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Do you still believe Nanking Massacre?

Do you still believe that so-called the Nanking Massacre  (or the Rape of Nanking) actually happened in December 1937?  To be honest, I too believed ‘the Nanking Massacre’ blindly until just 7 or 8 years ago. As I remember, when Ishihara Shintaro, the current governor of Tokyo was still a Diet member in the mid-1990s, he commented in an interview with mass media, “I know it is said that the Japanese Army committed the Nanking Massacre.  But the Nanking Massacre is not a historical fact.  This is a hoax by China.  Japan’s image was badly tarnished by this hoax.”  I watched the news on TV.  I remember that I barked at TV in anger then, “What!?  Ishihara Shintaro is also going to deny America’s atomic bombing?  Denying Nanking is tantamount to denying Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”   I suppose that some of the people who believe the Nanking Massacre have the same experience in saying or thinking as I said to TV then…read more

Yasukuni Shrine – 3 what did they die for?  

I watched a YouTube’s video that a Canadian named Pierre Pariseau said rude words against Tamogami Toshio (the former COS of Air Self-Defense Force ) and made a small trouble in Yasukuni Shrine on August 15th last year,  the 64th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War (=the Greater East Asian War).  Pierre Pariseau suddenly and provocatively said to Tamogami Toshio who finished his speech and was being interviewed by a cable television, “You would be arrested for unconstitutional if you were German. What do you think?”  A few Japanese, who were listening to Tamogami’s speech,  got angry at Pariseau’s rude words against Tamogami…read more

 Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Pearl Harbor

65 years ago today, for the first time in the history of humankind, the nuclear weapon was used against innocent civilians by America.  65 years ago today was Monday. At 1:30 am, early on Monday morning, August 6th in 1945, America’s B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay left Tinian Island in the western Pacific. At 8:05 am, the Enola Gay reached the sky over Hiroshima. 10 minutes later, at 8:15 am, the Enola Gay dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on the center of Hiroshima which had a population of 350,000…read more

Yasukuni Shrine – 2

The first time that I visited Yasukuni Srine was 2004 4 years ago. My friend invited me to go to Yasukuni Shrine for Hatsumode (new year’s visit to a shrine) on 2004 New Year’s Eve. Before visiting Yasukuni Shrine, I had a skewed image of Yasukuni Shrine. For example, I had an image of Yasukuni Shrine as militarism or Uyoku (right wing)…read more

Yasukuni Shrine – 1

On August 15th, Yasukuni Shrine (Yasukuni Jinja) is in the news every year. August 15th in 1945 is the day that Japan made an unconditional surrender, which led to the end of the Pacific War .Just a week earlier, on August 9th, 1945, an American B-29 dropped the world’s second atomic bomb on Nagasaki City after Hiroshima City.  The second atomic bomb was different type from the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima City…read more


As you may know, public sentiment against Japan in China is very strong. Such strong sentiment against Japan is called ‘Anti-Japanese Sentiment’. Why do you think the Chinese people have such a deep-seated antipathy toward Japan? I suppose you will answer as follows, “Because various historical issues cause the Chinese people to hold anti-Japanese sentiment.” However, Japan is actually the largest aid donor to China. Japan has been giving technology and economic aid to China since 1979. The aid volume from Japan to China over the past 28 years amounts to fifty seven billion US dollars. But the Chinese Communist Party never informs its people about Japan’s aid and purposely keeps this information from them. Therefore, there are only a few Chinese people who know about Japan’s aid. Additionally, the Chinese Communist Party conducts top-to-bottom Anti-Japanese Education on school children. The Chinese Communist Party makes school children hate Japan through history education as a policy…read more

証言すなわち証拠ではない – 南京大虐殺

We Japanese know that there are several ’self-confessed ex-Japanese soldiers’ who testify that the Imperial Japanese Army committed atrocities against Chinese soldiers and civilians at ’so-called Nanking Massacre’ (1937). However, it is a fact that there are many ex-Japanese soldiers who testify that Nanking Massacre never happened, while there are several ’self-confessed ex-Japanese soldiers’ who testify that Nanking Massacre happened…read more

