Japanese. It is a shame that the yanks did not nuke the hole country.
You has to be sick minded to commit this thinks.
To prevent te future of this sick japanese war criminals menkind have to extinguish also the younger generation of those googs
PS: typical japanese with their small dicks.
Long live Europe. Japan eat shit.

81. CoolBreeze32563 - November 13, 2009

Dude I’m glad youre on our side but please, proof read your comment before you submit it…. Peace !

82. Jenny - December 14, 2009

most of the article is prejudice and irreliable. Japan invaded China is a inescapale and doubtableless truth. I know all the propaganda and media are serviced for the gorvenment and politics conflicts. But here is much excessive, even totslly violate history and consciense!

83. carlo sacco - December 20, 2009

I’m in a total agreement with above letter of jenny(dec.14 2009).Today tv and other media try to change the history at their own use of the political power and it’s undoubtly that the political power everywhere try to maintain itself for ruling over the people by making a uncorrect division of producted wealth.at this aim it may be that massacre has been made bigger than the realty but undoubtely the massacre has happened and undoubtely japan army supported the japanese feudal power of hiro hito, after saved by america.Hiro Hito paid for their acts ?It seems no !!For a real knowledge i must remember to readers that hiro hito was from the part with hitler and mussolini in their idea that fascism and nazism would have conquered the world.70 years are passed
from nanking massacre and japan if today wants to consider his own part democratically and free of nationalism feelings
must recognize that the country was leaded by a bloody dictature who sacrified the people with a war by invading other countries by causing deaths,bloodshed and tragedies.
this is the no more avoiding truth.Al the rest are dramatic consequences.the responsability is all from the part of the king, his family and the way of thinking and actiong of all their part of beneficiaries who took for themselves the most important part of producted wealth.And all this against the interest of the common people.this must be remembered and consequences have been made; also nowdays with anti japanese feelings in china.pls do not try to remove the responsabilities. carlo sacco.

84. Sound Of South east Asia - December 30, 2009

Well talk about history means on what side we look that facts. Because of it it would made us subjective to Judge all evidences..We can understand what’s the chinese people feelling’s about this tragedy so they’re saying this tragedy is really happened but Japanese denied all evidences that nanking targedy occured because they want erase all nicknames as war criminal…so the problem is lies on judgement the facts. For doing that needs objectively to evaluate, research, and investigate all evidences like photos, letters and another evidences comprehensive, with hopelly no more miss understanding between two of them

85. 日本国籍華人 - January 1, 2010



























86. 日本国籍華人 - January 1, 2010







87. MissCulture - February 3, 2010

Oh please, the savagery of the Japanese people is legendary. It is a waste of time even discussing it as there is too much proof and photographic evidence. The real crime is that they were never tried for war atrocities, never apologised for their abominations. The outside world should FORCE this knowledge on Japanese children so that they know about their blood soaked heritage. I am Australian and there are still older Australians who would never consider a Japanese person as a human being.

88. Hostie de calice de tabarnacle vas donc te faire feutre - February 4, 2010

Dear blogger…
Ok, let’s be honest here, you most likely wrote this article for 2 reasons: 1) you wanna influence the unfortunate souls that have not yet had a chance to become acquainted with our two best friends called History and Research, and 2) you just wanted to generate some clicks onto your blog by pissing people.

I doubt I am part of the first category… in that sense, education did me some good there… but I gotta admit, your second purpose got me. Seeing that i’m commenting, I probably already played into your fields… but heck, since i’m writing this crap already, i might as well take my creativity out for a ride.

Simply saying that you should go give yourself a prostate massage with a large zucchini does not seem to come close to expressing the amount of crap i suffered from perusing your work.

Propaganda exists in all states, under one form or another. I acknowledge that. Not being able to identify propaganda from solid, factual information, however, is what makes you the dumb fcuk you are. No, not the brand.

Your challenging what is now international acknowledged to be objective history is nothing short of willing ignorance… that, being the ignoring of all facts that do not fit the narrative you wish to project as “information”, “research”, or “history”.

You have much to learn from FOX NEWS. At least they make it funny to watch (though i’d be surprise if they intended that… they just don’t think their audience is that hard to brainwash….. neither do you, apparently).

