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Do you still believe Nanking Massacre? August 26, 2010

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Do you still believe that so-called the Nanking Massacre  (or the Rape of Nanking) actually happened in December 1937?  To be honest, I too had believed ‘the Nanking Massacre’ blindly until just 7 or 8 years ago.

As I remember, when Ishihara Shintaro, the current governor of Tokyo was still a Diet member in the mid-1990s, he commented in an interview with mass media, “I know it is said that the Japanese Army committed the Nanking Massacre.  But the Nanking Massacre is not a historical fact.  This is a hoax by China.  Japan’s image was badly tarnished by this hoax.”  I watched the news on TV.  I remember that I barked at TV in anger then, “What!?  Ishihara Shintaro is also going to deny America’s atomic bombing?  Denying Nanking is tantamount to denying Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”   I suppose that some of the people who believe the Nanking Massacre have the same experience in saying or thinking as I said to TV then.  I thought about what caused such a reaction to denial of the Nanking Massacre.  Why do you think I said that denying the Nanking was tantamount to denying Hiroshima and Nagasaki then?  Why do you think I thought about war crimes in sets with Hiroshima/Nagasaki and Nanking?  Why do you think I got angry at Ishihara’s comment then?

I think this is a kind of conditioned reflex to denial of the Nanking Massacre.  For example, I associated Hiroshima and Nagasaki with Nanking.  In addition, I felt righteous anger toward the person who denies the Nanking Massacre as if I represented justice in the world.  It’s my guess that I was imprinted a kind of conditioned reflex in my subconscious mind somewhere (at school, in movies,  at museums or through mass media).  This is a kind of brainwashing.   Therefore, whenever I attempt to appeal for atrocious and inhuman acts of atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, someone counter-argues that atomic bombings were paid the penalty for the Nanking Massacre.  So to speak, the Nanking Massacre is often used for the purpose of avoiding blame for atomic bombings,  and is used for the purpose of preventing Japan from being the true victim of WW2.

The rise of the internet has increased opportunities to enlighten Japanese Internet users about historical truth which have been hidden by left-leaning mass media.  As a result, it has become known that China has been spreading lies about the Nanking Massacre to the world.   Over the past dozen years or so, Tanaka Masaaki, Kitamura Minoru, Higashinakano Shudo, Ara Kenichi and other many Japanese historians have inspected each single photographic evidence that China is presenting to prove Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking.   For example, China is presenting many photos as evidence of the Nanking Massacre.  The total number of photos that China is presenting is 143.  Surprisingly, it has been revealed that all 143 photos that China is presenting as photographic evidence turned out to be fake or utterly irrelevant to the Nanking Massacre.  That is, there is not a single photographic evidence of Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking.  However, China keeps presenting these fake photos as evidence at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall opened in 1985.   Higashinakano Shudo’s inspection on 143 photographic evidence was published as a book in January 2005.

I think you are still half in doubt.  I hope you are not upset.  Please bear with me for a moment.  Furthermore,   when Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Japan in April 2007, ‘Committee for the Examination of the Facts about Nanking’ published open letter to Jiabao.  The open questions are follows.
1) The late-leader Mao Zedong never mentioned the Nanking Massacre.
2) Between December 1, 1937 and October 24, 1938 the Chinese Nationalist Party Government (Kuomintang) held 300 press conferences with foreign journalists in Hankou.  But the Chinese Nationalist Party never mentioned “citizens being massacred in Nanking,” or “hostages being murdered unlawfully”.
3) According to the record published as a book by the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone (Ernest Forster, John Rabe, Lewis Strong, Casey Smythe, Eduard Sperling, George Fitch and so on) in 1939,  the population of Nanking stood at 200,000 prior to the Japanese occupation. This population level remained unchanged during December. Records show the population to be 250,000 one month after the Japanese occupation of the city began.
4) What is more, in this book published by the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone, there is a list of detailed complaints against the Japanese army’s criminal activities. The list includes a total of 26 murder incidents, of which only one case was witnessed but it was judged to be a lawful killing and thus noted in the book.
5) Numerous photographs said to be proof of the Nanking massacre are being displayed in books and at many exhibitions including the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall in Nanking. However, it has been revealed by scientific studies that there is not a single authentic photograph offering proof the massacre actually happened.

China claims that more than 200,000 people including ordinary citizens were killed by the Japanese army for two months after the fall of Nanking in December 13, 1937.  There must have been a giant pile of dead bodies if it is true.  However, not a single corpse has been found yet.  I know some corpses are exhibited in the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.  But those corpses have not been examined into the cause of deaths.  Where did this Memorial Hall bring those corpses from?

Do you know the Katyn Massacre?  The Katyn Massacre is a hair-raising historical incident that more than 20,000 Polish officers were killed by Stalin-era Soviet military in 1940.  This incident was exposed to the world by Nazi Germany which found out massacred corpses of Polish officers near the forests of Katyn in February 27,  1943.  Nazi Germany investigated the cause of those deaths and strongly condemned Soviet for Katyn Massacre as follows.
1) Ropes which were used to bind corpses turned out to be Soviet-made.  Ropes were tied the Russian knot.
2) Some corpses had bayonet scars.  This bayonet turned out to be the Soviet military’s.
3) It is estimated that those Polish officers were killed around April of 1940 from issued date of Russian newspapers which a lot of Polish corpses had in their pockets.
4) Bullets shot into corpses turned out to be Germany-made.  But Nazi Germany proved that bullets had been exported to Poland and Soviet before 1939.
After the war, however, Soviet tried to frame Germany up for the Katyn Massacre at Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946) even though Soviet committed and knew it.  It had been regarded as taboo to get to the bottom of the Katyn Massacre in Poland under Sovietized socialist regime (1945-1989).  In 1990, Gorbachev Administration of Soviet disclosed documents that Stalin ordered the Soviet military to kill Polish captives.

Do you understand the differences between Katyn and Nanking?  First of all, a murder case needs a corpse or a dead body.  The Nanking Massacre is believed as a kind of mass murder. However, the Nanking Massacre is mass murder which is supported only by eyewitness testimonies.  To find out a dead body is the first step in the investigation of a murder.  So it is natural that the people, who want to get to the bottom of the Nanking Massacre, should find out corpses of victims first.  Because there are a lot of eyewitness testimonies of the people who saw Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking 1937, right?  Why the people, who want to get to the bottom of the Nanking Massacre, don’t try to find out corpses based on eyewitness testimonies?  I know the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall exhibits corpses.  But why the Memorial Hall keeps refusing to accept Japanese investigation team?  It seems that China doesn’t want get to the bottom of the Nanking Massacre even though China is eager to produce propaganda movies about the Nanking Massacre.  Therefore, I always describe the Nanking Massacre as Victimless Murder.  The crucial difference between Katyn and Nanking is the difference between historical fact and hoax.

In a moment of cool-headed, it becomes clear that the Nanking Massacre is a questionable story.  Why do you think I got angry at Ishihara’s comment a dozen years ago?  Why I lost my cool then?  Because I was brainwashed and I had been implanted aggression (=righteous anger) against denier into my mind to prevent from cooling down. When and where was I implanted it?  And more, there is a very important thing that we forget about China.  This is the true genocide, the true holocaust and the true ethnic cleansing are ongoing in China now.  We must not forget more than 1.28 million Tibetan people were killed for the past 60 years since 1949 that China took over Tibet.  I think that the hoax of the Nanking Massacre is a distraction that China threw to the international society for the purpose of distracting the world’s attention from the Rape of Tibet.

