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Do you still believe Nanking Massacre? August 26, 2010

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Do you still believe that so-called the Nanking Massacre  (or the Rape of Nanking) actually happened in December 1937?  To be honest, I too had believed ‘the Nanking Massacre’ blindly until just 7 or 8 years ago.

As I remember, when Ishihara Shintaro, the current governor of Tokyo was still a Diet member in the mid-1990s, he commented in an interview with mass media, “I know it is said that the Japanese Army committed the Nanking Massacre.  But the Nanking Massacre is not a historical fact.  This is a hoax by China.  Japan’s image was badly tarnished by this hoax.”  I watched the news on TV.  I remember that I barked at TV in anger then, “What!?  Ishihara Shintaro is also going to deny America’s atomic bombing?  Denying Nanking is tantamount to denying Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”   I suppose that some of the people who believe the Nanking Massacre have the same experience in saying or thinking as I said to TV then.  I thought about what caused such a reaction to denial of the Nanking Massacre.  Why do you think I said that denying the Nanking was tantamount to denying Hiroshima and Nagasaki then?  Why do you think I thought about war crimes in sets with Hiroshima/Nagasaki and Nanking?  Why do you think I got angry at Ishihara’s comment then?

I think this is a kind of conditioned reflex to denial of the Nanking Massacre.  For example, I associated Hiroshima and Nagasaki with Nanking.  In addition, I felt righteous anger toward the person who denies the Nanking Massacre as if I represented justice in the world.  It’s my guess that I was imprinted a kind of conditioned reflex in my subconscious mind somewhere (at school, in movies,  at museums or through mass media).  This is a kind of brainwashing.   Therefore, whenever I attempt to appeal for atrocious and inhuman acts of atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, someone counter-argues that atomic bombings were paid the penalty for the Nanking Massacre.  So to speak, the Nanking Massacre is often used for the purpose of avoiding blame for atomic bombings,  and is used for the purpose of preventing Japan from being the true victim of WW2.

The rise of the internet has increased opportunities to enlighten Japanese Internet users about historical truth which have been hidden by left-leaning mass media.  As a result, it has become known that China has been spreading lies about the Nanking Massacre to the world.   Over the past dozen years or so, Tanaka Masaaki, Kitamura Minoru, Higashinakano Shudo, Ara Kenichi and other many Japanese historians have inspected each single photographic evidence that China is presenting to prove Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking.   For example, China is presenting many photos as evidence of the Nanking Massacre.  The total number of photos that China is presenting is 143.  Surprisingly, it has been revealed that all 143 photos that China is presenting as photographic evidence turned out to be fake or utterly irrelevant to the Nanking Massacre.  That is, there is not a single photographic evidence of Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking.  However, China keeps presenting these fake photos as evidence at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall opened in 1985.   Higashinakano Shudo’s inspection on 143 photographic evidence was published as a book in January 2005.

I think you are still half in doubt.  I hope you are not upset.  Please bear with me for a moment.  Furthermore,   when Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Japan in April 2007, ‘Committee for the Examination of the Facts about Nanking’ published open letter to Jiabao.  The open questions are follows.
1) The late-leader Mao Zedong never mentioned the Nanking Massacre.
2) Between December 1, 1937 and October 24, 1938 the Chinese Nationalist Party Government (Kuomintang) held 300 press conferences with foreign journalists in Hankou.  But the Chinese Nationalist Party never mentioned “citizens being massacred in Nanking,” or “hostages being murdered unlawfully”.
3) According to the record published as a book by the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone (Ernest Forster, John Rabe, Lewis Strong, Casey Smythe, Eduard Sperling, George Fitch and so on) in 1939,  the population of Nanking stood at 200,000 prior to the Japanese occupation. This population level remained unchanged during December. Records show the population to be 250,000 one month after the Japanese occupation of the city began.
4) What is more, in this book published by the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone, there is a list of detailed complaints against the Japanese army’s criminal activities. The list includes a total of 26 murder incidents, of which only one case was witnessed but it was judged to be a lawful killing and thus noted in the book.
5) Numerous photographs said to be proof of the Nanking massacre are being displayed in books and at many exhibitions including the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall in Nanking. However, it has been revealed by scientific studies that there is not a single authentic photograph offering proof the massacre actually happened.

China claims that more than 200,000 people including ordinary citizens were killed by the Japanese army for two months after the fall of Nanking in December 13, 1937.  There must have been a giant pile of dead bodies if it is true.  However, not a single corpse has been found yet.  I know some corpses are exhibited in the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.  But those corpses have not been examined into the cause of deaths.  Where did this Memorial Hall bring those corpses from?

