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Do you still believe Nanking Massacre? August 26, 2010

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Do you still believe that so-called the Nanking Massacre  (or the Rape of Nanking) actually happened in December 1937?  To be honest, I too had believed ‘the Nanking Massacre’ blindly until just 7 or 8 years ago.

As I remember, when Ishihara Shintaro, the current governor of Tokyo was still a Diet member in the mid-1990s, he commented in an interview with mass media, “I know it is said that the Japanese Army committed the Nanking Massacre.  But the Nanking Massacre is not a historical fact.  This is a hoax by China.  Japan’s image was badly tarnished by this hoax.”  I watched the news on TV.  I remember that I barked at TV in anger then, “What!?  Ishihara Shintaro is also going to deny America’s atomic bombing?  Denying Nanking is tantamount to denying Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”   I suppose that some of the people who believe the Nanking Massacre have the same experience in saying or thinking as I said to TV then.  I thought about what caused such a reaction to denial of the Nanking Massacre.  Why do you think I said that denying the Nanking was tantamount to denying Hiroshima and Nagasaki then?  Why do you think I thought about war crimes in sets with Hiroshima/Nagasaki and Nanking?  Why do you think I got angry at Ishihara’s comment then?

I think this is a kind of conditioned reflex to denial of the Nanking Massacre.  For example, I associated Hiroshima and Nagasaki with Nanking.  In addition, I felt righteous anger toward the person who denies the Nanking Massacre as if I represented justice in the world.  It’s my guess that I was imprinted a kind of conditioned reflex in my subconscious mind somewhere (at school, in movies,  at museums or through mass media).  This is a kind of brainwashing.   Therefore, whenever I attempt to appeal for atrocious and inhuman acts of atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, someone counter-argues that atomic bombings were paid the penalty for the Nanking Massacre.  So to speak, the Nanking Massacre is often used for the purpose of avoiding blame for atomic bombings,  and is used for the purpose of preventing Japan from being the true victim of WW2.

The rise of the internet has increased opportunities to enlighten Japanese Internet users about historical truth which have been hidden by left-leaning mass media.  As a result, it has become known that China has been spreading lies about the Nanking Massacre to the world.   Over the past dozen years or so, Tanaka Masaaki, Kitamura Minoru, Higashinakano Shudo, Ara Kenichi and other many Japanese historians have inspected each single photographic evidence that China is presenting to prove Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking.   For example, China is presenting many photos as evidence of the Nanking Massacre.  The total number of photos that China is presenting is 143.  Surprisingly, it has been revealed that all 143 photos that China is presenting as photographic evidence turned out to be fake or utterly irrelevant to the Nanking Massacre.  That is, there is not a single photographic evidence of Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking.  However, China keeps presenting these fake photos as evidence at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall opened in 1985.   Higashinakano Shudo’s inspection on 143 photographic evidence was published as a book in January 2005.

I think you are still half in doubt.  I hope you are not upset.  Please bear with me for a moment.  Furthermore,   when Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Japan in April 2007, ‘Committee for the Examination of the Facts about Nanking’ published open letter to Jiabao.  The open questions are follows.
1) The late-leader Mao Zedong never mentioned the Nanking Massacre.
2) Between December 1, 1937 and October 24, 1938 the Chinese Nationalist Party Government (Kuomintang) held 300 press conferences with foreign journalists in Hankou.  But the Chinese Nationalist Party never mentioned “citizens being massacred in Nanking,” or “hostages being murdered unlawfully”.
3) According to the record published as a book by the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone (Ernest Forster, John Rabe, Lewis Strong, Casey Smythe, Eduard Sperling, George Fitch and so on) in 1939,  the population of Nanking stood at 200,000 prior to the Japanese occupation. This population level remained unchanged during December. Records show the population to be 250,000 one month after the Japanese occupation of the city began.
4) What is more, in this book published by the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone, there is a list of detailed complaints against the Japanese army’s criminal activities. The list includes a total of 26 murder incidents, of which only one case was witnessed but it was judged to be a lawful killing and thus noted in the book.
5) Numerous photographs said to be proof of the Nanking massacre are being displayed in books and at many exhibitions including the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall in Nanking. However, it has been revealed by scientific studies that there is not a single authentic photograph offering proof the massacre actually happened.

China claims that more than 200,000 people including ordinary citizens were killed by the Japanese army for two months after the fall of Nanking in December 13, 1937.  There must have been a giant pile of dead bodies if it is true.  However, not a single corpse has been found yet.  I know some corpses are exhibited in the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.  But those corpses have not been examined into the cause of deaths.  Where did this Memorial Hall bring those corpses from?

