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reichstag9ve1.jpgIf sexual assaults (rape) occur frequently during a certain short period in a certain area, the pregnancy rate in this area should naturally increase dramatically after a set period of time.  This is human’s physiological phenomenon. Simultaneously, the venereal-disease epidemic in this area should happen.

On May 2nd of 1945,  fall of Berlin, capital city of Germany.  Half a million Soviet soldiers (Red Army) rolled into Berlin in bursts and Berlin was inundated with Russian soldiers. At that time, 1,495,500 German women left behind in Berlin. The total number of pregnancy-aged women was about 600,000 in Berlin. More than 100,000 German women were victimized by Russian soldiers’ sexual assaults(rape). The number of rape victims represents 6.7% of all German women left behind in Berlin then. As a result, 10,000 German women killed themselves. According to “People, Years, Life”(1964) written by Ilja Erenburg (Илья Григорьевич Эренбург 1891-1967), Ilja Erenburg himself resarmy.jpgwhipped up Russian soldiers with the following words, “Steal blonde German dish! They are spoils of victory!” This tragedy went on for 3 days from  fall of Berlin to other Allied Forces entering Berlin. Moreover, Russian soldiers’ assaults were not just confined to Berlin but also whole land of Germany that Red Army made entry. It’s estimated that  more than 2 million German women were sexually assaulted throughout East Germany.

As a result, what happened? “BeFreier und Befreite”(1992) says, according to the consultation list of Charite Hospital, From July 23rd of 1945 to the end of 1945, the amount of women that consulted Obstetrics and Gynecology was 3,852. The number of rape survivors was 514 (13%) out of 3,852.  The number of pregnant women was 118 (23%) out of 514. The number of women that underwent abortion was 37 (31%) out of 118. The number of  women that had miscarriage (abortion) was 3 (1%) out of 37. Thus, if 10 pregnancy-aged women are sexually assaulted (raped), 2.3 out of 10 women will become pregnant stochastically. This is human’s physiological phenomenon. This is reality.

According to “The Rape of Nanking” published by Iris Chang in 1997,  Iris Chang asserts iris_chang.jpgthat the total number of rape survivors is at least 20,000 to 80,000 in Nanking. She asserts that unprecedented assaults were caused by barbaric Japanese soldiers after the fall of Nanking. She asserts that hungry concupiscence Japanese soldiers raped an raped during two weeks from December 13th to the end of 1937. Judging “The Rape of Nanking” against the pregnancy rate of “The Rape of Berlin”,  23% of rape survivors should have become pregnant against their will. 23%…this means at least 4,600 to 18,400 Chinese women should have become pregnant after a set period of time. And more, “The baby boom” should have taken place in Nanking 10 months after the fall of Nanking. And yet, about 10,000 Japanese-Chinese half-blood babies should have been born. Where these pregnant Chinese women were gone? Where about 10,000 Japanese-descended Chinese babies were gone? I’m hoping to see descendants of Japanese-Chinese half-blood in Nanking.

half-blood.jpg“The Rape of Nanking” is out of human’s physiological phenomenon. “The Rape of Nanking” is out of touch with reality. Iris Chang lived in a fantasy world. If you have a common sense, you will know how “The Rape of Nanking” is so inaccurate book contrary to your expectation. “The Rape of Nanking” got published in the United States in 1997. At first, Iris Chang wanted to publish this book also in Japan. “The Rape of Nanking” was already pointed out 90 errors as “earthy novel” when she offered this book’s translation to a Japanese publisher.  These 90 errors on this book were basic enough to that everyone could point out if they learned basic Japanese history. So, this Japanese publisher urged Iris Chang to adjust errors because he was afraid of becoming a laughingstock in Japan. However, Iris Chang never accepted this Japanese publisher’s request because she was stubborn. Therefore, there was not Japanized version of “The Rape of Nanking” till fairly recently. So, most Japanese people don’t know what this book says. “The Rape of Nanking” got published on December 17th last year (2007).

“The Rape of Nanking” was, after all, “The Fake of Nanking”.