So, let’s talk sources. How ’bout the friendly competition two WWII japanese officer had in Nan Jing (AKA NanKing)? You know, the one where they see who can behead the most chinese civilians with their katanas? Chinese propaganda? this was published in the “Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shimbun”, or “Tokyo Daily News”, in 1937. The photo suggests it was something you guys were quite proud of.

The winning lieutenant murdered 106 people. The poor loser followed by 105 murders. Both were trialed and executed after the war.

So, for all the kinky sons of frail canines out there, i’m not trying to convince you. It’s not really about debating… it’s about not giving a damn. But this is really for those who have not had the time to pick up ANY recognized history text book to read about the sick shiet the japanese army did.

As for you ignorant portions of digestive outcome, you may carry on with that prostate massage of yours… may i suggest the japanese delicacy of many, many, many horribly insisting tentacles?

89. Hostie de calice de tabarnacle vas donc te faire feutre - February 4, 2010

Almost forgot to include the link for the new paper about the killing competition…
NOW you may proceed with that massage of yours.

90. Irish - February 16, 2010

My daughter whom is 33 yrs old is 1/2 Japanese,the renouned Anthony Marr first showed me photos of the Japanese Invasion in which his mother had almost been kidnapped by the Japanese to be used as a sex slave and tortured but fortunately under the gise of darkeness escaped and and relocated to Canada,after reading and seeing photos of the Japanese invasion I was shocked beyond belief,my daughter does not know of this and I will not let her know,she is a kind and gentle being and for her to view this side of her father culture would be devastating to her,her Japanese grandparents had been imprisoned in the interment camps after the Pearl Harbor Bombings and they born Japanese Americans,I had not realized the atrosities the Japanese had committed in WW2 and I wish now I still didn’t,my views of them have changed a wee bit!

Anonymous - May 22, 2011

well your daughter is already 33 (34 as I write this comment) so I believe she is mature enough to think and judge things critically.

91. aaaaaaa - February 27, 2010

all japs is an animall….

92. Rach - March 21, 2010

Japan doesn’t need to say sorry of a case of false accusation.
The San Francisco Treaty in 1951 served officially to end WW2, to end formally Japan’s position as an imperial power, and to allocate compensation to Allied civilians and former prisoners of war who had suffered the Japanese war crimes. Also, the treaty shows the allied powers and Japan will never condemn each countries all of acts.
However, Chinese incited an American Democratic politician to establish a new Nanking Massacre Museum in the U.S.. The politician has very close ties with the Chinese-American community. He received 110,000 dollars from them in 2006(Wiki). Why do they need to do such a ridiculous acts? Chinese false propaganda is still ongoing. In solid fact, Japan lost the war, so they apologized 16 times to China. Moreover, Japan is paying ODA money instead of war compensation to China even now.
However, Chinese government has not told this fact to people. You know, acts of abominable cruelty happened in every county in war history. The My Lai Massacre was the mass murder conducted by a unit of the U.S. Army on March 16, 1968 of 347 to 504 unarmed citizens in South Vietnam, all of whom were civilians and a majority of whom were women, children (including babies) and elderly people.
Lai Daihan is people born to a South Korean father and a Vietnamese mother during the Vietnam War. The 228 Massacre was an anti-government uprising in Taiwan that began on February 27, 1947 and was violently suppressed by the Kuomintang (KMT) government. Estimates of the number of deaths vary from ten thousand to thirty thousand or more. Also, Tibet and Uugure problems are the same.

Why is the CCP loudly denouncing the ‘Nanking Massacre’ only which had been insisted on its happening more than sixty years ago, but not even clearly defined?
For a half century after WW2, Japan has kept silence whenever and however we were falsely accused of this problem. Now, Japanse should break the silence!

China has no right to accusing crimes of so-called Nanking Massacre to Japan because the massacre was made up story using fabricated evidence. Obviously, what China says is pure fiction. Demonstrating the fake story of Chinese government is one of the charges of libel.
Raising an objection of Japanese against Chinese propaganda is very natural.