P.S. – August 28, 2010

Please check the video below.  (*It is not my account.)  This is the Video titled “the Fake of Nanking” that I uploaded to YouTube in May 2007.  I produced this video to expose the fake of the Nanking Massacre that America and China fabricated for the purpose of setting Japan up as the hideous rogue nation in wartime.  America produced a wartime propaganda movie titled “the Battle of China” (directed by Frank Capra, 65 min) to foment American people’s hatred toward the Japanese people in 1944, when WW2 was near its end.  In the Battle of China, there is the scene, where the mysterious soldiers who look like Japanese soldiers,  shoot two persons to death as Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking.  The scene where the mysterious soldiers shoot two persons to death was exposed as Kuomintang soldiers (KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party) to the public.  Moreover,  the scene where Kuomintang soldiers shoot two persons turned out to be a part of “the Shanghai Document”  (directed by Yakov Bliokh,  54 min) that was produced as a documentary movie (in the former Soviet Union in 1928.  What is more, Frank Capra trimmed away the part of Kuomintang soldiers from the film of “the Shanghai Document”,  additionally,  Frank Capra inserted the footage of a Japanese officer’s crying “Hajime!”(=start in Japanese) into this scene to make this footage look like that Japanese soldiers’ atrocities.  The Nanking Massacre is believed to have happened in December 1937.  Why do you think Frank Capra used the 1928 Shanghai’s footage as a 1937 Nanking’s footage in the Battle of China?  Because there was no footage that proved the Nanking Massacre when Frank Capra produced “the Battle of China” in 1944.  So he had no alternative but to make up the scene of Japanese soldiers’ atrocities with trimming away the footage of Kuomintang soldiers from the Shanghai Document.

P.S. – August 30, 2010

I know there are a lot of the people (self-proclaimed survivors) who witnessed Japanese soldiers’ atrocities at the time in Nanking.  I know there are some former Japanese soldiers who give testimony that they massacred Chinese civilians, too.  I know there are plenty of testimonies.  However, we should understand that testimony is testimony, testimony doesn’t have the same meaning of evidence and testimony always needs to be verified its credibility.  We should think back on what happened during the height of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1974) in China.  It is the age of madness.  Chinese people criticized each other and injured each other’s reputations by telling lies to survive under the fierce power struggle.  It is said that more than innocent 30 million people were framed up by others’ false accusations, were put on mockery trial by anonymous tip or testimonies, and most of them were executed for crimes they did not commit.  The more we know about Chinese history, the less we can believe Chinese people’s testimonies.  We should understand the racial characteristic of Han Chinese.  We should understand how incredible Han Chinese people are.  Do you think I am racist?  I think you want my opinion about why there are former Japanese soldiers who testify that they committed atrocities against Chinese people. So let me tell my opinion as follows.  If a person gives testimony relating to what the Japanese Imperial Army committed against the enemy or civilians,  he needs to give out identifying information (name, birth date, birth place and so on) and attached unit of the Japanese army.  Because their testimonies have effects on the Japan’s and Japanese ancestors’ honor.  However, almost former Japanese soldiers, who give testimony that they massacred Chinese civilians, always tell irresponsible lies about their identifying information.  Who can believe testimonies of self-proclaimed former Japanese soldiers who never clearly identify themselves?


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1. 釣りバカ - August 28, 2010

Tamagawaboat 先生 you tube の Every photo of Nanking…fake.(2/2) の説明で It turned out all of them were not photos of Nanking Massacre,とありますが、文法的には部分否定であり、すべてが南京虐殺の写真ではない。・・・裏を返せば一部は南京虐殺の写真という意味になるのではないでしょうか?誤解されないか心配です。None of them…were photos …でしょうか。

fuck ya japs - May 28, 2016

fuck ur japs claim u pussies shit evil wanna take this chance that the german holocaust was fake and now u..

2. 日本国籍華人 - August 29, 2010


Anonymous - November 19, 2013

go home from Japan! 你不要脸。

3. 日本国籍華人 - August 29, 2010


4. Typical Japanese Kid - September 19, 2010

I’m cool. We Japanese never hurt a Chinese person in our lives. Everyone else but we are liars.

5. lawl - September 19, 2010

Yep, typical kokugaku BS.

I hate to say it, but the Japanese are by and large NOT pink fuzzy care bears – especially when outside their cultural constraints. Sick and perverted is the most commonly used phrase – especially by almost every other asian country that they ‘vacation’ in.

The most damning confirmation of the Nanking incidents is by the German Ambassador – a die hard Nazi – who was absolutely revolted by what he witnessed. He wrote extensive communiques back to Berlin describing the atrocities.

One particular piece of self-incrimination is the Japanese army newspaper which covered in great detail a pair of Lieutenants contest to see who could chop off the most heads before wearing out. They used civilians, mostly women and children. This was clearly described.

Many of the issues and war crimes (the Bataan Death March was only a drop in the bucket) were glossed over by the desire to have an analog to england on Russia’s East coast after the war.

One particularly nasty fact (and very well documented and proven) is that certain segments of the Japanese officer corps actually practiced cannibalism (see the book Flyboys). These things are just now coming to light after the 50 yr classification restrictions are being lifted. There are even more documents with 75 and 100 yr restrictions dealing with alleged Japanese war crimes.

I worked extensively in the far east – my company had a Japanese trading partner company in Kyoto. I spent lots of time in trips with their salesmen throughout the far east – Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Korea. In Japan, they are polite, reserved. On the road, with a drink or three, ACK!

Japanese don’t ‘think’ they are the master race, they KNOW it. You are Japanese or you are gaijin. No alternatives. Of course, it is nice to know that they see white folks as being almost Japanese – and blacks and mexiscum as being lower than raw sewage left out in the sun for a few days.

After all, we are experts at instant urban demolition….. What took them weeks in Nanking we accomplished in a few seconds in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

derek - March 9, 2011

OH YEA RIIIGHT and what race are you? american? chinese? judging by when you said” we are experts at instant urban demolition….. What took them weeks in Nanking we accomplished in a few seconds in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” youre american because, obviously america built the first atomic bomb. youve got a big mouth.japanese people are proud of theryre country, what race doesnt think that theyre country is great? of course its only japanese or gaijin its the same with everyother fuking goddamn country. i.e. chinese or guailo, hawaiin/local or haole, pro or noob!! japan has never had any sort of anti african american sentiments!! if so, name me one! please! oh and,” especially by almost every other asian country that they ‘vacation’ in.”????? look at china!! and you americans youre always visiting hawaii wich is a reason why hawaii is loosing its natural environmental beuty. chinese people steal the items in hotel rooms. americans disrespect other countries cultural traits. so you should be the last person to say anything about japan

Marzia Lavaroni - April 28, 2013

I’m not proud of my Country. I’m Italian, after all…. 😀

Arif G. Moinuddin - November 30, 2013

Japanese are not “sick and perverted” in every country they vacation in. In general, they behave a lot more honorably in South Asia compared to American tourists, by n large. U r looking at how Japanese troops behaved w. South East Asians?! Look at how US troops behave- even towards their own rank & file:


“women soldiers in Iraq faced a higher likelihood of being sexually assaulted by a colleague than they did of dying by enemy fire.”