Please check “Do you still believe Nanking Massacre?
The Cropping in The Battle of China
Photos of Nanking Massacre


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1. Takaya - February 6, 2008


2. 南京大虐殺を世界に宣伝する日本大使館 « as subjectively as possible - February 11, 2008


3. TESTIMONY IS NOT EVIDENCE « as subjectively as possible - February 11, 2008


4. THE CROPPING IN THE BATTLE OF CHINA « as subjectively as possible - February 12, 2008

[…] subjectively as possible Don’t be a slave to convention! « THE RAPE OF NANKING=THE FAKE OF NANKING 「南京の真実を言えば相手は理解する」日本人の勝手な思い込み。 […]

5. nankingfosho - March 4, 2008

You need psychotherapy.

6. KJ - March 30, 2008

the point is Japanese people never accepted a truth that they invaded other countries in WWII, and they killed millions of people, not only Chinese, but also others.

And no related history is mentioned in the book for students in Japan and nobody wanted to tell the truth to the next generation. that is sad.

Comparing with Japanese, German is respectable. From Sat3, historical documentation is frequently showned on the TV, to tell the people a true WWII.

what has Japanese done?????

7. モンキー - April 9, 2008




“The Rape of Nanking” was already pointed out 90 errors as “earthy novel” 文法的にちょっとどうかな。それから、本の題名は、下線か斜字体にすべきだと思います。

“The Rape of Nanking” got published in the United States in 1997. got publishedは口語的に過ぎるのでは?

These 90 errors on this book were basic enough to that everyone could point out if they learned basic Japanese history. タイポ?

as subjectively as possibleとはいいながら、やはり英語はきちんとしたもののほうが効果があると思います。

8. name - April 10, 2008

?I can’t even understand what all that japanese stuff says

9. Professor J Smith - April 13, 2008

Great work; now you have proved beyond doubt that the Nanjing Massacre was a fake, you have to go on to show that the bombing of Pearl Harbour was dreamed up by US. Then you have do work on Manchuria, Malaya and the Pacific. You got work cut out for the rest of your life.

10. Mr - May 7, 2008

While we’re on the topic of the accuracy of Japanese history, talk about the Kojiki… enough said.

11. RR - May 13, 2008

Typical Japanese animal. You argue about whether its 10,000 or 300,000. The point is that Japan invaded and took advantage of a weak China but when China lost against the French and the British, our emissaries warned you of the West which caused your Meiji government to speed up modernizing your military.

Read the Asahi Shimbun. I am only repeating what a Japanese professor has said.

12. ChinaKorea Buster - July 26, 2008

History of Massacres on Chinese Continent
in Ch’ing (1636-1912), Republic of China (1912-1949), People’s Republic of China (1949-)

China has been transferring to Japan the crimes that Chinese Army committed against Chinese civilians during the civil wars.

Year & Incident Confirmed or Estimated Death Toll
1851 Taiping Rebellion 20 million to 80 million
1860 Muslim Rebellion 20 million to 30 million
1900-1901 Boxer Rebellion 757
1928 Jinan Incident by Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuo Min Tang 400 (Japanese only)
1928 Civil War (Kuo Min Tang vs Communist Red Army) 20 million
1937 Tsuushuu Incident by Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuo Min Tang 230 (Japanese only)
1938 Yellow River Bank Explosion Incident by Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuo Min Tang 1 million
1946 2nd Civil War (Kuo Min Tang vs Communist Red Army) 3 million
1946 East Turkistan by Mao Zedong’s Communist Red Army Over 10 million
1947 2.28 Incident in Taiwan by Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuo Min Tang 28,000 by Execution
1949 Tibet Massacre by Mao Zedong’s Communist Red Army Over 200,000
1951 Three-anti/five-anti campaigns by Mao Zedong’s Communist Red Army 710,000 by Execution
1958 -1960 Great Leap Forward by Mao Zedong’s Communist Red Army 20 million to 50 million
1966-1976 Cultural Revolution by Mao Zedong’s Communist Red Army 30 million
1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre 10,000 to 20,000
1989 Falun Gong Massacre 300 by Execution

Asahi Shinbun is notorious for having produced hundreds of fake news, and is now nothing but a source of laughter in Japan. Only idiots believe what Asahi writes.

The legitimacy of Manchu Empire was recognized by Soviet Union even though Manchu Empire accepted political refugees from Soviet Union.

Japan is the only nation during WW2 that accepted Jews as refugees from Europe.

The history texts used in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Philippines, write that Japan liberated these nations from Britain, Holland, and US, respectively. The national anthems of these nations specifically record that Japan Imperial Forces were holly forces sent by God to rescue these nations from the oppressions of the colonizers.

13. Anonymous - July 29, 2008

summing up massacres in other nations history is always fun, right ChinaKorea Buster??