93. josh - April 11, 2010

no amount of “apologies” and no amount of money will bring back not one life killed. to deny the events that happened in nanking and what the Japanese soldiers had done is in itself an atrocious act.

the Japanese “unit 731” and Hitlers holocaust only tells me there is no extent to the evils of the human race.

94. 日本国籍華人 - May 11, 2010

朝香進一「初年兵日記」 P140~ 1938年8月29日 

 夜、私たちは帰還兵をかこんで体験談を聞くことにした。彼等は予備役で召集を受け上海戦、除州作戦に参加、大別山系の敵陣を突破し、二ヵ月前に漢水沿岸に展開したと言うのである。戦争とは何だろうか? 私たちは興味と関心をもって彼たちの話に耳を傾けた。











95. 日本国籍華人 - May 11, 2010

『本多勝一集(23)南京大虐殺』本多勝一・朝日新聞社・1997年 ※『南京への道』増補版
『南京事件』笠原十九司・1997年・岩波書店・岩波新書 ※僞寫眞で初版が囘收
『天皇の軍隊』熊沢 京次郎
『日中戦争の悲劇』馬振犢・陳仲丹・林彗敏編著 藤尾直正・藤尾玲子訳 柳原書店(1996年)
『南京事件をどうみるか』藤原彰編・青木書店・1998年 ※1997年12月14日南京大虐殺60周年国際シンポジウム(研究集会)の記録

96. Gandam - May 16, 2010

Chinese Chairman Mao massacred their own people, didn’t he ?

There was a war in China, and it is very natural many people were killed. However, what Chinese said are usually “Untrustable”.

It is known that China is a country of liar, even today.

Anonymous - May 22, 2011

Japan too then. And the USA. And many other countries/governments. don’t forget what wikileaks discovered.

97. bornean - May 31, 2010

To all who posted the comments. THE NANKING ATROCITIES DID HAPPEN. As for the pictures, if it is fake doesn’t mean the atrocities didn’t happen. One of the logic, the Japs commented on the pictures is that ‘No one will pose when murdering someone’
For your information, Japs at that time are arrogant bastards they are proud of what they did. They will pose to show their work. As did the samurai previously. They are proud because their nation has the best firepower in the Asia at that time.

You can ask anyone whose country was occuppied by the Japs during the WWII. Ask them what did the Japs do? They will answer you all sorts of torture that the Japs deviced at that time.
Not all Japs soldiers are inhumane, some of them are good. My grandfather is the living proof. My grandfather (from my mother’s side) is a Chinese by the way, he never had any type of education (so no influence in anti-Japanese ed), he was born here in Sarawak Borneo. During the occupation he was taken as swordsmith (before occupation that was his job too) by the Japs General in the area, then was a cook for the General. This Jap guy taught few things to my grandfather, including how to make good samurai sword.

Some other areas in Sarawak, like my dad’s place, the Japs soldiers are assholes. I remember growing up, I used to listen to eerie stories on how the Japs used to torture, kill and rape the locals. I used to be afraid of the Japs when I was little and to call someone a Japanese was an insult when I grew up. One of their favourite torture technique is making the prisoner drink gallons of soap water, then step on their stomach to pump it all out again. This torture happens widely in Malaysia. I hear stories of how they hide their daughters from the Japs and many more. Even my old high school is haunted by those Japs soldier’s victim (the Japs used my high school as their command centre).

By the way our native did beheaded few Japs in the olden days. Still got the skull to prove it to you all. I’m a headhunter tribe by descendeant.

Well, the Japs did apologise to us and all. But to deny all the inhumane torture, kills and rape is just not right. Ask those people whose grandparents were torture victims they will tell you how the Japs in the olden days act like animals.

So if you tell me no crime was committed in Nanking, I would that is rubbish. Something did happen, but maybe not as what the picture shows, but something did happen. Remember Unit 731.

Don’t apply the norms of today with what happened then.

98. Irishman - June 11, 2010

I’ve only just now heard of the Rape Of Nanking for the first time.
I have always had an amateur interest in history, and am familiar with military history from Greek, Roman, British Empire, WW I and II, Gulf, Nam, Cambodia, Korea, Japan vs China, and an inside and personal knowledge of the Northern Irish troubles.