Do you know the Katyn Massacre?  The Katyn Massacre is a hair-raising historical incident that more than 20,000 Polish officers were killed by Stalin-era Soviet military in 1940.  This incident was exposed to the world by Nazi Germany which found out massacred corpses of Polish officers near the forests of Katyn in February 27,  1943.  Nazi Germany investigated the cause of those deaths and strongly condemned Soviet for Katyn Massacre as follows.
1) Ropes which were used to bind corpses turned out to be Soviet-made.  Ropes were tied the Russian knot.
2) Some corpses had bayonet scars.  This bayonet turned out to be the Soviet military’s.
3) It is estimated that those Polish officers were killed around April of 1940 from issued date of Russian newspapers which a lot of Polish corpses had in their pockets.
4) Bullets shot into corpses turned out to be Germany-made.  But Nazi Germany proved that bullets had been exported to Poland and Soviet before 1939.
After the war, however, Soviet tried to frame Germany up for the Katyn Massacre at Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946) even though Soviet committed and knew it.  It had been regarded as taboo to get to the bottom of the Katyn Massacre in Poland under Sovietized socialist regime (1945-1989).  In 1990, Gorbachev Administration of Soviet disclosed documents that Stalin ordered the Soviet military to kill Polish captives.

Do you understand the differences between Katyn and Nanking?  First of all, a murder case needs a corpse or a dead body.  The Nanking Massacre is believed as a kind of mass murder. However, the Nanking Massacre is mass murder which is supported only by eyewitness testimonies.  To find out a dead body is the first step in the investigation of a murder.  So it is natural that the people, who want to get to the bottom of the Nanking Massacre, should find out corpses of victims first.  Because there are a lot of eyewitness testimonies of the people who saw Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking 1937, right?  Why the people, who want to get to the bottom of the Nanking Massacre, don’t try to find out corpses based on eyewitness testimonies?  I know the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall exhibits corpses.  But why the Memorial Hall keeps refusing to accept Japanese investigation team?  It seems that China doesn’t want get to the bottom of the Nanking Massacre even though China is eager to produce propaganda movies about the Nanking Massacre.  Therefore, I always describe the Nanking Massacre as Victimless Murder.  The crucial difference between Katyn and Nanking is the difference between historical fact and hoax.

In a moment of cool-headed, it becomes clear that the Nanking Massacre is a questionable story.  Why do you think I got angry at Ishihara’s comment a dozen years ago?  Why I lost my cool then?  Because I was brainwashed and I had been implanted aggression (=righteous anger) against denier into my mind to prevent from cooling down. When and where was I implanted it?  And more, there is a very important thing that we forget about China.  This is the true genocide, the true holocaust and the true ethnic cleansing are ongoing in China now.  We must not forget more than 1.28 million Tibetan people were killed for the past 60 years since 1949 that China took over Tibet.  I think that the hoax of the Nanking Massacre is a distraction that China threw to the international society for the purpose of distracting the world’s attention from the Rape of Tibet.

P.S. – August 28, 2010

Please check the video below.  (*It is not my account.)  This is the Video titled “the Fake of Nanking” that I uploaded to YouTube in May 2007.  I produced this video to expose the fake of the Nanking Massacre that America and China fabricated for the purpose of setting Japan up as the hideous rogue nation in wartime.  America produced a wartime propaganda movie titled “the Battle of China” (directed by Frank Capra, 65 min) to foment American people’s hatred toward the Japanese people in 1944, when WW2 was near its end.  In the Battle of China, there is the scene, where the mysterious soldiers who look like Japanese soldiers,  shoot two persons to death as Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking.  The scene where the mysterious soldiers shoot two persons to death was exposed as Kuomintang soldiers (KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party) to the public.  Moreover,  the scene where Kuomintang soldiers shoot two persons turned out to be a part of “the Shanghai Document”  (directed by Yakov Bliokh,  54 min) that was produced as a documentary movie (in the former Soviet Union in 1928.  What is more, Frank Capra trimmed away the part of Kuomintang soldiers from the film of “the Shanghai Document”,  additionally,  Frank Capra inserted the footage of a Japanese officer’s crying “Hajime!”(=start in Japanese) into this scene to make this footage look like that Japanese soldiers’ atrocities.  The Nanking Massacre is believed to have happened in December 1937.  Why do you think Frank Capra used the 1928 Shanghai’s footage as a 1937 Nanking’s footage in the Battle of China?  Because there was no footage that proved the Nanking Massacre when Frank Capra produced “the Battle of China” in 1944.  So he had no alternative but to make up the scene of Japanese soldiers’ atrocities with trimming away the footage of Kuomintang soldiers from the Shanghai Document.