If this is how u treat u r own troops, how do u treat the civilians in areas u occupy? We will know after the US crumbles I suppose.

And this “master race” stuff is absolute nonsense. I’ve been to Japan many times, and I never faced any discrimination there. No police there ever patted me down because I had brown skin, unlike in US. My grandpa served w. the Japanese Army in form of the INA (Indian National Army) in Burma and he suffered zero discrimination there. He was treated as good as a Japanese.

Look at “the gracious allies.” The Gorkhas are some of England’s most fierce fighters in WW2 and those were the only troops the Japanese feared. Yet they receive 1/6th the pay of a regular UK troop and today they have to wage pitched legal battles for a right to settle down in the country they fought for w. all their lives. France cancelled ALL PENSION for Algerian veterans who fought so hard for them in WW2 after Algeria declared independence.

Compared to all this, Japanese treated their allies from other countries MUCH MUCH better.

Calvin Nam - August 27, 2014

We are talking about WW2 japanese…

Jean - June 8, 2015

Absolutely spot on. I have lived here 7 years and everything you say is absolutely right. Try convincing the idiots that can’t really perceive what this nation is like.

6. Footages - September 24, 2010

he likes all the hockey blogs on the web.

7. Anonymous - October 6, 2010




8. hendrik - October 16, 2010

There was not any really a hard evidence other than witness from suvivors . But what do you expect WW2 isn’t a war like in iraq .there wasn’t any free jurnalist right at that time, no internet yet , no jenewa convention yet . Nanjing basically an abandon city. Even foreigner targeted by japanese and people are trying to get out city . Think with your head, image you were a foreigner in nanjing at that time . Would go out the street and take pictures etc? japs probbaly gut you like an animal . Think again , this wasn’t a iraq war . No rules whatsoever at that time

From what I know in just 3.5 years japanese occupation in my country indonesia(1942-1945), japs commited brutality far worse than what neverland,dutch commited in 350 years occupation . This is fake too?

The only good things about jap right now is hentai .

Brainwashed people - October 5, 2012

Please learn how to spell Japanese.. I understand it must be difficult to remember since all you do is hate Japanese and be jealous of us. Anyway, yeah we may have hentai but at least our crimes are low and we don’t rape people like Koreans and Americans. anyway Chinese committed a lot of crime far WORSE than Japan because they were killing people to invade other countries and just to make the country what is now called China. Korea too killed and raped many Vietnamese. Americans killed many poor Indians in USA and Europeans. Even many others in foreign countries. so in your little brainwashed brain, Japan is NOT the most brutal whatever you call it killers. And if Japanese were so evil and brutal, how come Japan, who is a very advanced country and like the 3rd top country, is a super safe place? something strange there. Koreans don’t mind killing their own people. Chinese too. (I’m talking about the bad ones. I know not every single person is bad) remember when china pretended to be the one to invent Shinkansen? And then they had the terrible accident? Well yeah they just buried the damn train.. =_= without even looking for survivors.. how GREAT is that?? and sorry but it was Koreans who killed and raped innocent children, women, pregnant women, and elderly. IT MATCHES PERFECTLY TO THE VIETNAMESE MASSACRES.

Anyway, enough said. I get tired of reading brainless brainwashed people who are so jealous about Japan being so advanced with technology and spirituality. and btw, don’t say Korea is the number one country of technology because they stole the technology from Japan and USA. their patents are even fake. thanks

And since you talked about hentai, you must be a super perverted man (or woman) who likes raping people and watching porn. Normal people wouldn’t say such things because hentai and porn is not in their mind. obviously you never went to Japan so your stereotypes and lies about Japan are so fake. =_= so dude, please TRY to accept other truths. you don’t need to believe it. But just accept it and try to understand Japanese point of view because surely you’re probably some western guy who doesn’t know much about Asian history. and fake history.

Also, please think about it.. IF (if this so called Nanking massacre by Koreans in Japanese disguise did happen) we didn’t attack china, or wherever, china might be in a much yucky environment and still be very poor and unmodernized. And since china gov (Korean gov too) does not appreciate what others do for them, they will just make fake lies about some country who they are jealous of so they can think they are innocent and much better.
But yeah, aside from that, if Japan was so terrible, I guess turkey, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Philippines must really hate we Japanese since we helped them become more modernized (Taiwan at least) and help them become independent countries (indonesia, Philippines, turkey, etc). there are many wonderful things Japan did but you brainwashed people don’t know anything except nanking massacre because you only want to hate Japan because you’re jealous.

End of story. and if we look at the present….. Seems like china is not innocent since they’re invading Nepal and Bhutan at the moment. :/ not Japanese fault.. Good day.

Chelsea - August 8, 2013

Well, how about we get off the subject of race and just say humans in general are pretty vile creatures. Race does not dictate are personalities nor beliefs. While some countries do manipulate their citizens from when they were children into believing they are the greater country, there is still that voice in the back of your head that tells you, ‘Hey! This is wrong.’ and it’s each person’s choice to ignore that voice and rape someone or kill someone and then justify it in any way possible.
Iris Chang, the author of The Rape of Nanking, said in her book, “Almost all people have this potential for evil, which would be unleashed only under certain dangerous social circumstances.” Stop getting butt hurt about what my ancestors did to your ancestors. Humans killed other humans, just like they always have, since the beginning of time. We are just creatures that think since we are capable of intelligent thought and have opposable thumbs we are the greater species.
And so to come to my conclusion it doesn’t matter what race you are, if you’re human, chances are that you are capable of being a monster and it’s your fault if you become one.

9. こんな情報があります - October 25, 2010


10. Shu - December 20, 2010

shame on you Japan!

Brainwashed people - October 5, 2012

Shame on you for learning fake history in school and not knowing the crimes your country did as well!!

11. Anonymous - December 28, 2010

this site is bullshit

12. Anonymous - December 28, 2010

the nanking MASSACRE is about as real as life gets. go read and book or something. you’re better off posting in your native language, by the way.

13. Anonymous - December 28, 2010

and YES the world believes that this happened. i actually admire the attempt not to preach to the converted, but honestly, the effort it took to put this blog together seems misdirected—couldn’t you try to improve japan’s global image in other ways? aren’t there domestic problems to worry about?
ah…so maybe that’s the issue.