And it is funny, that revisionists always come up with the same arguments…chinese tend to exxaggerate, they are brutal and commit lots of massacres…and the japanese don’t do that!

haha…how about the manyoshu…the famous collection of odes from the ninth century…the title indicates there should be 10.000 odes, but in fact there are only around 4.500. And actually revisionists ike Higashinakano say that japanese army officers used to exaggerate their death tolls or how many captives they made, just to show how great their bettlefield skills are. point is, everybody, every nation exaggerates….so what about massacres…are there any in japanese history. HOw about to mention the actions of one of the three unifiers of japan…Oda Nobunaga and his siege of Mount Hiei in 1571…rings a bell?? or what about 70 years later in Kyushu when the last Christians were prosecuted …Shimabara Rebellion…BELL??? Or let’s go back to Toyotomi Hideyoshi and his invasions to Korea…To prove how many soldiers the samurai killed, this time they didn’t bring back the heads, what they usually did…but instead brought the ears and noses of the enemy soldiers with them (and I bet they exaggerated by just killing a few civilians, just to provide som more ears) and later the infamous ear mound (Mimizuka) was errected near kyoto…never heard of it?? 耳塚 http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%80%B3%E5%A1%9A

so what does all this have to do with your list of chinese massacres….I just want to point out…every nation regardless of culture, language, skin color, gender or whatsoever is capable of commiting massacres, and has done so. Nanking was one…there is enough proof for the willing to read.

14. Someone who likes Japan but not it's people - November 21, 2008

Most of the women were killed after being raped.

Why the fuck would they want to conceive the baby?

Some could’ve committed suicide because were traumatized psychologically or whatever

15. mochu - February 15, 2009



16. Anonymous - April 2, 2009

The reason the pregnancy rate was not increased was because the women were killed through rape in the first place. Think about it before you write something so extreme.

17. Brizvegas - May 31, 2009

I am an australian living in tokyo, There are nemrous replies here showing how savage the japanese were but lf you look at them now, they are one of most desciplined, respectfull and peacefull people in the world and you can see that straight away if you live there. And i believe that their characteristics were not formed straight after the war but long before it.
The point is none of us were there at the “massacre” and most evidences are weak. Also because of the increasing interest in this topic, a lot of the weak evidnces are being proven wrong. Don’t just believe every information that demonises Japan but try researching more about japanese side of story because most of them were silenced due to the post war GHQ’s “WGI”(War Guilt Information program)http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389×146638
I don’t know which side is correct and i will stay this way until some genius invents a time machine but I do know that the japanese people are far from an “animal”.

anti downright rudeness - June 16, 2009

Glad that there are people with a common-sense view.

Anonymous - June 17, 2009

u seriously believe some bull that was found on the internet.
Pshhh, II can see it now–ur future…Captain Obvious, Private !@#$ for hire

18. Anonymous - May 31, 2009

Of course. The Germans are now one of the most disciplined, respectful, and peaceful people in the world. In fact, they were far from being “animals.” Why did they commit a genocide?
Also, even the Japanese, by the way, had an article in their own newspaper talking about how two of their officers slaughtered 200 Chinese for fun by cleaving their heads with katanas.

19. truthofnanking - August 8, 2009
20. Brian - September 5, 2009

Japan is a wonderful country and its citizens are some of the most creative and hard working people in the world. I saw this first hand when I worked in Japan. I gained respect for their artistic culture and found most Japanese I met to be humble and kind. It is sad these forums bring out the worst in Japan, but historically, their country was a war-based nation–a truth they do admit. Yet, one disappointing aspect about the Japanese is how they do forget parts of their history which make them look bad. That is a very Japanese ‘face saving’ way of dealing with a dark side of their modern past as they don’t want to bring shame upon themselves. But it’s also part of an egotistical and superior attitude they cast on others who are not Japanese. Even when it comes to their museums, it was sad to go through a history museum in Tokyo and have the time line display ‘forget’ Pearl Harbor, but skip to their people being fire bombed in 1942. It was down-right insulting in the museum at Hiroshima now they portray a strong case as to why they were atom bombed, but only reserve a paragraph on the wall to explain their racially motivated totalitarian expansion across Asia. One of the things I found to be most ridiculous was their teaching of the Second World War to their young people. From time to time I’d ask Japanese students how they were learning about their nation’s involvement in World War II and I’d get the refrain, “we don’t talk much about it”. What I saw first hand in Japan made me realize how the Japanese bring it upon themselves to be bashed in history, regardless of their own dark doings or the opinions of others. Yet, part of the dilemma is cultural and still a greater part of it is their own way of looking very backward at their own history and upon themselves.