P.S. – August 30, 2010

I know there are a lot of the people (self-proclaimed survivors) who witnessed Japanese soldiers’ atrocities at the time in Nanking.  I know there are some former Japanese soldiers who give testimony that they massacred Chinese civilians, too.  I know there are plenty of testimonies.  However, we should understand that testimony is testimony, testimony doesn’t have the same meaning of evidence and testimony always needs to be verified its credibility.  We should think back on what happened during the height of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1974) in China.  It is the age of madness.  Chinese people criticized each other and injured each other’s reputations by telling lies to survive under the fierce power struggle.  It is said that more than innocent 30 million people were framed up by others’ false accusations, were put on mockery trial by anonymous tip or testimonies, and most of them were executed for crimes they did not commit.  The more we know about Chinese history, the less we can believe Chinese people’s testimonies.  We should understand the racial characteristic of Han Chinese.  We should understand how incredible Han Chinese people are.  Do you think I am racist?  I think you want my opinion about why there are former Japanese soldiers who testify that they committed atrocities against Chinese people. So let me tell my opinion as follows.  If a person gives testimony relating to what the Japanese Imperial Army committed against the enemy or civilians,  he needs to give out identifying information (name, birth date, birth place and so on) and attached unit of the Japanese army.  Because their testimonies have effects on the Japan’s and Japanese ancestors’ honor.  However, almost former Japanese soldiers, who give testimony that they massacred Chinese civilians, always tell irresponsible lies about their identifying information.  Who can believe testimonies of self-proclaimed former Japanese soldiers who never clearly identify themselves?


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日本人とは何か(1) February 12, 2009

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さらにもう一件。ここにアメリカ出身のArudou Debito(有道出人、本名:David Aldwinckle)というガイジンがいる。この名前を挙げただけで、「ああ、コイツかぁ」と頷く人もいるだろう。日本の会員制ホステスクラブを嗅ぎまわっては「Japanese only」(外国人お断り)という看板を見つけ、それを「人種差別だ!」と騒ぎまくっているガイジン。このArudou Debito氏は、2000年に日本に帰化したらしい。しかもアメリカ市民権を放棄せずに。本人はその2年後、二重国籍をアメリカ大使館から警告を受けてアメリカ市民権を放棄したらしい。(笑)このガイジン、実は変なことを言っているのだ。自分のことを「米国系日本人」と呼んでいる。ん?米国系日本人?「米国系」って何だ?アメリカ人という民族でも存在していたのか?アメリカには白い人もいれば黒い人もいる。黄色い人もいれば、イスラム教徒だっている。Arudou Debito氏は、そうした「人種のルツボ」と呼ばれる国から日本にやってきたんでしょ?Arudou Debito氏は、悪い意味で(笑)、体中にアメリカの価値観が染み付いた人なんだろう。彼の言わんとするところの「元は米国市民だったが、日本に帰化した人」を「米国系日本人」などussrと言い切ってしまっている。思い返せば、今から18年ほど前まで、ソビエト連邦が91年に崩壊するまで「ソ連人」(Soviets)という呼び方が存在していた。ロシア人をはじめウクライナ人、ウズベキスタン人、カザフスタン人、シベリアに住むヤクート人・・・みんな「ソ連人」だった。国家の名称をもって、民族ではなく、ある国家に所属する人々の集団を指す言葉。今、考えたら奇妙な言葉だったと思えないか?謎の「ソ連人」・・・私は思わず吹いてしまう。それと同じで、「アメリカ人」という言葉がいかに奇妙かに気づくべきだ。Arudou Debito氏は人種のルツボであるアメリカという国から日本に帰化した。そして「米国系日本人」と自分のことを呼んでいる。もし彼が20年前にソ連から帰化したのであれば、「ソ連系日本人」だったのか?「ソ連系日本人」って言葉。もう怪しさがたっぷり漂う言葉じゃないか。ロシア人なら「ロシア系日本人」、ウズベキスタン人なら「ウズベク系日本人」でしょ?