Brainwashed people - October 5, 2012

It’s so sad how you people bully Japan. you guys all must be stupid and retarded for believing such fake crap that china’s government made. oh yeah. If you want to believe that Japan did terrible things.. Sure.. But you know, China doesn’t even teach their own people their history (good and bad) except the bad things other countries did (some of them are made up). Anyway of Nanking massacre did happen, which I think not, at least nt by Japanese, then it’s done by Koreans disguised in Japanese uniform. I have proof too. And my grandfather knows as well. He wrote a book.. Oh he must have lied? LMFAO well then I guess American history, Chinese history, Korean history, the WHOLE WORLD’s history must be lies then. since we people who are living now, didn’t see with our own eyes.

anyway, please stop being shallow minded and try to think about the matter instead of just the surface of it and believing the fake. especially Japan is a very kind country. We helped and did many wonderful things for other people in other countries and even during war (like saving English men who were in the ocean because their ship sank and Japan helped them, who were their enemies during that time)
And our crime rate is super low. 1st advanced country to have the lowest crime rate especially homicides. So please stop bullying Japan and try to understand that we Japanese who know pretty much what happened in the past, are saying. Or you will never be happy lol

Anonymous - June 1, 2013

Please tell me how all of those Koreans managed to acquire the most recent Japanese military uniforms of their time. That is a story I would like to hear.
We are not shallow minded. Do us all a favor and educate your clearly disillusioned mind. If your grandfather is lying, then I suppose my grandmother is lying as well. It’s hard to fake something that everyone knows. I bet your ignorant mind doesn’t believe in the Jewish Holocaust as well. It wouldn’t surprise me.

Nancy - December 13, 2017

恕我直言 你在放屁

14. Cold-Steel Reason - January 11, 2011

The Nanking Massacre did happen and this is simple clear-cut fact. There is NO serious proof that can be brought forth to dispute this historical fact, NONE WHATSOEVER. Whereas the weight of proof ranged against the Japanese denialist in FORMIDABLE; I need only point to the book by Iris Chang and the accounts of John Rabe. There is an general concesus (unanimous in my experience) that is formed concerning Japanese people once the real verifiable evidence has been presented; the often neutral observer -after reading the book & or following a visit to Nanjing museum utter that Japanese people are (paraphrased): ‘horrid, nasty little men… rapists.’

So seeing as there is no actual propaganda motive for fabricating this evidence why do so many Japanese people deny it? For it does seem to be only the Japanese that deny it.
Are they ashamed, ignorant or simply dishonest? As far as I’am concerned this has alot to do with the generic Japanese cultural character, that same character that chiefly caused this atrocity in the first place. The main negative attributes of that character exist in a corrupt perversion of warped sexual impulse (mainly existing in rape & overpowerment fantasies), coupled with shyness & insecurity along with (and here is my point)an awful habit for distorting factual evidence (especially in a way that will make them feel/seem better)I have gained these insight by cultural analysis consisting in the main part through translated Japanese books and close observation of Japanese people in life or media

NOTE: To the Japanese people who do not deny the rape, and within whom these traits do not exist I offer no offense but to the denialists I offer contempt, pity and insult. I also ask of those denialist the question: If factual evidence is not enough to convince you of reason how many times and how hard do I have to slap your ignorant face before everything becomes clear?

Anonymous - June 1, 2013

I like you. We should have coffee.

15. DoNotTakeThisSiteSerious - January 18, 2011

I’m Japanese and I think most of properly educated Japanese believe
Nanking atrocities actually happened.
However, more and more people believe there was no so-called Nanking atrocities in recent years.
I’m very concerned about this. It’s not a good thing.
I think they are mind-controlled by misleading sites like this.
There are many old men who were Japanese soldiers back then
and confessed they did commit atrocities with their hands.
It’s their first-hand experiences and nobody can deny it.
Please do not take this site serious.
They are just like those who believe in conspiracy theories.

Anonymous - February 19, 2011

let me tell you,japanese
if you respect history and want to communicate people in china,the first thing you have to do is to admit that:
the dead people in Nanking Massacre IS 300000
NOT 30000
NOT 3000

derek - March 9, 2011

youve got your opinions mixed up. the ccp is changing the death toll each year. they first said that japan kiiled 300,000 people in two weeks. THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
Basic math will easily prove this wrong. In the bombing of Hiroshima, 45,000 died that day of the explosion(not including the aftermath) I calculated how many times the atomic bomb in that modern time had to be dropped on Nanking to reach the total death toll of 300,000. It is 7 days; it would have taken 7 days of atomic destructive power to kill 315,000 people. However, during the Sino Japanese war, Japan did not have the atomic power to instantaneously wipe out that much people. They only had katana’s and guns, so even though it would take only a week to kill all of the people In Nanking using atomic weapons, still, think technically. If Japan only used rifles and Katana’s to kill 300,000 in two weeks…. Just think logically, that’s impossible!! They would run out of ammo or the sword would wear down. IDIOT!! COMMUNIST SUPPORTOR!

Anonymous - February 19, 2011

Is it so hard for you-so called’civilized’Japanese race to say these two

Maybe some bad memory/history facts-WW2 killed thirty thousand civilians in Nanking-you japanese want to deny or foget,
BUT,our chinese will remind you this history forever.

Saki - March 5, 2011

why don’t chinese doubt about history which is between Japan-China?
you guys just believe what you got teached by government.
Show us evidence with what you researched yourself.
but they were denied by us already.

derek - March 9, 2011

is it so hard for you so called civilized chinese…oops youre not civilized!! you needed 57 billion dollars worth of aid to “develope” from japan, you dont have a common language, your executioning system is gruesom(its taken place in public, close rifle shots to the head)ever heard of death by a thousand cuts, or for that matter, china’s organ harvesting???!!

sorry let me go on. is it so hard for you chinese to say these three words? “its a lie”

derek - March 9, 2011

your a f***ing idiot. youre japanese, im the president of the united states. i whent to rainbo gakuen, a japanese school in hawaii it only goes up to the 8th grade. and in all my years, there has not been any sort of nanking jibber jabber in the text books. the “false” nanking propaganda !!!!IS!!!WIDLEY KNOWN!! people that believe in this are mind controlled not vice versa.

Anonymous - March 29, 2011

Yes.I’m Japanese.you got any problem with it?

Do you know what did Malaysia-Singapore govemment say to about Japanese war guilt?
They were japanese colony in ww2.
“Forgive,but never forget”is the word which is on war memorial park in there.
It’s very different to Chinese who are eager to attack Japan even now.

But you don’t need to forgive because we don’t need to be forgave by china.
Face of Nanking- is the funny fiction story which is maden by chinese.

00000 - March 21, 2013

Aw, derek can’t say the word fuck. What are you? 12?

Anonymous - June 1, 2013

This goes to the post below, Your grammar isn’t exactly top-notch either, retard. “We don’t need to be FORGIVEN by China”. Remember your tenses or else I think you’re the one that’s 12 years old. I also don’t remember any story with rape or the mass killings of any civilians to be “funny”. Because you find such things humorous, I suggest you go see your closest psychologist or psychiatrist to get your healthy-thinking brain screened for some disorder.

Anonymous - February 27, 2014

But Ishihara is one of properly educated Japanese, right?
I wonder why this happens…

I believe what is imprinted in this guy’s subconscious mind is that the Japanese are superior to other Asians.
He can’t stand the idea that Japanese people discriminate.

But that’s what he does.

16. Jennifer Zito - February 16, 2011

When people feel shame, they lie, when they feel guilt, they confess. Here’s the crappy part of collective societies, they are shame based. I wish people would understand that things and people are a certain way for a reason, not because of inherent good or evil.
The sad thing is humans just keep succumbing to blood lust. War is always obscene.
I wish the Chinese would get international public relations going, and just never stop exposing the truth and evidence until the world knows about it.