Initially, I was horrified and repulsed at the atrocities I read about in the Rape of Nanking. The brutality, disrespect for humanity, xenophobic disgust and sheer cold-hearted hatred portrayed by some of the reports on the invasion were literally stomach churning, as well as emotionally disturbing.
Iris Chang, authoress of an aparently revelatory book on the subject, was (understandably) so traumatised and emotionally disturbed by what she saw and heard while researching the book, she committed suicide in 2004.

The theory of a Chinese conspiracy to defame the Japanese is, of course, plausible, but isn’t every conspiracy theory plausible? That’s what makes them place reasonable doubt in the mind of the people of the world. If the incident is deemed to horrific for the average psyche to accept, an alternative theory is an easy way out, and it’s basically ‘swept under the carpet’ of the general human conscience, not to be spoken of again.
A Chinese political ploy? Anti-Japanese propaganda?
Sure, why not!

But let’s not fool ourselves as a joint society, or as a species.
Human beings are capable of the most vile acts of violence and depravity, especially in times of conflict.
A calculated, emotionally manipulated mind is a devious and treacherous organ capable of motivating not just soldiers, but the average person, of such acts of savagery as to shock the aggresor in retrospect.
‘Pack’ mentality, peer pressure, manipulative political suggestion are all capable of converting a lamb to a lion!

I knew of normally sedentary men who became active anti-british militia, and even took part in ‘active service’ against the authorities, due to sustained propaganda and pressure from their friends, so I understand how such atrocities under more sustained peer pressure and politically-charged psychological suggestion could inspire such hatred and brutality in another human being.

The horror of Nanking should never be dismissed as ‘just propaganda’, or fabrication. It is a real possibility, however probable.
If it is fact, it should never be overlooked as an ‘unavoidable part of war’, or that the many lives both ended and destroyed by the atrocities commited, should be viewed as nothing more than ‘collateral damage’.
The fact that so many people were murdered is enough of a moral crime, but the degree of brutality, the savage relish with which they were committed, the apparent support of the soldiers’ military superiors, the sub-human carnivoriety(?) of some of the slaughtering, which was perpetrated on some of the bodies, both before and after death, was so depraved, I find it frightening to acknowledge my own genetic membership of the same species as the ones who committed them.

If the Rape of Nanking is fact, we MUST strive never to harbor such horrific hatred for a fellow human being.
If it is fiction, we must strive never to harbor such horrific hatred for a fellow human being.

History must teach us!

99. History buff - June 17, 2010

Demographic: White American male, age 20

There is abounding evidence that the Nanking atrocities did occur, however I believe that both sides have probably inflated or deflated the scope of it. The Chinese have an agenda (rightfully so, I believe) that they were victimized by the Japanese. The Japanese mindset I think cannot bear to admit to such things out of shame. But they have been slowly coming around. So, Chinese sources are likely to use a high estimate of the death toll, and the Japanese are likely to use a low estimate. Even with a very conservative estimate, is 50,000 dead any more acceptable than 300,000?

For Westerners, it is easier to accept certain evils that our ancestors or others like us committed because we know that they were not the same people. We are individual minded.

The Japanese mentality (according to a friend of mine who is very into Japanese stuff) is that they are very group minded. This makes it much harder to accept certain evils done by their ancestors or peers, because they feel it reflects much more on them today. Not a viable excuse for denying something like Nanking, but it at least provides a way to understand why it is harder for them than for the Germans to acknowledge the Nazis crimes for example.

100. Anonymous - April 14, 2011

I am not saying that the Japanese really killed the Chinese but is not denying it neither, in war, EVERY country commits at least 1 war crime. Yes the Japanese might have killed Chinese people, but Chinese soldiers(the KMT and the communists) did some pretty brutal things(again, I am not saying that it is true) like playing football with decapitated Japanese soldier’s head. So think again next time when talking or thinking about the Nanjing Massacre and what people say about how bad the Japanese soldier’s were.

Anonymous - May 22, 2011

yes, killings are usually inevitable in wars; BUT what about killing and raping women and even children??? i’m sure there were indeed japanese soliders killed by chinese, but i doubt any japanese women and children were raped and murdered too (as chinese soldiers didn’t land on the small island of japan at all). the japs did this on a large scale and they even cut young girls’ vagina in order to rape them, made family members rape each other and monks had to rape too. this is not at all acceptable even during a war.