Do you know the Katyn Massacre?  The Katyn Massacre is a hair-raising historical incident that more than 20,000 Polish officers were killed by Stalin-era Soviet military in 1940.  This incident was exposed to the world by Nazi Germany which found out massacred corpses of Polish officers near the forests of Katyn in February 27,  1943.  Nazi Germany investigated the cause of those deaths and strongly condemned Soviet for Katyn Massacre as follows.
1) Ropes which were used to bind corpses turned out to be Soviet-made.  Ropes were tied the Russian knot.
2) Some corpses had bayonet scars.  This bayonet turned out to be the Soviet military’s.
3) It is estimated that those Polish officers were killed around April of 1940 from issued date of Russian newspapers which a lot of Polish corpses had in their pockets.
4) Bullets shot into corpses turned out to be Germany-made.  But Nazi Germany proved that bullets had been exported to Poland and Soviet before 1939.
After the war, however, Soviet tried to frame Germany up for the Katyn Massacre at Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946) even though Soviet committed and knew it.  It had been regarded as taboo to get to the bottom of the Katyn Massacre in Poland under Sovietized socialist regime (1945-1989).  In 1990, Gorbachev Administration of Soviet disclosed documents that Stalin ordered the Soviet military to kill Polish captives.

Do you understand the differences between Katyn and Nanking?  First of all, a murder case needs a corpse or a dead body.  The Nanking Massacre is believed as a kind of mass murder. However, the Nanking Massacre is mass murder which is supported only by eyewitness testimonies.  To find out a dead body is the first step in the investigation of a murder.  So it is natural that the people, who want to get to the bottom of the Nanking Massacre, should find out corpses of victims first.  Because there are a lot of eyewitness testimonies of the people who saw Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking 1937, right?  Why the people, who want to get to the bottom of the Nanking Massacre, don’t try to find out corpses based on eyewitness testimonies?  I know the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall exhibits corpses.  But why the Memorial Hall keeps refusing to accept Japanese investigation team?  It seems that China doesn’t want get to the bottom of the Nanking Massacre even though China is eager to produce propaganda movies about the Nanking Massacre.  Therefore, I always describe the Nanking Massacre as Victimless Murder.  The crucial difference between Katyn and Nanking is the difference between historical fact and hoax.

In a moment of cool-headed, it becomes clear that the Nanking Massacre is a questionable story.  Why do you think I got angry at Ishihara’s comment a dozen years ago?  Why I lost my cool then?  Because I was brainwashed and I had been implanted aggression (=righteous anger) against denier into my mind to prevent from cooling down. When and where was I implanted it?  And more, there is a very important thing that we forget about China.  This is the true genocide, the true holocaust and the true ethnic cleansing are ongoing in China now.  We must not forget more than 1.28 million Tibetan people were killed for the past 60 years since 1949 that China took over Tibet.  I think that the hoax of the Nanking Massacre is a distraction that China threw to the international society for the purpose of distracting the world’s attention from the Rape of Tibet.

P.S. – August 28, 2010

Please check the video below.  (*It is not my account.)  This is the Video titled “the Fake of Nanking” that I uploaded to YouTube in May 2007.  I produced this video to expose the fake of the Nanking Massacre that America and China fabricated for the purpose of setting Japan up as the hideous rogue nation in wartime.  America produced a wartime propaganda movie titled “the Battle of China” (directed by Frank Capra, 65 min) to foment American people’s hatred toward the Japanese people in 1944, when WW2 was near its end.  In the Battle of China, there is the scene, where the mysterious soldiers who look like Japanese soldiers,  shoot two persons to death as Japanese soldiers’ atrocities in Nanking.  The scene where the mysterious soldiers shoot two persons to death was exposed as Kuomintang soldiers (KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party) to the public.  Moreover,  the scene where Kuomintang soldiers shoot two persons turned out to be a part of “the Shanghai Document”  (directed by Yakov Bliokh,  54 min) that was produced as a documentary movie (in the former Soviet Union in 1928.  What is more, Frank Capra trimmed away the part of Kuomintang soldiers from the film of “the Shanghai Document”,  additionally,  Frank Capra inserted the footage of a Japanese officer’s crying “Hajime!”(=start in Japanese) into this scene to make this footage look like that Japanese soldiers’ atrocities.  The Nanking Massacre is believed to have happened in December 1937.  Why do you think Frank Capra used the 1928 Shanghai’s footage as a 1937 Nanking’s footage in the Battle of China?  Because there was no footage that proved the Nanking Massacre when Frank Capra produced “the Battle of China” in 1944.  So he had no alternative but to make up the scene of Japanese soldiers’ atrocities with trimming away the footage of Kuomintang soldiers from the Shanghai Document.