21. PhoenixDFN - November 26, 2009

You are fucked! All the women were raped in Nanking by Japanese has been killed by the Japanese! And do you have any moral in your heart?! You can be pregnant, but deid women cannot be!!!!!! Millions of women from 7 to 70s were raped then shot by Japanese!!! It is totally not human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are totally crazy and evil to talk about pregnancy rate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22. PhoenixDFN - November 26, 2009

You know what, 7 years old girl was raped till her death!!!!!!!!!
I cannot imagine it !!!!!!!!!
You seem to be a woman as well, can you imagine yourself making love when you were 7? How would it feel like? However, not just making love though! She was forced to make love by a group of men, and it would never be gental or caring. Killed by having sex for a little girl !!! You can try it your next life, and you will begin to know the pain and shame !!!!!!!!!!!

23. Ksuysha - December 29, 2009

This is exactly why i respect Germans more.

24. 日本国籍華人 - January 8, 2010

ご あ い さ つ


財団法人 女性のためのアジア平和国民基金理事長   

25. 日本国籍華人 - January 8, 2010

アジア女性基金解散記者会見 理事長発言要旨




 インドネシアでも、同じような事業の実施を基金は想定していましたが、インドネシアでは慰安婦の認定が行われていないことから、総額3億8000万円の高齢者福祉施設を10年間かけて実施することになりました。インドネシア社会省が指導する福祉施設は全国で235ですが、そのうち69カ所に基金の支援で施設がつくられました。 おおくは一般の高齢者施設ですが、最終年度に元慰安婦のための事業をしている民間団体が慰安婦とされた方々14人を入居させる施設を開設したこと、慰安婦問題にとりくんできた民間団体が計画した3つの施設をたてたことは、うれしい結果でした。

 歴史の教訓とする事業では、政府が収集し明らかにした資料を5巻本の資料集として公刊し、出版社龍溪書舎のご好意で、電子化して、ホームページにも載せることをしております。基金の終了後には、デジタル記念館「慰安婦問題とアジア女性基金」をインターネット上に立ち上げて、国立国会図書館のウェブ・アーカイブに残します。アドレスはhttp://warp.ndl.go.jp です。この国会図書館の外(そと)にもサーバを取得して、公開していくことを検討しています。 このバーチャルな記念館が慰安婦問題を長く記憶し、アジアの諸国民と日本人の間の和解を促進する助けとなるように願っています。日本国民のみなさまも、諸外国のみなさまもぜひこのサイトを訪れ、「慰安婦」問題についての理解を次の世代に伝えていただければ幸いに存じます。




 最後に慰安婦とされた方々のために醵金をして、国民的な償い事業を支えて下さった国民の皆様、こころのこもったメッセージをよせて下さった方々に衷心より感謝の気持ちを表します。皆様のご支持があったからこそ、私たちは12年間アジア女性基金の活動をつづけることができたのです。 アジア女性基金のなしとげたことは小さなことであったかもしれませんが、国民のみなさまの深いご支援なくしては、なしえなかったことです。その意味で、みなさまの示してくださった償いの気持ちが支えであり、すべての根源でありました。 この国民の気持ちが、アジアの方々に、さらに世界中の人々の心にとどまることを心より祈っております。

26. Anonymous - April 9, 2010

I hope that someday maybe in 10, 20, 50 years, the truth of what happened in Nanking will be known and taught in the history books. Perhaps then, you will stop hiding from the facts and be able to admit that these atrocities took place. Maybe even learn lessons from them. The Germans tried to deny their crimes, too.

PS – The Chinese women who were ganged raped and tortured did not survive. Sorry – your statistics are out of line here.

27. JuanBen - April 18, 2010

By the same token United States will have apologize to Japan for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – Germany already apologized and made reparations to the Jews for the Holocauts – as many poeple in Japan rightfully want, Japan also will have to apologize to the people of Nanking, and China en general, for the atrocities, murders and rapes to civilians, commited by the Japanese Imperial Army. By not doing it Japan doesn’t have the moral authority to undertake any leadership in world peace and the collective memory of the Japanese society will not to rest in peace until this event happens.