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Japanese Buddhists’ Silent Protest at Zenkoji April 19, 2008

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On April 13th, Zenkoji Buddihist temple (Nagano, Japan) held a little and silent memorial service for victims of the uprising in Tibet. Zenkoji’s monks and citizens lighted 177 memorial candles to pray for the souls of the 177 dead. Zenkoji temple had been set for the starting point of the Olympic Torch Relay scheduled on April 26th.
On April 18th, Zenkoji temple declined the starting point of the Olympic Torch Relay. The representative of Zenkoji temple’s monks talked about the reason for the declination as follows, “Zenkoji is deeply concerned about China genocide against Tibetan people”.
On April 21st, Zenkoji temple announced to hold the Buddhist memorial service for victims of the uprising in Tibet just before the Olympic Torch Relay. The Buddhist memorial service on April 26th is scheduled from 6:30 am to 8:00 am.

Chinese military attacked and invaded Tibet in 1950. China occupied Tibet who was the fully independent nation before the invasion of China. China has been torturing and slaughtering enormous numbers of innocent Tibetan civilians since 1950. TIBETAN VICTIMS of CHINESE ATROCITIES reaches 1.28 million people. Tibetan people have been suffering from China’s cruel and bloody repression. Please don’t apply the word “Human Right Abuse” to what is going on in Tibet. What is going on in Tibet? China has been committing “Cultural Genocide” against Tibetan people in the form of ethnic cleansing since China’s invasion. “Cultural Genocide” against Tibetan people should be called “Unforgivable Humanitarian Tragedy”.


I know that there are people who say, “Don’t mix up sports with politics!” or “The Olympics should be separated from politics”. I don’t think so at all. Why we can enjoy sports? Why we can enjoy the Olympics even though the host country is committing Genocide on earth? We found out facts that so many Tibetan people are tortured by Chinese Communist Party. We know many people who share the same time with us are tortured by Chinese atrocities. Chinese Communist Party strays from the path of righteousness. We cannot be silent as a human being any more! We should be deeply concerned about the existence of people suffering from murder,  torture and rape. We should protest against China in hoarse voice now! 

This is a Human Being.

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チベットに学ぶ民族自決権の尊さと外国人参政権の危険性 April 6, 2008

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欧米は、コソボなどといった人口200万人・面積1万平方メートル(四国の面積は1万8千平方メートル)の国の独立を今年の2月に承認したばかり。しかしながら、チベット民族は中国国内だけでも540万人を数え、面積はチベット自治区だけでも122万平方メートル、もとのチベット王国の面積はその倍であった。しかしながら、欧米はチベット問題をチベット人の民族自決とは切り離して人権問題にすりかえている。なぜか?欧米の主要国は、アジア・アフリカを植民地として支配してきた歴史を持っている。白人同士の民族自決は認めても、アジア・アフリカ系の有色人種の民族自決は認めない、もしくは関心がないのだ。フランスは特に、いまでさえも南太平洋にタヒチなどポリネシア諸島を植民地として持っている。フランスは95年、ここを核実験場として使用し放射能を撒き散らし、多くのポリネシア人たちに健康被害をもたらした。奴らはたびたびダブルスタンダード(二重基準)を用いる。欧米人の発想の原理には、無意識ながらにも常に白人至上主義が存在している。日本人はこうした欧米の言論に振り回されず、チベット人を同じアジア人として独自の視点で世界の動向をみるべきだ。であれば、いまチベットで行われていることを「人権侵害」なんて表現してはいけない。いまチベットで行われていることは民族浄化(ethnic cleansing)であり、それに伴うジェノサイドなのである。これらの言葉は、98年に起こったコソボ紛争時に欧米メディアによって盛んに使用されたことを思い出してほしい。日本のメディアまでもが、民族浄化のことを欧米メディアが発する用語を用いて「エスニック・クレンジング」など呼んでいたことを憶えておられる日本人もたくさんいるだろう。実は驚くことに、わずか10年前まで、日本語には「民族浄化」という単語すらなかったのである。


日教組の教師たちは「日の丸・君が代」に「軍国主義」という黒いインクを振りかけ、無垢な子供たちを「反日の日本人」として洗脳してきた。「天皇」を先の大戦の戦犯として侮辱することによって、日本人から「天皇」の存在を排除しようとしてきた。今これらと同質の人たちが、外国人参政権を強力に推進している。そして、外国人参政権に反対する者たちを「偏狭なナショナリズムだ!」と非難している。私はその人たちに問いたい。「それじゃ、偏狭ではなく寛容なナショナリズムって何ですか?」 これに返答できる左翼は実はひとりもいない。なぜか?彼らは心の底からマルクス主義や唯物論に傾倒なんてしていない。他国の傀儡か、ただただ舶来の思想にカブレているだけだ。ゆえに、彼らは自分で思考して練り上げた「自分自身の言葉」を持たない。だから、彼らはただただ自分の洋書の読書暦しか紹介できない。それが今の日本の学者の姿である。