P.S. – August 30, 2010

I know there are a lot of the people (self-proclaimed survivors) who witnessed Japanese soldiers’ atrocities at the time in Nanking.  I know there are some former Japanese soldiers who give testimony that they massacred Chinese civilians, too.  I know there are plenty of testimonies.  However, we should understand that testimony is testimony, testimony doesn’t have the same meaning of evidence and testimony always needs to be verified its credibility.  We should think back on what happened during the height of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1974) in China.  It is the age of madness.  Chinese people criticized each other and injured each other’s reputations by telling lies to survive under the fierce power struggle.  It is said that more than innocent 30 million people were framed up by others’ false accusations, were put on mockery trial by anonymous tip or testimonies, and most of them were executed for crimes they did not commit.  The more we know about Chinese history, the less we can believe Chinese people’s testimonies.  We should understand the racial characteristic of Han Chinese.  We should understand how incredible Han Chinese people are.  Do you think I am racist?  I think you want my opinion about why there are former Japanese soldiers who testify that they committed atrocities against Chinese people. So let me tell my opinion as follows.  If a person gives testimony relating to what the Japanese Imperial Army committed against the enemy or civilians,  he needs to give out identifying information (name, birth date, birth place and so on) and attached unit of the Japanese army.  Because their testimonies have effects on the Japan’s and Japanese ancestors’ honor.  However, almost former Japanese soldiers, who give testimony that they massacred Chinese civilians, always tell irresponsible lies about their identifying information.  Who can believe testimonies of self-proclaimed former Japanese soldiers who never clearly identify themselves?


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Yasukuni Shrine – 3 what did they die for? August 13, 2010

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I watched a YouTube’s video that a Canadian named Pierre Pariseau said rude words against Tamogami Toshio (the former COS of Air Self-Defense Force ) and made a small trouble in Yasukuni Shrine on August 15th last year,  the 64th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War (=the Greater East Asian War).  Pierre Pariseau suddenly and provocatively said to Tamogami Toshio who finished his speech and was being interviewed by a cable television, “You would be arrested for unconstitutional if you were German. What do you think?”  A few Japanese, who were listening to Tamogami’s speech,  got angry at Pariseau’s rude words against Tamogami. 

I understand why these Japanese got angry with Pariseau. But I was a little disappointed at behaviors of these Japanese to shout furiously at this Canadian.  They should understand that this Canadian said rude words to Tamogami deliberately as a provocation and they responded to his provocation as he had expected.  We Japanese should understand that over 9 out of 10 westerners living in Japan have the same ideas about Yasukuni issue or Tamogami’s controversial essay as this Canadian.  Pierre Pariseau has written negative articles about Yasukuni Shrine for ‘The Japan Times’ two or three times.  The people who got angry with Pierre Pariseau should recognize almost westerners, especially the Allies’(America, Britain, Australia and so on.) people have stereotype that they Allies fought against inhuman Fascism states 65 years ago and liberated the people from it.  Therefore, if the person who denies or argues against the Allies’ historical perspective appears in front of them, they routinely try to label him/her as historical revisionist like Pavlov’s conditioned reflex. The word ‘Uyoku (Right Wing) ‘ is the term applied in place of ‘historical revisionist’ in Japan by foreign press. Almost westerners who try to label him/her as historical revisionist or Uyoku don’t want to debate on history with him/her from the beginning.  So Pierre Pariseau intentionally had a shit-eating grin on his face after saying a rude word against Tamogami and this Canadian hurried away from Yasukuni Shrine. It is obvious that the goal of this Canadian was only provocation against the Japanese intending to make them angry.

Actually, I too had the similar stereotype about Yasukuni Shrine to Pierre Pariseau until just a few years ago. It was 6 years ago that I visited Yasukuni Shrine for the first time.  Before visiting Yasukuni’s Yushukan (military and war museum),  I too thought that Yasukuni was Militarist Shrine.  I had a lot of negative image of Yauskuni such as black vehicles right-wing campaigners making poisonous and intense noises.  However,  I entered Yushukan and stood in front of over 6000 portraits who died in the war,  and as I read each and every one of farewell notes that so many people’s left,  I found ‘the true human dignity’ in farewell notes and understood what they died for.