Sugihara Chiune – A Japanese Holocaust Rescuer

“Do you remember this?” One day in August 1968, the event happened unexpectedly. A gentleman came over to Sugihara ‘Sempo’ Chiune suddenly. Showing Sugihara one tattered piece of paper, this gentleman asked him, “Do you remember this, Mr. Sugihara?” The piece of paper was the transit visa that Sugihara issued in Kaunas, Lithuania 28 years ago…read more

 Japanese Buddhists’ Silent Protest at Zenkoji

On April 13th, Zenkoji Buddihist temple (Nagano, Japan) held a little and silent memorial service for victims of the uprising in Tibet. Zenkoji’s monks and citizens lighted 177 memorial candles to pray for the souls of the 177 dead. Zenkoji temple had been set for the starting point of the Olympic Torch Relay scheduled on April 26th…read more


the_battle_of_china.jpg“The Battle of China” is the U.S.Defense Department’s war-time propaganda film that Frank Capra (1897-1991) directed in order to stir up enmity against Japan. This film was released in the United States in 1944. This film aroused American’s sympathy for Chinese people and succeeded in gaining support for indiscriminate bombing of Japanese cities from American public opinion.  As a result, Japanese 66 cities were burnt down and more than 800,000 innocent and unarmed Japanese people (including Hiroshima and Nagasaki) were made victims of America’s bare-knuckled bombing strikes…read more


iris_chang.jpgIf sexual assaults (rape) occur frequently during a certain short period in a certain area, the pregnancy rate in this area should naturally increase dramatically after a set period of time.  This is human’s physiological phenomenon. Simultaneously, the venereal-disease epidemic in this area should happen. On May 2nd of 1945,  fall of Berlin, capital city of Germany.  Half a million Soviet soldiers (Red Army) rolled into Berlin in bursts and Berlin was inundated with Russian soldiers. At that time, 1,495,500 German women left behind in Berlin. The total number of pregnancy-aged women was about 600,000 in Berlin…read more


It was around 1989 that China started energetically conducting anti-Japanese education on school children.  Please think back on what happened around 1989 in the world.  As you may know, in Eastern Europe, socialist countries turned toward democratization one after another and socialist system collapsed in a blink of an eye.  In the same year 1989,  around the middle of April,  in China’s capital city Beijing, a lot of ordinary people mainly university students started gathering in Tiananmen Square to appeal for democratization. About one and a half months after that, there were more than 100,000 people in Tiananmen Square.  Furthermore, the democratic movement that started in Tiananmen Square grew and spread throughout the country…read more


ZB 26 was a Czechoslovakian light machine gun developed by Brno in the 1920s, which went on to enter service with several countries. This light machine gun was used also by the Army of China national party, Japanese Army fought hard against this arms. From where did China import this arms? is famous that Nazis Germany was supporting the Army of China national party that fought against Japanese Army.  Nazis Germany sent to China the Military Advisor Group. Number of Advisor group was 60…read more


photo41.jpgThere was the International Committee for Nanking Safety Zone.  This committee consisted of 22 Westerners and the chairman of this committee was John H.D.Rabe.  The members of this committe contained John G.Magee, George Ashmore Fitch, Miner Searle Bates, Robert O.Wilson and Lewis S.C.Smythe…read more




adamski_type_ufo1.jpgThe book collected testimonies of 102 Japanese veterans exists.  102 Japanese veterans testified Japanese army did the atrocities.   However, on the other hand,
the large majority of Japanese soldiers testified that they did not know that atrocities took place. This is also the fact. The large majority of Japanese soldiers do not admit Nanking atrocities, neither do they deny it.  They can say neither “yes” nor “no”.  Becuase they did not see anything.  And yet, the large majority of Japanese veterans don’t know who these 102 Japanese veterans and and where 102 Japanese veterans living are.  These 102 Japanese veterans are unidentified.  Who can trust testimonies of unidentified persons? …read more


Do you know “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”?  This book was fabricated “Fiction” for the purpose of arousing anti-Semitic among Russian people by the secret police of the Russian Empire in 1905.  This book made Jew’s plot theory “The Jew is plotting the world domination” known to European society.  Though numerous independent investigations have repeatedly proven it to be a plagiarism and a hoax,   many European people believed the rumor “The Jew is plotting the world domination”…read more

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