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Japanese Buddhists’ Silent Protest at Zenkoji April 19, 2008

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On April 13th, Zenkoji Buddihist temple (Nagano, Japan) held a little and silent memorial service for victims of the uprising in Tibet. Zenkoji’s monks and citizens lighted 177 memorial candles to pray for the souls of the 177 dead. Zenkoji temple had been set for the starting point of the Olympic Torch Relay scheduled on April 26th.
On April 18th, Zenkoji temple declined the starting point of the Olympic Torch Relay. The representative of Zenkoji temple’s monks talked about the reason for the declination as follows, “Zenkoji is deeply concerned about China genocide against Tibetan people”.
On April 21st, Zenkoji temple announced to hold the Buddhist memorial service for victims of the uprising in Tibet just before the Olympic Torch Relay. The Buddhist memorial service on April 26th is scheduled from 6:30 am to 8:00 am.

Chinese military attacked and invaded Tibet in 1950. China occupied Tibet who was the fully independent nation before the invasion of China. China has been torturing and slaughtering enormous numbers of innocent Tibetan civilians since 1950. TIBETAN VICTIMS of CHINESE ATROCITIES reaches 1.28 million people. Tibetan people have been suffering from China’s cruel and bloody repression. Please don’t apply the word “Human Right Abuse” to what is going on in Tibet. What is going on in Tibet? China has been committing “Cultural Genocide” against Tibetan people in the form of ethnic cleansing since China’s invasion. “Cultural Genocide” against Tibetan people should be called “Unforgivable Humanitarian Tragedy”.


I know that there are people who say, “Don’t mix up sports with politics!” or “The Olympics should be separated from politics”. I don’t think so at all. Why we can enjoy sports? Why we can enjoy the Olympics even though the host country is committing Genocide on earth? We found out facts that so many Tibetan people are tortured by Chinese Communist Party. We know many people who share the same time with us are tortured by Chinese atrocities. Chinese Communist Party strays from the path of righteousness. We cannot be silent as a human being any more! We should be deeply concerned about the existence of people suffering from murder,  torture and rape. We should protest against China in hoarse voice now! 

This is a Human Being.

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1. ur mom - April 28, 2008

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2. Yanagi Kazunobu - June 3, 2008

“Fully independent nation?”

Then, why do all maps of Qing China ca. 1911 clearly show Tibet as within the borders of China?

Why do all maps of Republic of China clearly show Tibet as within the borders of China?

3. 日本国籍華人 - January 1, 2010






この展覧会は中華文物交流協会、中国チベット文化保護・発展協会などが日本のいくつかの美術館、大手メディアと共催したもので、今年4月11日から6月14日まで福岡で開催され、入場者は14万人を超えた。札幌での展示は8月23日までで、その後東京、大阪、仙台でも開催される。日本での展示期間は約1年に及ぶ。 (札幌7月11日発新華社)

4. 日本国籍華人 - January 1, 2010







王副局長は「チベットは第3四半期に、回復的成長のピークを迎える。今年チベットを訪れる内外観光客は2007年の402万人に達するか迫るだろう」と述べた。 (ラサ7月21日発新華社)

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