17. Anonymous - February 19, 2011

This article is written obviously by a neo fascism
Nanking Massacre is ture,How dare you are to deny
this history!I am shame on all you Japanese.
author,you think Nanking Massacre is a hoax,let me tell you,if you walk on the Nanking Road and say these words,you will be killed AND you body will be cut into pieces and your meat will be feed to dogs

derek - March 9, 2011

hahahahaha yeah by you saying that they will cut you up and will be fed to dogs just proves that the nanking incident was done all by the same chinese people!!!! way to go genius!

00000 - March 21, 2013

Get off the internet you 12 year old wapanese.

18. Anonymous - February 19, 2011

After so many years being blamed on and so many pictures being published, even on Japanese newspapers, how dare he deny that? Well, the only reason is that the author is a Japanese. I can understand his extreme patriotism. However, please be honest to yourself and to the history.There may be some “fake” pictures in order to impress people, but most of the pictures we can see today is took during the war time by American Journalists. the majority are real and sorrow. How can a human being say this is totally manipulated event in front of those bloody evidence!!

19. Anonymous - February 27, 2011

I do understand the situation for those who were educated under the Japanese propoganda. It is not their choice to admit or deny. I have many Japanese friends that come from Kansai University,who never being teached about any session relative to the Nanking Massacre. They love their country very much. I do appreciate that my friends are patriot, however, if Japan just keep blinding their eyes, saying Nanking Massacre never happens, then it will be so ashamed that they are not only trying to mislead the world’s view of history,but also cheating their chilren to be slavishly follows their mistake. I want to say that no matter you believe it or deny it, the god is looking. What have been done is there, on the timeline. People will see it sooner or later. Corpse, I think you should know where the corpse are better than I do. Those who being killed during Nanking Massacre, buried..burned out…Ashes everywhere!…I hope you can respect the died one. Moreover, if you want to write a historical review on this, I expect you can uses sourses from multi-countries other than focus only on issues being controlled under the Japanese Government. Thanks.

20. derek - March 9, 2011


21. Anonymous - March 9, 2011

Derek, I don’t know where you’re from but I surmise that you’re not an English speaker based on your poor use of the language. I don’t know what your intentions are for posting but if you’re running an internet commando operation to tease for your own amusement, well it’s quite evocative!
You present a character with an IQ that is significantly below average, not intellectually gifted and whose analytical skills are very infantile.
A Japanese factory worker, with low pay, demonstrated higher intellectual capacity than you when he interviewed the veterans of the Japanese invasion force who raped in Nanjing.
As for myself, I have seen the evidence with my own eyes. So I’m afraid that TAMAGAWABOAT has merely proven its own stupidity or it’s will to increase revenue by generation traffic.
But if you are a Japanese nationalist, you probably will not listen to anything except this; (FOR NATIONALISTS ONLY);
Japanese men did rape at Nanjing but when they raped they did not desecrate the women, they desecrated themselves, they raped Japan and smeared themselves on her flag! That is the semen stained rag that you wave so passionately. For you, NATIONALIST, the Japanese race is DESECRATED, RAPED and CONQUERED. The Hiroshima bomb was a glorious and catastrophic show of strength that purged pervert, women and child alike with FIRE. And when that bomb was dropped Japan surrendered and if the Americans had demanded it, the Emperor would have gone on his knees to lick Chester Nimitz’s feet.
But Nanjing was a sickening display of Japanese perversion.
If this you stonewall what I have said and play silly buggers then I’ll have to slap you about a bit till you learn. No, you wouldn’t be able to defend yourself I know this because you have a weak mind and you’d need something a lot more substantial to deter me.

22. anon - March 14, 2011

Japanese has a knack for denial. Nanking is not the first nor will it be the last. Just like how they don’t admit doing any wrong killing protected whales, later when the Fukushima Nuclear Blown up you can be assured they will find some kind of scapegoat and avoid any wrongdoings.

Japanese think they are descendants of Gods and can’t do any wrongdoings. Time to wake up, buddy. We are all just humans, we do mistakes and we learn from mistakes.

23. anon - March 14, 2011

My opinion regarding Nanking.

I really don’t care what the Japanese jii-san do to Nanking people, raped whatsoever, it is only natural in war. Just like how I have never blame Nazi for genocide. It’s stupid. It’s like blaming Roman people for making Gladiator an entertainment. That was just how it is in that time, nothing really ‘wrong’ about that on their time. It is considered wrong NOW, because we ADMIT and LEARN from mistake. So same goes for Nanking, we should just admit and let it go. it’s just the denial that I can’t stand.

00000 - March 21, 2013

Please kill yourself then. It’s only the natural order. Really, go into shady part of town and get raped. That’s perfectly natural. Asshole.

24. Zazza - March 15, 2011

You think anything that comes from Ishihara has any merit? That guy just said the recent tsunami was divine retribution against Japan.

25. pauline - March 16, 2011

it’s funny to see how japanese descendant are trying to contradict memory and confession of veteran by finding out loopholes in incomplete historical record. Try to tell the old grandfather generation soldiers that they admitted the atrocity because they’re too old to recall the blurred memory. is it you or them to be brainwashed?

26. What to believe? - March 18, 2011

It’s scary how some people can act as if people were not killed. It reminds me of how some Germans deny the holocaust. It’s not that I don’t believe that Chinese propaganda is trying to make people believe that other countries are bad, but I don’t feel that Rape of Nanking is fake. If there was more proof, I’d believe your article. But how can you brutally kill so many of your own people? Wasn’t Japan a little Fascist in that period? There are good reasons for saying that the rape of nanking was caused by Japanese soldiers. Hitler told the Germans that they were superior, and they would build cheap radios so that every German could hear and believe how great Germany was, and Germans felt happy. Nationalism and racism is scary…
Why do you feel the need to deny Rape of Nanking? It wasn’t any of your fault, you can’t help it.

Calvin Nam - August 27, 2014

Because Japanese people never admits to their wrongdoings..

27. 报应天谴 - March 22, 2011

/来自中华网社区 club.china.com/
四、美国的航母在100公里外的海面就受到那么强的核辐射,而日本本土却仅仅撤离了核电站周围20公里的人,那么美国航 母上的核辐射从哪来?合理解释就是这些核辐射其实就是日本3月9日核爆造成的。
行政总监(790210097) 22:10:52


Anonymous - November 19, 2013

Hey, Racist Chinese! Free tibet and Uighur!

uzumymwhesoyam - February 5, 2014

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28. fucking jab - April 6, 2011


I cant believe such a asshole is still living in this world thesedays! Just saying bullshit you are. pathetic. Enjoy own your tiny world forever.

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30. 日本国籍華人 - April 14, 2011











31. 日本国籍華人 - April 18, 2011



32. Anonymous - August 1, 2012

at most what this article does is try to deny that those photos were taken in nanjing. will you feel ok if someone close to you died and as you accuse the killer, the killer tells you hes innocent because he did not kill that person at where you think it happened? just have a look at the wikipedia page’s photos. the brutality is beyond normal war levels even for that era.

