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Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Pearl Harbor August 7, 2010

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65 years ago today, for the first time in the history of humankind, the nuclear weapon was used against innocent civilians by America.  65 years ago today was Monday. At 1:30 am, early on Monday morning, August 6th in 1945, America’s B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay left Tinian Island in the western Pacific. At 8:05 am, the Enola Gay reached the sky over Hiroshima. 10 minutes later, at 8:15 am, the Enola Gay dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on the center of Hiroshima which had a population of 350,000.

We should focus attention on the day and time when America dropped the atomic bomb. 8:15 am. and Monday morning… Why did the Enola Gay carry out the world’s first atomic bombing at 8:15 a.m.? Why did the Enola Gay drop the atomic bomb on Monday morning? American Army knew Japanese schools held morning meetings on Monday morning. 8:15 on Monday was the time that schools started morning meetings. American Army knew school children would round up in schoolyards for morning meetings at 8:15 am. Therefore, American Army set the time of dropping the world’s first atomic bomb at 8:15 am, on Monday, August 6th. For what? To kill Japanese school children efficiently and to crush all hope in Japan’s future. As a result of America’s atomic bombing, 140,000 people out of 350,000 citizens of then Hiroshima died. Most of 140,000 people were children, women and elderly people. They suffered and suffered, and died in great agony. It is obvious that America carried out genocide against the Japanese people on the pretext of ending the war.

Only 3 days after the atomic bombing on Hiroshima, the world’s second atomic bomb caused the further humanitarian tragedy for innocent civilians of Nagasaki. American Army dropped new type of atomic bomb different from the bomb that they dropped on Hiroshima 3 days ago. 70,000 people out of 240,000 citizens of then Nagasaki died. While American Army dropped ‘uranium-type bomb’ on Hiroshima, they dropped ‘plutonium-type bomb’ on Nagasaki. America succeeded in developing two different types of atomic bombs. America carried out the experiment of two different types of atomic bombs on hundreds of thousands living human bodies in the confusion just before the end of the war.

Some people, especially Americans say, “The atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima ended the war. These two atomic bombs saved millions of lives that would have been lost through a long lasting war.” This is delusive sophistry to justify America’s hideous crime against humanity. 

The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that America prolonged the war intending to drop atomic bombs on Japanese cities by presenting unacceptable terms of surrender against Japan. The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that there are rules even during wartime. America’s atomic bombing obviously violated the Hague Convention that prohibited attacks on civilians. The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that there are many people who still suffer atomic-bomb disease now, 65 years after the war. The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that there are the people who are called “children of atomic-bomb victims”. Why they who have no relationship with the war 65 years ago have to suffer atomic-bomb disease?

Atomic bombing is the worst war crime against humanity in human history. But American Presidents have never once visited Hiroshima or Nagasaki. No more Hiroshima, No more Nagasaki. Pearl Harbor once again!

August 6, 2010
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