28. Anonymous - May 13, 2010

This is disgusting. People suffered indescribable horrors in Nanking and your saying it never even happened? It escapes me how someone can be so inhuman as too wave off something so dispicable

29. Anonymous - November 25, 2011

Women got raped and killed, and now you are talking about pregnency rate??? Get yourself raped first and kill yourself to see if you are pregnent or not

30. Anonymous - February 10, 2012

>By not doing it Japan doesn’t have the moral authority to undertake any leadership in world peace and the collective memory of the Japanese society will not to rest in peace until this event happens.

Then, why is America acting as if it had the moral authority to undertake any leadership in world peace? How many times have the U.S. invaded other countries on false pretext and committed massacres of civilians or destroyed their life such as spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam and never apologized?

America started the Gulf War based on false evidences such as the testimony of the Kuwait girl who claimed Iraqi soldiers were removing sick babies from their incubators at Kuwaiti hospitals and made them die, which was later found not true. Prior to the initiation of hostilities with the US, Iraq repeatedly offered peaceful withdrawal. Why did the U.S. ignore it?

And the Iraq War! American people must have a very short memory. I can’t understand why they can send their own people to such wars and sacrifice them.

31. Anonymous - February 10, 2012

To Brian,
>That is a very Japanese ‘face saving’ way of dealing with a dark side of their modern past as they don’t want to bring shame upon themselves. But it’s also part of an egotistical and superior attitude they cast on others who are not Japanese.

Then, why don’t American people admit and apologize to South Koreans for what they claim had happened in No Gun Ri? Associate Press covered the story that the U.S. solders massacred Korean civilians randomly with testimonies of Korean survivors and a U.S. veteran?

As Iris Chang wrote a book about the Nanking Massacre, South Korean film company made a movie “작은 연못 (A Little Pond)” about the No Gun Ri massacre by the U.S. troops.

But it does not mean that the massacre really did happen just because some people claim or some people made movies, books, etc. on the subject. That is what I thought.

So, I always assumed that the American government had refused to make an apology to South Korean people because there was not enough evidence to support their claim. But after I read your comment, I’ve changed my mind. Americans don’t apologize because they want to save face and also because of part of an egotistical and superior attitude Americans cast on others who are not Americans. Thanks for teaching me one aspect of the American culture that I didn’t know.

32. stopblamingjapan - September 17, 2012

Thank you for pointing this out and for those who are all blaming Japanese for everything, go bang your head on a brick wall infinite times and realize Japan shouldn’t be blamed. koreans also raped, cut out women’s breasts, and slaughtered vietnamese and also their own people during WW2. Not only then, but now too. There have been many massacres done by Koreans in Japan and especially in the USA. As for China, they themselves killed countless numbers of people too while they were INVADING and trying to make their country into what is called China, filled with many poor people :(. I think instead of focusing on Japan not apologizing and blaming we Japanese who many of us in this generation are innocent (my grandparents never killed anyone -_-) you should focus on NOW. what is NOW? Koreans killing Japanese and kidnapping and raping them and other foreigners, Chinese Killing Japanese and others and also STILL INVADING countries like Nepal and Bhutan. As for the recent island problems and stuff, if Japan gives the senkaku islands to China, guess what… bye bye world. those islands are not just islands with special minerals, they are the “gates to the world”. If you guys don’t care, not my fault nor Japanese fault.
Oh yes one more thing.. I would like you to think about this.. IF Japan did not rule China and other places, would you think China, Korea, etc will be in peace and still advanced like today? If you have a brain, you should know even though the fake history you guys learned about Japan was terrible, if Japan didn’t do that, most likely China and Korea and other countries would be a terrible dump.
And seriously textbooks in every country has a bunch of fake stuff. Anyway, when you guys find out it was actually Koreans who killed and massacred many people (since most of them have some abnormal gene and 71% of Korean men have mental problems) have fun. and shouldn’t we all be worrying about end of the world? loltake care

33. バック 通勤 - October 29, 2013

楽天 バッグpaul smith

34. cdgmmtbrp@gmail.com - October 9, 2019

Gronk et Lynch seront confrontés lors du Super Bowl de dimanche qui oppose New England Patriots de grOnk contre les Seahawks de Seattle de Lynch sur le dimanche 1 février à 18h30 heure de l’Est sur NBC.

35. lclndbhla@gmail.com - October 12, 2019

Let ce match passionnant et prédisent une winner.

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