33. friendofjapanese - September 1, 2012

Nanjing massacre is not true,this is an american and british lie ! They didn’t want a strongest Japan never!Empire of rising sun was a nightmare for their demonic plans…Really murderers are americans,british,french,chinese and russians,not Japans!We don’t forget massacre of İndians,Hindu’s,Algerians,Uighurs and Tibetians !!!Since 1904,two-faced Europans’ eyes are on Samurai’s dead…İn Turkey-unfortunately-there are a lot of dark american propaganda about Japan but for statistics,Turks love Japanese more than other nations.So Japan must get real social and cultural activities in Turkey for Truth…

00000 - March 21, 2013

Shut up Jap.

34. A Japanese man 58 years old - September 7, 2012

I have a simple question. Where are 300,000 (at most) victim bodies? Such a huge number of body weighs about 15,000 tons. I have read an article that writes 43,071 were buried by Chinese Red Cross, and writer thinks most of them thought to be soldiers. In an official report produced by China 10 years after the case, they added 112,266 bodies buried in four months. Meaning they buried 935 bodies a day with 10 workers without mining machines. Where are 112,266 bodies? China found just several thousands of bodies in Nanking. Where are the rest? Big mistery, isn’t it?

35. A Japanese man 58 years old - September 7, 2012

I wrote “300,000 (at most) victim bodies”. I just wanted to mean “maximum”. No offensive intention. Sorry.

bitcoinez - June 10, 2015

Not sure if it’s exactly 300 000 but the bodies has been disposed by Red Swastika.

36. Justice was served - October 10, 2012

You Japanese are sick. Regardless of what you did to the Chinese your POW camps were disgusting. And you weeaboos…Just shut up.

37. Joe - December 13, 2012

It’s amazing that despite China lying systematically to its own citizens (ask a Chinese citizen about Tibet) their allegations of the “Nanking Massacre” are accepted on such shaky historical evidence.

There is no definitive proof that a massacre actually took place. All points are refutable. The historical record has become so befuddled with lies and manipulation that we will likely never know the truth of the matter. For example, numerous Japanese ‘eyewitnesses’ who claim to have witnessed the massacre have later been proven to not have actually been present in China at the time. One former soldier interviewed by Iris Chang for the book “The Rape of Nanking” admits that he made up his entire account of the massacre because he wanted to tell Ms. Chang what she wanted to hear.

People certainly died in Nanking. There is no doubt that Chinese soldiers who refused to surrender were captured and executed in line with acceptable war practices. There is also substantial evidence indicating that gangs of lawless Chinese soldiers were responsible for numerous civilian deaths.

It is easy to understand why China has been pushing this point for the past 30 years. They want to gain political leverage against Japan and they want to focus the dissatisfaction of their own citizens externally so that the Chinese population does not begin to question its own government. The fact that so many people in the world believe that the massacre took place is a testament to the Chinese propaganda machine.

00000 - March 21, 2013

Oh shut up. The Japanese are not innocent. You owe them nothing. Stop being such a disgusting suck up. Ever hear of the Bataan Death March and Unit 731? But no, I bet those didn’t happen either. I also guess the nukes dropped on Japan were fake too.

Anonymous - April 12, 2013

YOU shut up. Take a look at Chibetan. That’s what Chinese are doing there right now. And Commies must die. They’re liars!

38. Anonymous - April 17, 2013

Great Sinocentrism illusion.

39. stupid - April 23, 2013

u guys r all stupid

40. stupid - April 23, 2013

Lets be real okay, the JP are just denying every fact. And to even say the Chinese are fabricating is taking it one step farther. I can’t believe the audacity you simpletons have, to not only inflict pain on other people but to even say that the Chinese have fabricated it. That’s taking it a step further saying, “Oh the Chinese did it instead!”
Suck it up.
Your ancestors did it, and you can’t deny it. It’s a fact of history. Even the vets of WWII have already admitted to this crime. Accept the fact that you truly did this. We aren’t saying that you are disgusting or in fact anything negative. Just don’t deny what you did, and push the blame on someone else. You’re fabricating this whole thing right now.

41. curious eyes - May 25, 2013

Chinese dynasties have always changed their previous history. For Chinese, History is not based on facts, mere probaganda, to control people and world—it is Chinese tradition and culture. Different value. Now Communist Chinese Dynasty is spending vast money for probaganda. CNN America they bought, let alone some news paper companies in the US. Communist Chinese will control the US soon with its big population. Lie is allowed in China to keep present government. Diffrent culture from the eye of Western value.

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43. Anonymous - July 2, 2013

You are disgusting.That’s all there is to it.

44. DW - July 10, 2013

13 “You shall not murder.
Exodus 20:13

All human beings are created in the image of God.

45. Volunteer Abroad - July 21, 2013

There are some major flaws in the general argument saying China faked the Nanking massacre:

1, What would China get by faking it? Would it be worth so trouble to fake so much evidence just for the recognition in history text books and an apology? Don’t really see why any country would fake something like that. If China is faking, maybe Korea is also faking? Japan didn’t just commit crimes in China, but in other Asian countries too. Everyone knows what horrible things they did during the war. Go and interview some old people (around 90 years old), they can tell their first hand experience from the war. Are these people all faked too?

2, Why would anyone go around to dig the thousands of corpses out? If someone wants to deny the crimes done, they could always make excuses. One could say that the 150 photo evidence is fake, the corpses could be said to be fake too. Why would the Chinese waste money and time to dig out all the corpses? If one wants to deny history, there are not too much can be done to change that. One can have his/her own opinion and chooses to deny as much as they want. Nobody should care. Someone like that is just not worth it. HaHa.

3, How to explain all the WW2 Japanese soldiers who publicly admitted their crimes and the Nanking Massacre? There are diaries and video interviews of these old soldiers in Japanese. Why would these Japanese soldiers fake it? Just to become famous in Japan? It seems like a lot of trouble for these Japanese soldiers to fake a big lie like that and live it in for their entire life.

After all, still don’t see why the faking would make any logical sense. It is kind unfortunate to see how as the victim Chinese people’s feelings are not respected. Comparing to Japan, Germany has had a much better attitude. Massacres happened in many places in the world. They should be recognized and remembered in history, so that the same mistake does not repeat. Massacres happened in Chinese history and many parts of the world too, but they are not denying it. Japan does not have to deny it. That is the difference. The Massacre done by Japan in WW2 is not the fault of the young Japanese generation, but they do bear a responsibility. The victims’ feelings should be respected. If it happened to anyone, he/she would want their feelings to be respected too. It is such a shame that it has been denied for so long.

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50. Anonymous - February 1, 2014

Interesting rants here. Denial Denial Denial. There is a group of Korean women who protest on the street outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul. They are waiting for an apology from the Japanese. They are surviving comfort women. No, real ones. Are they all liars too? There are libraries full of data covering the Japanese occupation of Korea too. Nanking did happen. Case closed. How many witnesses do you need? The Japanese always have to be right and always have to win. Honesty and regret are not part of equation. Face is everything.

51. uzumymwhesoyam - February 5, 2014

Hi fuck YOU BRO!

52. I am not racist. I have two Japanese friends lol - February 27, 2014

Hi Japanese.

If you believe all those Nanking stuff are fabricated by victor states, tell me WHAT organization is in command under WHOSE order?
And of course, HOW did you know? Ninja???