What do you think they died for? I suppose you will answer “For the Emperor (Tenno)!” if you have the above-mentioned stereotype.  There are so many farewell notes to their families. These farewell notes speak to you why they fought at the risk of their lives and what they desperately tried to protect  They had things that are worth risking their lives! They had things that are worth giving their lives! Their wives,  their daughters,  their sons,  their mothers and their hometowns.  Even if they shouted,  “Tenno Heika Banzai! and died at the front,  their hearts were always with their families until the last moment of their lives.  More important for us,  these farewell notes speak to us that they entrusted Japan to future generations and died. Who are future generations that they entrusted ‘Japan’ to?  Naturally, we can never ignore the last wishes of the people who sacrificed their lives for Japan.  However,  if the people who died for Japan in the war see the reality of today’s Japan,  if they see the emotionally-disturbed society such as children kill their parents or corrupt politicians get hooked on women and money,  I’m sure they would be disappointed and lament over today’s Japan.  It is consequence of 65 years that the Japanese people have been turning their back on Yasukuni Shrine since the end of the war.  I realized I had been thankless Japanese when I read farewell notes at Yasukuni.

As you may know,  it has become controversial whether voting rights should be given to permanent foreign residents or not in Japan’s political world.  I would like to propose that the Japanese government should give voting rights to 2,466,532 people who are enshrined as ‘spirits of the war dead’ at Yasukuni first,  prior to giving voting rights to foreign residents who came to Japan by their own self-interest.  We must never forget that 2,466,532 people died for Japan and entrusted Japan’s future to us who live in the present.  The 65th anniversary of the end of the Greater East Asia war will come soon.

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Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Pearl Harbor August 7, 2010

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65 years ago today, for the first time in the history of humankind, the nuclear weapon was used against innocent civilians by America.  65 years ago today was Monday. At 1:30 am, early on Monday morning, August 6th in 1945, America’s B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay left Tinian Island in the western Pacific. At 8:05 am, the Enola Gay reached the sky over Hiroshima. 10 minutes later, at 8:15 am, the Enola Gay dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on the center of Hiroshima which had a population of 350,000.

We should focus attention on the day and time when America dropped the atomic bomb. 8:15 am. and Monday morning… Why did the Enola Gay carry out the world’s first atomic bombing at 8:15 a.m.? Why did the Enola Gay drop the atomic bomb on Monday morning? American Army knew Japanese schools held morning meetings on Monday morning. 8:15 on Monday was the time that schools started morning meetings. American Army knew school children would round up in schoolyards for morning meetings at 8:15 am. Therefore, American Army set the time of dropping the world’s first atomic bomb at 8:15 am, on Monday, August 6th. For what? To kill Japanese school children efficiently and to crush all hope in Japan’s future. As a result of America’s atomic bombing, 140,000 people out of 350,000 citizens of then Hiroshima died. Most of 140,000 people were children, women and elderly people. They suffered and suffered, and died in great agony. It is obvious that America carried out genocide against the Japanese people on the pretext of ending the war.

Only 3 days after the atomic bombing on Hiroshima, the world’s second atomic bomb caused the further humanitarian tragedy for innocent civilians of Nagasaki. American Army dropped new type of atomic bomb different from the bomb that they dropped on Hiroshima 3 days ago. 70,000 people out of 240,000 citizens of then Nagasaki died. While American Army dropped ‘uranium-type bomb’ on Hiroshima, they dropped ‘plutonium-type bomb’ on Nagasaki. America succeeded in developing two different types of atomic bombs. America carried out the experiment of two different types of atomic bombs on hundreds of thousands living human bodies in the confusion just before the end of the war.

Some people, especially Americans say, “The atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima ended the war. These two atomic bombs saved millions of lives that would have been lost through a long lasting war.” This is delusive sophistry to justify America’s hideous crime against humanity. 

The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that America prolonged the war intending to drop atomic bombs on Japanese cities by presenting unacceptable terms of surrender against Japan. The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that there are rules even during wartime. America’s atomic bombing obviously violated the Hague Convention that prohibited attacks on civilians. The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that there are many people who still suffer atomic-bomb disease now, 65 years after the war. The people who believe that these two atomic bombs ended the war should recognize that there are the people who are called “children of atomic-bomb victims”. Why they who have no relationship with the war 65 years ago have to suffer atomic-bomb disease?

Atomic bombing is the worst war crime against humanity in human history. But American Presidents have never once visited Hiroshima or Nagasaki. No more Hiroshima, No more Nagasaki. Pearl Harbor once again!