101. Master yinguang - May 23, 2011

Master yinguang

How Could Buddhism help in saving the country and the people?
It’s the retribution for sin.
We should let people know that
good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil.
That’s how we save people.

102. haryanto - August 11, 2011

i belive because nipon troops become monster in indonesia

103. David - August 24, 2011

Japan will suffer…a lot… China will have his revenge, 50, 100 may be in 200 years…. but China will not forget….Once the US has a crisis… China will invade Japan..and NO ONE will stop them… Japan…will no longer exist in 300 years…i am sure about that.

104. Anonymous - November 25, 2011

It is a shame that Japan still deny all the atrocities it commited in china in WII war.

Japan owns china a sincere apology, and if they don’t admit and aplogize, pay back is a bitch, it is not like what it was like 60 years ago when you need to send massive troops over to destroy a country, japan is such a misearable little island, The volume of nuke weapon china has now can destroy japan more than ten times in less than 1 hour time. And by the time japan is destroyed, china will deny the bombing for sure just like what japan is doing now.

God bless japan!

105. Anonymous - February 10, 2012

To CanadianBeef

> most of the real and original pictures came from Americans and other foreigners, such as religious missionaries and business people.

Could you trust Americans or any other religious missionaries and business people visiting or staying in such a place that war is imminent or going on? I can’t.

Before the Iraqi War, the American people in general were nor very supportive to the war. Even some American veterans who fought in the Gulf War had participated in an anti-war human-shield in Iraq to stop the war. Then, came a story of an American Christian missionary named Ken Joseph Jr. who claimed that he had participated in human shield, but found that the Iraqi people whom he met were all waiting for the war to happen to be released from the brutal rule by Hussein. American media loved his story and released it without questioning how credible his story was.

Ken Joseph Jr. is an Assyrian Christian and he represented the interest of the Assyrian community in Iraq (and not entire Iraqi people) and probably the interest of the American government as well . The Assyrians in Iraq always wanted to have their own state in Iraq.

0000 - April 14, 2012

And how does that negate the evidence?

106. Anonymous - February 10, 2012

>The Japanese mindset I think cannot bear to admit to such things out of shame.

I think that one of the reasons that the Japanese question is caused by the attitude of Americans who cite the Nanking Massacre to justify the atomic bombs and other war crimes committed by the U.S. soldiers and to portray the U.S. as the defender of world peace. It seems that the U.S. needs to glorify its victory in WWII so that they can continue their tradition of waging war elsewhere even when there is no justifiable cause.

The American media promoted the Naking Massacre and the story of comfort women under Japan’s rule a lot. However, in the Korean War and the Vietnam War, not only Americans, but also Korean soldiers committed many atrocities against civilians. But the American media or Americans don’t talk about them. So, I guess it is OK for Americans to commit atrocities if you are fighting on the U.S. side.

0000 - April 14, 2012

Just like what Japan was doing across Asia under the pretense of fighting “western imperialism”

107. arindam roy - June 7, 2012

what a douchebag! the nanking massacre was as real as the sun and the moon. the things that happened during those days, this motherfu~~~r writer deserves to happen in his family. then he will understand what is real and what is ”fake”.

108. Anonymous - August 18, 2012

It was real. They invaded Indonesia too and many countries also. And We Indonesians know it very well. So I believe that Japs did those horrible things to Chinese people here. It’s just shameful to Japan and they of course want to hide the facts about it. Please, just because China fakes things doesn’t mean they fake the history too.