Looking forward to hearing from you. haha

53. Nora - March 10, 2014

Those that supported the US,China and Korean should just fucking died especially those up ahead! You should be burned for supporting the evil of the world! The Japanese are sought in bravery and the evidence are clear! This post has provided a ton of evidence and yet you haters, couldn’t posted anything else but you blatant usage of motherfucking useless rant. We see whom the liar really are!

Mickey - July 16, 2014

Obvious troll, but I’m-a sharpen my ranting skills for school.

First of all, thank you for insulting my grandparent’s dead relatives. Japanese soldiers patrolled around his town during the war, and his house was burned down solely because he was Chinese. Many of his siblings and uncles and aunts were killed when we was very young. Imagine if your brothers or sisters were killed off one day just cause they were Japanese.

Second, I have had Japanese people in my school, sometimes in my classes. They know of their country’s involvement in the war, and don’t deny the atrocities committed by both sides, and they are sorry for it. I’ve even made a lot of friends who are Japanese, and I’ve even been to Japan. Most of the people on this site acknowledge that many countries across the world, even America, have committed atrocities to Native Americans and African Americans. That doesn’t mean that we should be “burned.” Just because a bunch of people are telling retards like you to man up and face the facts, when all you’re receiving is hate towards your country.

Third, who’s the liar here? The lack of proper grammar in your article tells me that you are not a native speaker of English. Good for you to insult Americans, while using a non-Japanese name for your username. It feels so good to say that I would love to see you and your other neo-fascist fucktard friends “fucking die” getting shot in the face and buried in a ditch, if it meant seeing a world where everyone would acknowledge the crimes their countries, friends, and relatives have done, and just move on with their fucking lives.

54. Indiana State Resident - March 11, 2014

I am going to try no to be biased here. For those who has nothing to say but to criticize a person or a group of people GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. Giving no solid evidences or criticizing others is a sign that you are only being driven by emotion and not your intellects. Even dogs know how to act by its own emotions, so if you are doing any of the above it is safe to say that you are either an equal or an inferior to a dog, monkey, cat, donkey, rat, etc. Now lets get on the real topic.

As of right now, I am not totally convinced by either side of the argument. However, one thing is clear to me. If the Nanking Massecre did occur, it is nothing close to the scale of 300,000 deaths. First of all, there were only 200,000 residents in Nanking during that time period. This already has a solid foundation of evidence. During Japan’s occupation of Nanking, the popultaion of the city actually rose to 250,000. This is supported with solid evidence too. These evidences suggest that the Japanese were actually improving the conditions of lives of the Chinese in Nanking.

Also, even though Taiwan was occupied during this time period, the Taiwanese today appreciate the Japanese for making their society more advanced. Most other countries occupied during World War II don’t have negative opinions about Japan. In short, the only countries that were occupied by the Japanese that mostly have anti-Japanese sentiments are China and the Koreas (of course North Korea is included because they hate everybody).

Now, having said all this, I am not saying Japan is innocent. The Bataan Death March was a legitimate thing, and Japan was a fascist and an imperialist nation.

The universal message you should get from this is that not a single nation in the world is a hundred percent good or evil. If the Japanese did commit such atrocities, they need to apologize. However, at the same time it needs to be put into consideration that the world’s lone superpower, America, has a history of raping Native Americans and African Americans. Americans also took the land that rightfully belongs to the Native Americans and has a southern counterpart that is largely racist to this day. On the other hand, the United States perfected and spread democracy, making the world a better place. She accepts many immigrants and is the cultural and economic center of the world.

Thank you if you read my post.

Suzuki Tamotsu - January 13, 2015

God damn you American bastards! You bully us since the triple intervention and commit many more crimes against us, like the firebombing by Demon le May. Millions of civillians died! I willie fighting you American tyrants and crush the evil that is democracy! The world has been mislead and tricked by America, until we destroy the beast, there can be no peace in the world!

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57. Boromir - April 19, 2014

I am not the least surprised, if it is a exaggarated propaganda. Communists have made up the so much false war propaganda in history. Babi Jar, Katyn, Auschwitz..

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58. Anonymous - May 24, 2014

20000 women were raped?
where were mixed race children?
300000 people were killed?
where were those bodies?

please tell me

Shawn - November 17, 2014
Anonymous - January 1, 2015

1. Most people were raped and then killed. In a massive crime killing 300000 people, how would you expect the criminals to rape someone and wait until the baby is born? On the other side, if you really wonder where the children are, I can tell that they do exist and I’m sure that they don’t want to be disturbed by you who do not show respect at all for their pain.

2. The 300000 bodies are either buried under the ground in Nanking, or have been disposed, destroyed by the Japanese criminals. However, why should Chinese dig them out, just to fight your disrespectful questioning? Do you think that Chinese is your slaves and you tell them to get the body then they will go? If you want to believe that is fake, even after seeing the bodies, you can still say they are fake. Do you believe Chinese are so stupid to jump into your trap and get insulted? I am also wondering where the atomic bomb is and whether the victims of atomic bombs are all fake, since I have never seen their bodies. Would you collect them, line them up, and have them counted, and then share the numbers with us?

Anonymous - January 31, 2015

2 cities nuked?
why are they still here?
200000 people were killed?
where were those bodies?

please tell me

59. stdfismuzil@gmail.com - June 9, 2014

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60. Anonymous - September 4, 2014

Can it be entered by just anyone who comes cross? This is a test.

61. Suzuki Tamotsu - January 13, 2015

This is so unfair! It really is! China lies and fabricates photos {The very first photo shows a Japanese soldier with a turned down collar when no Japanese soldiers could have worn it at the time!} and Japan gets eternally damned! Japanese military history is filled with heroes like Kuribayashi, Seishiro, Matsu and Honma! It’s such a pity that old those old Japanese War HEROES are regarded as evil rapists and murderers by their descendants. Most of the Japanese public believe this Chinese lie and although they deny it, a large part of their pride in being Japanese has been destroyed! This just isn’t right! My blood boils in fury over this injustice! To any Japanese fools who actually support anti-war factions that condemn Japanese War Heroes, I spit upon you. Your forefathers gave their lives to defend you and your future, yet you believe the lies of the enemy without even investigating! The Chinese will be made to pay for their lies!!! They are a contemptible group, driven only by greed. Investigate the Senkaku dispute instead of just believing China! They are lying! Why can’t you all see it! I’m going crazy listening to all the Chinese lies and bastardizing of poor, Japanese Heroes, who fought so hard for their fatherland!!! People of Japan need to wake up! It’s already been years since we have suffered the cruelty, slander and evil culture indoctrination of the Chinese and Americans. Japan has to get back up and fight back!!! She will. Of all places in the entire world, Japan has suffered astronomical earthquakes, unimaginabe tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns and even two atomic bombs, which no other country has ever been subjected to. Japan is actually made from volcanoes, yet she still survives! That is because we Japanese are the toughest, most resilient people in the entire world. We just have to find ourselves again, in the history of our heroic ancestors and then, united under one leader, regain our noble empire!!!

Japan's a JOkE - January 31, 2015

Invading other countries to ensure their descendants will have a great future? Such noble empire. In such case you should allow China to invade Japan. Astronomical earthquakes? Japan is not the only nation to suffer earthquakes.