August 6, 2010
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田母神論文-侵略か否かにこだわるほど自虐史観 January 1, 2009

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alex「日本が侵略国家だったか否か」といった議論はあまりにくだらない。たとえ「侵略」の要素が少しばかりあったとしても、そのことで周辺のアジア諸国に対して謝罪する必要もないし、また日本人が少しも負い目を感じることは毛頭ないのだ。眼を日本から外へ向ければ、東ヨーロッパ・バルカン半島にマケドニア共和国という国がある。マケドニア人はかつてペルシャ東方遠征を行った古代マケドニア王国のアレクサンダー大王(紀元前336 – 紀元前323)を民族の偉大な英雄として称えている。マケドニア人たちはアレクサンダー大王の話になると眼を輝かして古(いにしえ)の侵略の歴史について語り始めるのだ(笑)。しかしながら、実はアレクサンダー大王はマケドニア人ではなくギリシャ人であったのだが・・・(笑)。napoleaon2またフランスの英雄ナポレオン・ボナパルト(1769- 1821)などはヨーロッパを征服し、さらには広大なロシアの奥くまで進撃しモスクワまで占領した。これがナポレオン戦争であり、ナポレオンが征服したヨーロッパでは王政を倒し、ヨーロッパの諸民族にフランス革命の理念である自由・平等・博愛の理念をばら撒き、のちに諸民族が民族主義国家として成立していく近代の歴史的偉業を達成したのである。





平成21年 いまだ元旦


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As you may know, public sentiment against Japan in China is very strong. Such strong sentiment against Japan is called “Anti-Japanese Sentiment”. Why do you think the Chinese people have such a deep-seated antipathy toward Japan? I suppose you will answer as follows, “Because various historical issues cause the Chinese people to hold anti-Japanese sentiment.”

However, Japan is actually the largest aid donor to China. Japan has been giving technology and economic aid to China since 1979. The aid volume from Japan to China over the past 28 years amounts to fifty seven billion US dollars. But the Chinese Communist Party never informs its people about Japan’s aid and purposely keeps this information from them. Therefore, there are only a few Chinese people who know about Japan’s aid. Additionally, the Chinese Communist Party conducts top-to-bottom Anti-Japanese Education on school children. The Chinese Communist Party makes school children hate Japan through history education as a policy.

Surprisingly, the history education is based on the war-time propaganda that was used when China fought against Japan during the Sino-Japanese war 70 years ago. The Japanese media obtained a teachers’ manual for history education. In this teachers’ manual, the mental attitude toward history education and the method of teaching are written in minute detail. And more, footage of demonstration classes is attached to this teachers’ manual, too.

For example, the Nanking Massacre. According to this teachers’ manual, teachers must show children many photos of Nanking Massacreand point out the brutality and barbarity of the aggressive war that Japanese imperialism committed. Teachers must impress upon children a deep-seated grudge against Japan by showing scenes of mass murder on an unimaginable scale. China exports Anti-Japanese Education to the world and implants an irrational prejudice against the Japanese people.China is pushing black propaganda of the Nanking Massacre using 143 photos around the world. However, all 143 photos that China is presentinghave been revealed to the entire worldas fake, fabricated, or utterly irrelevant to the Nanking Massacre. Putting aside the argument of whether or not there was a massacre in Nanking, the fact remains that there is not a single photo that proves that there was a massacre. Especially if the photos were presented in a modern-day court of law. I speak out, “Anti-Japan” is China’s national policy. Japan is the imaginary enemy of China. Why do you think the Chinese Communist Party holds such a policy?

If you look back over the modern history of China, the Tiananmen Square incident happened in 1989. 1989 is the year that socialist countries turned toward democratization one after another in Eastern Europe. The Chinese Communist Party feared the worst-case scenario then. The worst-case scenario was the collapse of the single-party regime in China. The Chinese Communist Party needed to turn the attention of the Chinese people away from democratization to a foreign enemy. So, Japan was set up as an imaginary enemy in around 1994. At the time, Jiang Zemin was the state president of China. The Chinese Communist Party started conducting top-to-bottom Anti-Japanese Education in around 1994.

Therefore, the younger generation of Chinese has aggressive and hostile feelings toward Japan. The Chinese people’s Anti-Japanese sentiment became known to the Japanese people in around 2004. When Japan’s national soccer team went to Chongqing in China, Chinese fans booed Japan’s national anthem and threw plastic bottles and other items at Japanese supporters.

And in April 2005, Anti-Japanese riots broke out in various regions of China all at once. With these Anti-Japanese riots as a beginning, the existence of Anti-Japanese Education became known through Japanese media. In today’s Japan, the trend of growing nationalism started as a reaction to the Chinese people’s Anti-Japanese sentiment.

This is the law of action and reaction.

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Do you still believe Nanking Massacre?

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