109. Anonymous - August 24, 2012

yeah it didnt happened as the invasion of china by imperialist japan it didnt happened either it was just a friendly trip to show chinese people the goodness and well intentions of japan they tried to help only for the benefit of the people maybe your grandma can believe you but day by day throu movies,documentaries,books,internet any media and by any means chinese leaders,from government to private sector are doing with whole trues and half trues,exaggerations an enormus effort and they will succed the task to show to the WORLD what really happened those terrible days.there is a saying in mexico: you cant cover the sun with a finger IT REALLY HAPPENED,surely under maos rule millions of chinese die for stupid crazy political criminal reasons and comparatively is insignificant in the numbers BUT nobody tries to deny it,is a fact very sad and horrible BUT what japanese did is beyond imagination and more,nanking or changjiao are not the only ones,there were thousands of small and medium villages or towns that suffered the same atrocities and barbaries of hate indoctrinated soldiers who followed orders if not they will have same fate or dishonor.Efforts like this to try to cover the truth will succumb,more sooner than later,just for respect of the memory of unknown,mostly innocent,decent people I write this down.SHAME ON YOU FALSIFIER.

110. Miyamoto - October 27, 2012

From a average Japanese Man’s perspective. Yes, Rape of Nanking happened. Denying something that happened 60-70 years after isn’t going to solve any problems. Are some of the photos fake? Probably. However, there are other clear evidences. We, the Japanese just need to admit our mistake and move on. There is a Japanese saying “武士に二言は無い。” means “Samurai does not question his first judgement.” 本当に日本国って言う国を愛しているならこの武士道精神を忘れず、過ぎたことをくよくよせず、どうすれば日本と言う国家が世界で誇れる国になるかを考えてほしい。南京大虐殺を否定することは世界中の国々から日本のイメージをさげるだけです。 

111. Derren Muise - July 9, 2013


It Happened, how about the people who do remember, What they did was terrible! Some Japanese even come foward and tell what happen, THEY DID IT, Just like the germans pretending the holocaust never happened. YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ME! The fuckers who did this shit should of been tortured to death for their crimes. I’m a photo expert myself, they’re REAL, TRUST ME.

112. websites to edit videos for free - July 21, 2013

Excellent article. I am dealing with a few of these issues
as well..

113. ash - August 9, 2013

Your going to say Unit 731 didn’t exist or is real too. Bah. Your ignorance is laughable. Shame on fools if you believe any culture hasn’t any evil acts in their history.

114. dildo - September 16, 2013

Wow… this post is truly awful.

115. Arif G. Moinuddin - November 30, 2013

Look, I am not going to say the Nanking rape was a hoax- colonization is never a pleasant experience. That’s why it’s called colonization and not a moon tribe rave party. But what I have a problem w. is labeling Japan exclusively for it.

We accuse Japan of comfort women. This is a deplorable practice, but when the British did it in their colonies, especially in South Asia it is because “the women were poor and had no other employment options” but when the Japanese do it, they are “savage sex hungry maniacs.” This is double standard.

People complain of unit 731 in Japan, which is valid and horrendous. How about all those blankets w. small pox infections the Westerners distributed to the natives in the Americas? Oops, that was “accidental” I suppose…..

People say Japan exploited the hell out of colonizers and ensured that natives only remain as manual laborers by and large. That’s more or less the same as what the British did in South Asia. During WW2, HUGE swathes of India & Pakistan were starved to ensure the Brit army was amply stocked in food. But who even remembers this or considers this?

I am sure colonization was not a sweet experience to those experiencing it, but it is unfair to exclusively label Japan for it. For some reason, nazi colonization of Europe is white washed. The only black spot on nazis is the extermination of the Jews. But their colonial attitudes are white washed in history. Why is Japan only highlighted? Because they’re Asian?

penishead - December 11, 2013

man you are retarded Japan is the highlight because this is the chief topic of this web page. Do you see photos of nanking?


116. ලොව දරුණුම සංහාරය (The worst massacre) | Video Katha - වීඩියෝ කතා - December 19, 2013

[…] PHOTOS OF NANKING MASSACREhttps://tamagawaboat.wordpress.com/2007/01/09/photos-of-nanking-massacre/ […]

117. Anonymous - January 3, 2014
118. Anonymous - May 28, 2014

Please give us bigger pictures to prove your lie.

119. Anonymous - May 28, 2014


120. Anonymous - May 28, 2014

Please give us bigger pictures

121. line disney tsum tsum cheat - October 9, 2014

It’s hard to come by experienced people in this particular subject, but you
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122. Dec 1937 ‘Nanjing Massacre’ episode is ‘China products’ of low quality and it’s the fake completely. | factthinks - February 16, 2016

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