Japan is actually made from volcanoes, yet she still survives! That is because we Japanese are the toughest, most resilient people in the entire world.
” Hawaii is actually made from volcanoes, yet she still survives! That is because Hawaiians are the toughest, most resilient people in the entire world. ” You’re statement apply to other island nations as well.

62. Anonymous - April 27, 2015

History is written by the victors

63. bitcoinez - June 10, 2015

Didn’t the offical Japanese government website itself also admit that Japanese soldiers kill Chinese civilians. Here from their official Japanese government website.

“The Government of Japan believes that it cannot be denied that following the entrance of the Japanese Army into Nanjing in 1937, the killing of a large number of noncombatants, looting and other acts occurred.”


64. Anonymous - August 22, 2015

Yes the Japanese government admits to killing Chinese civilians because their position is based on fact and not propaganda. You must realise that we are talking about a brutal war where there was massive killing on all sides. Also you must realise that a popular tactic among the Chinese defending the city was to dress as civilians (guerrilla warfare). You must also realise that in militaries throughout the world there are always several bad apples which steal, rape, and even kill innocent locals. Now the question is was there a MASSACRE. The question is not if there were some killings, or even some rapes, or even some luting, etc., but the question is was there a massacre with victims totalling more than Hiroshima + Nagasaki combined? It is easy to have an emotional reaction to the dark side of war, but if you have intellect you must question the facts. Don’t just blindly accept the story that a massacre occurred and don’t just blindly accept the denial that such occurred…look at the sources on your own and then form an EDUCATED opinion.

Mike - September 25, 2015

Well said, shame a lot of people can’t be bothered to go any deeper than ‘pop’ opinion.

65. Anon - August 29, 2015

So, if I understood correctly what’s been said, about 300,000 (three-hundred thousands) of Chinese were killed at Nanjing in two weeks (i.e. 14 days). That means there were on average 300,000/14 = 21,428 kills per day. Is that even possible? Not taking sides here, just asking…

66. Goose - September 2, 2015

The argument should not be about numbers, Nanking vs Hiroshima comparisons are ridiculous, that has nothing to do with what Japan did in China. Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a US action, not China, and if you start bringing that up then we might as well start talking about the attack on Pearl Harbor. China may have been an ally of the USA but once the war was over, it was basically ‘fuck those commie chinks, hey Japan, come join us over here at the civilized table’. Let’s keep it to China-Japan and WWII, the conversation is convoluted enough as it is. China got whooped bad, millions upon millions in lost lives to Japan as well as their own civil war, 300K, 30K, 3K or as few as 3 people. Its not about winners or losers but acknowledgement of atrocities. You can argue that China needs to acknowledge their own faults during their civil war, but that’s a Chinese-Chinese argument, not for outsiders to determine. If Angela Merkel went to visit the graves of Nazi concentration camp generals to pay respect, you can bet that there would be massive international backlash, whether or not you believe in the Holocaust or not, the rest of the world has made their decision, it’s 70+years past and we’re not going to rewrite history anytime soon unless you have a time machine and can travel to alternate worlds. Japan cannot expect China or Korea to ever get past their shared bloody history as long as they continue to play ‘maybe we did, maybe we didn’t’, history is not about facts, it’s about what we believe to be true based on the little knowledge you have. Arguing numbers is really a poor position to stand on, it’s like saying ‘yes, we killed people, but c’mon, it’s nowhere near what you claim, why don’t you just relax bro’, the aggressor doesn’t get to dictate the terms of the “apology” when they lose.

Anonymous - September 2, 2015

Your view is understandable and probably the most common view held by people all over the world, but your view also highlights the root problem with this issue. As you pointed out, the focus should not be on the actual numbers (who cares if it’s 300,000 or not) but the focus should be on if there was an actual massacre or not.

Now if the question becomes if there was a massacre or not, you have to think a little further and dig a little deeper. No one is questioning if there were many dead bodies, or if there were many brutally killed or not, because it was a war so obviously many, many people died in the fierce battle (there were bodies piled up all over the place). The question is, was there a massacre of women, children, and non-combatants. When you narrow down the question to that, it is extremely difficult to say there was a massacre, because if you look at all the sources there is no evidence to support such action occurred. That is where the controversy lies with the Nanking issue.

Mike - September 25, 2015

+100 for a bit of common sense

67. Mike - September 25, 2015

After considering it very carefully I have to agree with what you’ve written. Chinese and Japanese.. the level of “who you can trust more”.. well it’s not even a contest, Chinese have blackened their own names time and time again in the country I live in. In fact i’d argue most countries they’ve run to would argue the same just given their basic behavior and level of respect. Japanese are a sharp contrast.

The leftist and Korean infiltrated media in Japan is really something to be believed! I would never have thought until visiting there myself and seeing it first hand. Leftists are trying to wreak havoc on the country and cement China + Korea’s influence in the region. However with the advent of the internet the mass gomi is deteriorating, and it can’t come quick enough. Shinzo Abe has finally brought in anti-spy laws, and Japan can utilize an army again to DEFEND itself and the region if the need arises.

The leftists (mostly people with background Korean and Chinese heritage) stage these continual protests against Americans and the bases as well as Japan’s right to have an army.. Readers don’t find that behavior suspicious?? Let’s suppose Japan caves in to the rent-a-crowds demands and kicks out the Americans, closes down it’s bases, has no Anti-Spy laws and no means of defence.. Funny that China would be in a perfect position for REGION DOMINATION. Abe is doing the right thing for his country, and as a ‘gaijin’ who actually bothers to research things and think a little deeper then I can totally understand the need.

Let’s not get started on the false claims of the Koreans concerning slavery and rape, heck slavery is a western notion to begin with! The Koreans willingly went to Japan to settle, and theyve been milking their fake claims to reap monetary benefit in Japan even till this day.

Finally guess where most of the crime comes from in Japan? Koreans, Brazilians, Westerners and to a lesser extent Chinese. Can you blame them for wanting to keep foreigners out??

The world seriously needs to wake up to China and Korea’s lies, stop looking at things in a typically Western “we won the war.. Japs must have been 100% bad on every front” type view.

68. Jap Logics - February 18, 2016

Well obviously you Japanese are fucking retards for not admitting what actually happened. There are photos and hard evidences that proves that the Nanjing Massacre is a incident that happened. However, you Japanese people have too small of a brain to analyses such obvious details so I won’t even mention it. So, what the Japanese retards are currently stating is that all photos taken in Nanjing was either made by the Chinese government or fake all together. I have to complement you Japs for having such idiotic logic. According to the UN Statement 147, it specifically shows just how retarded you Japanese are. Let me tell you Japs how many countries agree that the Nanjing Massacre occurred. The Word minues Japs. From Japanese attitudes, two inferences can be made. Japanese people have undeveloped brains that cannot process the most obvious evidences and that Japanese people are mentally retarded people who just can’t say one word. Sorry. Well we can’t blame the Japanese since their brain is probably half porn and half retardation. I feel sorry for you Japs for having such retarded logic and you can’t be blamed since your brain is made 50% porn and 50% retardation.

69. 大東亜戦争における日本軍が行なった問題に日本人は英語でどう答えるのか? 前編~南京大虐殺~ | ビッグライフ21 Biglife21 - November 17, 2017
70. Anonymous - March 24, 2018


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