チベット大虐殺を人権侵害・人権弾圧と呼ぶな! March 26, 2008

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toture_in_tibet_02.jpgよくテレビや街頭でチベット虐殺で中国を非難している人々が口々に「中国はチベット人に対する人権弾圧をやめろ!人権侵害をやめろ!」と叫んでいる。しかしながら、私はずっと違和感を感じてきた。なぜならば、いまチベットで行われていることは、ほとんどの日本人が想像する「人権侵害・人権弾圧」とは、あまりにもかけ離れた行為が中国によって行われているからだ。中国は1950年以来、チ ベット民族の「民族自決権」を踏みにじり、「侵略」し「略奪」の限りを尽くしたあげく、チベット民族を 国家的・組織的に抹殺しようとしてきた。すでに中国は、128万人の無実のチベット人の命を奪い、人間の想像を超 えたところでの拷問・強姦・暴行をチベット民族に対して繰り返してきた。人を虫けらのように甚振って殺す行為や残酷な拷問・・・そうした行為は日本人が想 像する「人権侵害・人権弾圧」の領域を遥かに超えている。 さらには、生き残っているチベット人たちの男女に断種・避妊手術を強制し、民族としての種を根絶させようとしている。こんな行為を「人権侵害・人権弾圧」などと甘ったるい言葉で呼ぶな!中国がチベット人に対して行っている行為は、人にあらざるべき鬼畜の行いであり、同じ人間として許すことのできない人としての道から外れた「ジェノサイド」であり、「極悪非道の行い」である。ユダヤ人のホロコーストや(捏造された)南京大虐殺を指して誰が「人権侵害・人権弾圧」などと呼ぶであろうか。これらは極悪非道の残虐行為と呼ぶにふさわしい。これは人権の問題ではなく、人道の問題であり、人としての道から外れているからこそ「非道」なのである。This is NOT human right issue BUT humanitarian issue.



南京大虐殺に関心のある人は、ぜひチベット大虐殺と比較しながら残虐行為を検証していくべきだ。実は、虐殺の方法、人の苦しみをまるでねぶるかのような拷問のやり口、そして強姦・・・アイリス・チャンの書いた「ザ・レイプ・オブ・ナンキン(THE RAPE OF NANKING)」そのままである。私が言わんとするところは、これが日本人の想像を超えた漢民族のやり口であり、「ザ・レイプ・オブ・ナンキン」が漢民族の持つ残虐性を反映したものであったということである。実際に、1937年(昭和12年)7月29日に起きた通州事件(北京市通州区)でも、中国保安部隊が日本軍留守部隊約110名と婦女子を含む日本人居留民420名を襲撃し、チベット大虐殺と同様な残虐行為を行っている。さらに卑怯なことには、この通州事件における残虐な殺され方をした写真の多くが、中国の主張する南京大虐殺の証拠写真として用いられているのだ。生首が晒された写真、女性の局部に異物を差し込まれたままの死体の写真・・・これらの被害者は、実は日本人なのである。

rape_021.jpg中国共産党は、本来、日本人が被害者であるべき写真を「日本兵に虐殺された中国人」と称して、世界中にばら撒いてきた。南京大虐殺を「ホロコースト」などと過激な呼び方をし、世界中の人々に日本人のイメージを「野蛮で残酷な民族」として植えつけ、一方では、中国人を「可愛そうな同情すべき被害者」として宣伝してきたのである。最近になって、ようやく見えてきた・・・何のために、何の目的で、これほどまでに中国共産党が躍起になって捏造された南京大虐殺を世界中に宣伝しているのか・・・世界の目を「ザ・レイプ・オブ・ナンキン」に釘づけし、中国共産党がいま現在行っている真のホロコースト、「ザ・レイプ・オブ・チベット(THE RAPE OF TIBET)」を目くらましにするためだったのである。世界の人々のみならず、日本人までが「南京大虐殺」という目くらましに遭っていたため、そのあまりの残虐性ゆえに「チベット大虐殺」が霞んでしまっていたのだ。いま日本人が、世界のどの人々よりも、激しい憤りを持って「ザ・レイプ・オブ・チベット(THE RAPE OF TIBET)」の持つ中国共産党の極悪非道を訴えていく・・・日本人には、その人道的な使命があり、それは世界からも期待されているのだ。

もう一度繰り返すが、チベット虐殺を人権侵害・人権弾圧と呼ばないでほしい。これこそが「ザ・レイプ・オブ・チベット(THE RAPE OF TIBET)」である。

関連記事  チベットに学ぶ民族自決権の尊さと外国人参政権の危険性
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